This is the prophetic message delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua on January 2, 2011:
“I want my people in this country, let us pray. I’m seeing another heavy attack. This will shake the nation. We are to pray. The Lord should protect this country. We are going to set up prayer warriors. An attack like setting a machine, a bomb or whatever somewhere that will shake this country, that will affect the people that have conscience. So, we have to pray for this country. It’s not yet over. I’m seeing what will happen is just an atom but element of it, I’m seeing it happen. So, it’s just like a stone being thrown. So, this is a very serious issue. I’m seeing something 17th but I want to know, 17th of what month? When? How? I’m seeing the huge attack that will— People will begin to fear. Let us pray for our motherland. Right now, open your lips and pray for this our motherland, my nation, Nigeria. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray.



  1. Stephen smart

    My prayer is that God will raise at least 4 more men of God like T.B who spends less on himself & more on others in Nigeria so that we forget Nigeria govt which has failed to use what we’ve to cater for all.May I be among them since I’ve the passion but no wealth to back it. Forget all they say of U even Jesus on casting demon from an oppressor was misunderstood by people as using d spirit of Belzibulb.


  2. aiyekooto@rocketmail.com

    I have followed the ways prophet TB Joshua operates over the years and I believe the Almighty God is with him.

    A prophet is never honoured in his home.Such is his situation with Nigerians who condemn him in public and wish they could be used by God like him.

    May the omnipotent father continue to strengthen him. amen

    Ademola Omirinde


  3. Dennis Samuels

    I thank Jesus Christ for making me to know His Glory through the ministries of Prophet TB Joshua. I care less what people say about him, he is with his God. And his God is with him. I have benefitted greatly from his ministries of healing, deliverance and blessing, man it is no joke and those who can endeavor to try The God of TB Joshua will have their quivers full of testimonies.
    Man of God, we are with you on the campaign for Christ, your Ministry has the full package of God’s Spiritual Gifts so the world even your colleagues that cannot afford to do what you are doing will get furious and will stop at nothing to carry out their propaganda. God bless our man of God for us.


    1. Kalu Eke

      Having seen what God is doing via Prophet TB Joshua helping mankind to know God, our combine prayer is necessary for the man of God, for more anointing. We should stop sitting on the fence, as satan is working very hard without a day off to destroy, but with God all things are possible, we cannot question God why He is using TB Joshua , it may be your turn tomorrow yes you, our life is in God’s hand, healing is in God’s hand, TB Joshua is only being used, all we need to do is just support. Kalu Eke . London



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