The devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the island of Haiti, Tuesday 12th January, 2010, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, destroyed thousands of homes and left thousands injured, homeless and in desperation, needing to reconstruct their lives.

In response to the disaster, an Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team comprising a doctor, nurses, a midwife, evangelists, and humanitarian workers travelled from the UK and the USA to Haiti. With the generous support of Emmanuel TV partners and friends, a cargo plane was chartered and stocked full of medical supplies and foodstuffs. The plane landed in Cap Haitien Airport in the north of Haiti. The team then travelled in convoy with the UN down to Arcahaie, a town just half an hour drive north of Port-au-Prince, where thousands of earthquake victims had fled to and where there was no hospital. Upon arrival, the team unloaded the supplies in the town hall. Welcomed warmly by the people of Arcahaie, many of whom were viewers of Emmanuel TV, they set off for the site by the sea that had been given to them by the Mayor of Arcahaie, where the field hospital would be built.

The team immediately began pitching tents and preparing the site for the field hospital, which was to be called Clinique Emmanuel. The building still under construction, patients began to arrive. Clinique Emmanuel was now in operation. Soon, an expectant mother in labour arrived and the first baby was delivered. Her parents, rejoicing at the birth and in gratitude to God, named their daughter, Emmanuella. Each day, the Emmanuel TV Relief Team give their love, their time, their care to the people of Arcahaie. Facing challenges such as no sewage system, no clean water and no power gave the team a glimpse of what life is like for the Haitian people on a daily basis.

As news of Clinique Emmanuel spread, people came from far and wide and many children soon gathered.  With the local schools closed after the earthquake, the ETV site provides a safe and stimulating environment to learn in. With the devastation in Haiti, Emmanuel TV aims not just to establish a primary care medical clinic but also an orphanage to care for orphans, many of whom lost their parents in the devastating earthquake.

Twenty four hours a day in Clinique Emmanuel, there is a need that needs to met, a problem that needs to be solved, a situation that demands immediate attention.

Since the setting up of Clinique Emmanuel, more nurses have travelled from South Africa to join the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team with plans in place for still more to come from different parts of the world.

In the wake of such a horrific devastation of a nation, a shadow of its former self, one has to ask the question, what can I do to help? As Prophet TB Joshua says, whatever you have in your hand today is a solution to someone with a problem. God has designed it in such a way that everyone has some strength to contribute. Your contribution can and will change lives.

Your strength may be in the area of money. Your strength may be in the area of wisdom. Your strength may be in the area of knowledge, talent or skills such as medical expertise. Whichever area you are strong in you are expected to use it generously to strengthen your fellow brother. The people of Haiti are in need of what you have to give.

Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team

The Team unload the Supplies in Haiti

Emmanuel TV Team sanitizing water

Click here to watch footage of the Emmanuel TV Relief Mission
in Haiti and learn how you can help.


The Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team reports that demand rises as the awareness in Arcahaie grows of the team of medical professionals and evangelists sent there by TB Joshua. As children of God, we are called to respond to all human needs for that is what love entails. When the deadly disaster struck Haiti, Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team were compelled to immediately assist the victims of the crisis.

A team of doctors, nurses, humanitarian workers and evangelists went to Haiti, along with medical supplies and daily essentials to bring relief to the victims of the quake. Since their arrival in Arcahaie, Haiti, hundreds have been helped with medical and physical needs. As the weeks continued in the aftermath of the earthquake, more medical professionals have been added to the team to assist in meeting the needs of the people.

A newly built storeroom has been built to safely store the large amount of medical supplies donated by Emmanuel TV Partners and organizations from around the world. Due to the generous support of all those who donated medical supplies, Clinique Emmanuel’s medical stock is more complete than various local hospitals, enabling them to attend to the sick and afflicted in this earthquake stricken zone.

Clinique Emmanuel steadily becomes a safe haven for those who survived the quake – a piece of stability in a troubled land. The Team press on despite tough challenges they face, knowing that as children of God, our life is a solution to someone in need.

As children of God, we walk by faith not by sight. As 2 Corinthians 4:18 says, “We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen”. This month, we were reminded of this as we saw two of the prophecies concerning the international community which were read out in the month of January – take place.
One of them was the uncommon plane incident that happened in Austin, USA in which an angered citizen – 53 year old, Joseph Stack, purposely flew his plane into a seven storey US government building, minutes after setting his house ablaze.

Mr Stack left a suicide note on his website before the fatal act took place where he expressed his anger and made it clear that what he did was no mistake, but an act of revenge on ‘big brother – the IRS man.’

The event, though shocking, was not completely strange to those closely watching Emmanuel TV where on three separate occasions, Prophet TB Joshua had warned of such events. In a prophetic warning to the nation of America, he advised them to take care of their airspace. Using the term ‘Big Brother’ he stated the need for ‘more focus on internal/homeland security because of dangerous people inside, not outside this time’. For the detailed report, go to

Another notable ‘event’ that was prophesied about was the Niger Coup. On Thursday February 18th, 2010, a military coup took place in Niger in which the Presidential Palace was stormed and the President Mamadou Tandja was captured. Soon after, those responsible appeared in a live broadcast to announce that they had dissolved parliament and imposed a national curfew for several days.

On the 3rd, 17th and again the 31st of January, 2010, TB Joshua prophesied of a coup attempt on one of the leaders of a French speaking African country. To read the details go to:

God has something to say in every situation; we are under His eyes. Knowing this should be enough for us to be conscious of Christ’s presence in all that we think, do and say.

This February, wheelchair-bound Mr Matthew Uyanna, a 59 year old retired Commissioner of Police and victim of cervical and lumbar spondylosis, came to The SCOAN in search of solution to the pain that had crippled both his life and prolific career. Brought to the church in a car by his wife, Mr Uyanna explained that his condition had rendered him helpless and confined him to a wheel-chair. Describing how his sickness had come as a rude shock to him, the retired commissioner of police told how he had never thought a sickness like this could happen to a man in his position.  As his wife held the X-Rays up to the light, he said that he had been booked for an operation but wanted to seek God for healing.
“Today is your day” Prophet TB Joshua reassured him as he approached Mr Matthew Uyanna.

Joshua then handed Mr Uyanna a bottle of anointed water for healing and deliverance and told him to drink the whole bottle. A few minutes later, TB Joshua came back to Mr Uyanna and placed his hands on his back and legs, praying for him. The man of God then told him to stand up, which miraculously, he did immediately! After placing hands on his waist in prayer, Prophet TB Joshua led Mr Uyanna to take his first step. Walking out of the wheelchair, he then confidently made his way into the church, followed by his wife who was crying for joy. It was an awesome sight: the retired commissioner of police walking for the first time in years, an evangelist behind him carrying his wheelchair and visitors and onlookers rejoicing.

Those Waiting For Treatment At Clinique Emmanuel, Arcahaie, Haiti

Devastation Caused By Haiti's Earthquake

Clinique Emmanuel's Medical Store

Emmanuel TV Nurse Treats Haitian Child

Wheelchair-bound Mr Uyanna Drinks Anointing Water

Mr Uyanna Takes His First Steps Of Freedom

Mr Uyanna Praises God For His Complete Healing

Click here to watch footage of the Emmanuel TV Relief Mission in Haiti and learn how you can help.


Evangelist Evelyn Joshua gave her first live message of the year – an energizing and uplifting message titled: WALKING IN HIS GRACE in which she advised us all to guard against falling back from the grace of God as there is danger in it.

Using the example of Peter in the book of Luke 5:1-11, Evangelist Evelyn reminded the viewers and congregation that, “The peace of conscience we derive from walking with the Lord provides internal joy, assurance of life and ease of heart. In our spiritual walk with the Lord, we have both good and hard times alike yet until we come to see our hard times as good as our good times in Christ Jesus we cannot overcome.”

Concluding the message, Evangelist Evelyn remarked, “We should avoid the trap of looking back as it is a trap of satan. The devil doesn’t want anyone to be a forward looker but Jesus was a forward looker. It is by looking forward that we discover new opportunities, horizons and new things which we never ordinarily dreamt of.”


King Davidson, Pan Asian Boxing Association Champion

The month of March was the very month an Australian based Light Middle weight boxer King Davidson, the International Boxing Organisation, Pan Africa Boxing Organisation and Australian Boxing Federation title holder, would testify of how he was crowned Pan Asian Boxing Association Champion and gained the ranking of 4th in the World after a visit to The SCOAN. The Nigerian born Davidson was experiencing a rough time in his boxing career until he came to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua for breakthrough prayer. From that time, success became his middle name and big title fights started coming his way. His subsequent visit in early march was to thank God for what He had done in his life and in anticipation of the greater things God was about to do as Davidson was scheduled for a fight for the Pan Asian Boxing Association Championship title. King Davidson came to The SCOAN to ask for God’s favour in the upcoming match and His favour truly spoke for the young Nigerian that day. Before he left for the match, the man of God gave him a bottle of Anointing Water for breakthrough and blessing, instructing him to use it before the fight. As he entered the ring, Australian crowds were surprised to see one of Davidson’s aides spray him with a bottle of water moments before the fight. Then the fight began. After twelve three minute rounds of blistering punches, fancy footwork and incredible endurance King Davidson Emenogu was unanimously declared the winner and new undisputed PABA champion. The congregation roared with approval as Davidson continued testifying, ‘Not only that’, but that this victory had also awarded him the new ranking of fourth in the world! This is yet another instance of God’s miraculous manifestation of divine power through the medium of the Anointing Water. Glory be to God.


Prophet TB Joshua prays for Mr and Mrs Pieter Van Zyl in the SCOAN prayer line

Another of the long awaited gifts the congregation of The SCOAN and viewers worldwide received in the month of March was the testimony of Mr and Mrs Pieter Van Zyl from South Africa. The couple were well known in the church as devoted partners of Emmanuel TV. They had previously visited the church to give a testimony of Mrs Van Zyl’s pregnancy after the couple’s 10 years of barrenness due to an inverted womb and low sperm count. The congregation listened enthralled as the couple told how the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua had even conceived! The miracle of the conception they testified came after Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the couple a piece of fruit each from the church altar during one Sunday service and before long, the miracle happened. Throughout the testimony little baby Abraham Van Zyl hardly made a sound but seemed to be drinking it all in through his beautiful blue eyes which positively sparkled in the light of the camera. The couple concluded their testimony with a word of advice to others who might be facing a similar struggle that they should not give up but look to Jesus Christ the Hope of the hopeless. Reiterating the prophet’s words, “Better is not good enough, the best is always yet to come!”

Mr and Mrs Pieter Van Zyl and Baby Abraham!


The Easter service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations began with Morning Prayer. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus

T.B. Joshua preaching during the Live Sunday Service at The SCOAN

Christ. To resurrect means to bring back to life someone who has died or something that has been in a state of disuse. The man of God, T.B. Joshua came into the service and gave a life changing message titled: BY HIS SACRIFICE.  He began with this statement, “The only way to feel good about yourself is to believe and accept what Jesus has done for you:
“He died for you,
He reigns in power for you
and still prays for you”.
The man of God reminded us that Jesus was delivered up that we might be delivered. He explained in his inspiring message that Jesus laid down His life for us. He said, “Jesus’ life was not forced from Him, but was delivered by Him into His Father’s hand, as His own act and deed”.
Why did Jesus offer His life?
Though His chastisement was in order to our peace, yet there was no peace made but by His blood on the Cross. A cross was set up in the ground where hands and feet were nailed. It was a bloody death, a painful death, a cursed death; it was so miserable.
The man of God insisted in his message that we are to follow the footsteps of our Lord Jesus we must not be surprised in times of suffering
Those who would follow Jesus, those who would be His disciples must follow Him bearing His cross, bearing his reproach. As Christians, we are supposed to be among those who shall reign with Him by being with Him when the goings are good and when the goings are tough.
Therefore, the believer must not be surprised to find himself alone in the midst of trials. He encouraged the congregation that if they are abandoned, they should remember that Master Jesus was so before us.
When Jesus was in His sufferings, some of His best friends were but spectators and ‘lookers-on’. So, we as Christians, when we are in our sufferings, must not think it strange if some of our best friends be shy of us. When Paul’s danger was imminent no man stood by him.
This gives us a clue on how to distinguish the true Christian from others by pointing out two types of Christians: A Christian in the heart and A Christian in the knees.
So, the lesson is that when Christians are facing trials, they should look to Jesus. A sufferer with Christ shall first reign with Him.
Jesus is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.


The man of God led the congregation and viewers worldwide in a powerful mass prayer; praying that “By the power of resurrection, begin to command all the closed doors to favour, mercy and breakthrough to open!”

After the message, the prophet presented the new book about the Anointing Water. The book shed light on how God can use any medium to express Himself. The water is one of the media. God used the dirty water of the pool of Bethesda as a channel of healing. This time God uses the grace of pure water.

Mr and Mrs Joseph Adagho from Delta State, 46 and 30 years old respectively.
Mr Joseph is a pharmacist and his wife a nurse.
The couple had been facing the burden of barrenness for 6 years. Mrs Adagho suffered from an ovarian cyst and staphylococcus while her husband had had a low sperm count. They had the favour to receive the Anointing Water from the man of God. After applying the Anointing Water, Mrs Adagho is now five months pregnant! They came full of joy to give thanks to God for His goodness in their lives.

Another couple Mr and Mrs Leonard Emeto, 42 and 40 years old respectively from Anambra State

The husband is a trader while his wife is a nurse.
Mrs Emeto, a nurse by profession, had suffered from multiple fibroids and ceased menstruation for 10 years. After watching Emmanuel TV they saw the mighty deeds of God and their faith was lifted up. They took the decision to seek divine solution to their problem of barrenness. She took the Anointing Water and after just 4 hours, she started seeing her menstruation flow. Glory be to God.

Mr Simpson Tambe, a 46 year-old
principal of a High school in Cameroon said that he had a growth in the eye for two years which caused acute pain which affected his left eye.  He said having fasted for 3 days he went to consult a doctor and the doctor suggested an operation. The medical doctors said there was a risk that the other eye may be affected too. He had the opportunity to meet someone who had received the Anointing Water who also gave some to him. He applied the Anointing Water to the affected eye and that was the end of the problem. He was instantly healed. Mr Tambe concluded by saying that he has come to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations to give testimony that the growth had completely disappeared.
A faith building testimony was that of Mrs Mariam Ibrahim from Ghana. She had the problem of overdue pregnancy. The pregnancy was up to a year and the doctor said that she could not deliver the baby without operation. When she received the Anointing Water, she sprayed it into her mouth. Immediately she ministered the Anointing Water to herself, the baby started moving and the very next day she delivered her baby!
There was a testimony from Miss Phronesis Ovwigho who had received a prophecy the previous week when the man of God said,
“There is woman that each time she sleeps she bed-wets”. A woman came out and the prophet said that she was not the one he spoke about, adding that her case was due to carelessness while the one he referred to was due to an evil attack. The man of God gave a clear description of the person concerned saying, “A lady, light in complexion, tall and 32 years old.”
The man of God gave a lesson to the congregation using the first woman who came out as an example. Though she was suffering from bedwetting, her case was different from that of the tall lady. He said that there are two kinds of sicknesses. Two people may have the same pain and agony. The doctor may give them the same tablets; one would be healed while the other one would not be healed. It is because there is a curse and only Jesus Christ can remove a curse. So when a sickness becomes a curse beyond the power of nature, only Jesus Christ can remove it.
The lady came this week to testify that when the man of God gave the prophecy she did not want to come out at first but when the man of God mentioned her age, stature and complexion, she could not but come out. She confirmed that she was the 32 year old, tall, light in complexion woman that the man of God had prophesied about. She described how in the dream she saw a demon inserting a pipe into her private part and since then she had started bedwetting. She said that a strange being used to follow her everywhere she went adding that after her deliverance last week, she is free; she has not bed wet since the prayer of the man of God. She is now happy and completely delivered.

Thirty-two year old Mrs. Geneva Amam had a tight cervix, hypertension and was booked for an operation. She came right from the hospital because she did not want the operation. The woman was placed at the prayer line and when the man of God prayed for her, she passed out strange substances which Prophet T.B. Joshua described as being the source of her problem. Later, while the prophet was preaching, the man of God suddenly left the altar and walked speedily towards where Mrs Geneva was lying. We saw the man of God stretching his hand toward her. Prophet T.B. Joshua said that he saw ‘Ezekiel’ inside the womb and he commanded “Ezekiel” to “come out” and miraculously the baby boy Ezekiel was delivered safely by the power of God. Hallelujah!

Mr and Mrs Clement & Ifunanya Edegbe, respectively 39 and 23 years of age, were blessed by the power of the prophetic word.
Mr Clement, a Nigerian citizen living in Texas, USA, is a car dealer and his wife is a student. The man of God gave a prophecy to the woman saying, “You are possessed! You have the same spirit I am talking about (referring to the prophecy of Miss Phronesis Ovwigho). It is affecting your marriage”. Her husband come out and cried, “Man of God, deliver me, I am dying silently. She needs deliverance. She has married with someone spiritually” and the man of God said, “In the house you are the wife and she is the husband. You are the one doing everything for her”.

The man of God delivered the couple who came purposely all the way from the USA to seek their deliverance. When Jesus Christ casts satan out, He keeps him out. The couple is now free indeed.

The word of prophecy enhanced the ministry of reconciliation, bringing together families on the point of hitting the rocks of separation.

The man of God spotted a lady and a man in the midst of the foreign visitors: Miss Effie Mlambo Zituta, 41 years, from Zimbabwe and
Mr. David Matsikidze, 36 years old, and declared to the woman;

“I see you worried concerning your married life. Where is your husband?”  One man came out.  The man of God continued:
“You people are not legally married! Addressing the lady, the prophet said: “It will not be good for you to be used to destroy that man’s marriage.” To the man the prophet said “I am seeing you coming from somewhere, you left your wife and your children and you want to marry this woman”. Speaking to the man, Prophet T.B. Joshua said: “If you see me as a prophet, follow my words, please! I want you to go back to your wife. God’s purpose in your life is great! Do not let the issue of woman destroy your life.” To the lady the man of God said: “Sister, leave this man! God will give you your own husband.”

Glory be to God, both the man and the woman yielded to the authority of God’s Word. Correction makes future possible. Two families were saved from the rocks of temptation and a hope for better future had dawn.  The Christian home is the high school of learning whereby many truths are imbibed: one of them is this biblical truth: in a Christian home misunderstanding leads to greater understanding.

Thousands who could not enter the church auditorium were arranged under canopies outside the church.  During the mass prayer, the man of God instructed the congregation to stretch their hands toward the place where the sick people were, in the midst of the overflow crowd. Instantly, miracles took place; the lame threw their walking sticks and crutches away and began to walk freely. A blind man started jubilating as his blind eyes had been opened during the prayer, exclaiming, “I can see, I can see, I can see…”


The man of God blessed us with this word of wisdom.
Naaman in 2 Kings 5:11 showed doubt to Prophet Elisha, but by an instruction in righteousness, Elisha proved to him that faith exists.
Remember faith is simply God’s Word prevailing over sense evidence.


From touching family reconciliations, shocking satanic confessions to remarkable healing testimonies and the demonstration of God’s

Mr Cuthbert Dube who is wheelchair-bound explains his case

mighty Power – congregants at The SCOAN and the viewers of Emmanuel TV witnessed it all. Jesus Christ is truly the same yesterday, today and forever and He is still working wonders through suitable men.

Speaking about God’s Power, the account of this months events would not be complete without the mention of the three newly anointed and appointed servants of God who have recently joined T.B. Joshua in demonstrating the mighty Power of God in the Sunday services. Confirming the genuineness of the anointing upon their lives, many have testified to have been set free from their bondages after receiving prayer from these three mighty vessels, while many more have confirmed the accurate prophecies spoken through them as being true and correct. Having received ‘offices from above,’ these men were seen operating in the areas of prophecy, healing and deliverance at the same level as The Man In The Synagogue, T.B. Joshua. Many were left asking the question “Is it possible?” and “Has God used T.B. Joshua to reproduce men of God like him?” Seeing was definitely believing and many viewed what is happening in this ministry as comparable to the transfer of anointing which took place between Elijah and Elisha in the biblical era. As T.B. Joshua says, “The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of Power. The Word and the Power must go together. Not only must we have God’s Word in order to be a pastor or a bishop – we must have God’s Spirit.” Giving the congregation a hint of what is to come, the Prophet mentioned that around the time of his birthday that more will be added to their number, stating that this would be his Birthday gift from God. For now, the Prophet said, they will be known as, “The three wise men”.

In an enlightening message titled, ‘The Name Of Jesus Has Power’ drawn from the scripture in Mark 9 detailing the account of the father of the demon possessed boy and his encounter with Jesus, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained, “There is Power in the name of Jesus indeed, but only among those who are committed to the glory of God.” He spoke of the need to have absolute trust in God, stating that some measure of trust would only enable us to do some works in

Mrs Dube ministers The Anointing Water to her husband for salvation, healing and deliverance

Christ, not all. Speaking on the purpose of God’s Power and its incredible effects on a person’s life, T.B. Joshua said, “One of the reasons God gives us His Power is to confirm that what we are speaking is from Him…Once the supernatural Power of God comes upon you, then something is going to happen to you that cannot be explained by the human mind.”

Deliverance From The Occult
In one particular Sunday service, while giving prophetic messages to individuals in the service, the man of God said that there was a witchdoctor in the congregation who brought charms to The SCOAN. He added that the most powerful charm was still inside his house in the form of a white pot and a pigeon and that someone was appearing to the man physically threatening to kill him. Shocked at the accuracy of the prophecy, the witchdoctor who the prophecy concerned came out to confirm the message to be true and confessed that he was too scared to carry the most dangerous charms he owned that were still in his house. Startled by the level of prophetic revelation, the congregation and viewers watched in amazement as the witchdoctor came forward and quickly fetched the occultic items that he had hidden outside on the church premises among flowers.

A few days later, the Emmanuel TV Team followed the witchdoctor, Mr Segun Maku to his home with instructions from Prophet T.B.

Joshua which included the administration of the Anointing Water with the sole intention of bringing the remaining charms to The SCOAN. Mr Maku applied the Anointing water in the name of Jesus before he was able to collect the white pot and demonized pigeon which he had been using to send on missions to kill and destroy at his customers’ request. He returned safely to The SCOAN with his deadly charms together with his wife and children.

At the service the following Sunday, Maku described his devious dealings with occultism and brought out his most lethal charms. Maku appealed to T.B. Joshua that he wanted to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Saviour. In response, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered Mr Maku and the demonized pigeon by the Power of God and declared them free.

Mr Anthony Nwaemeka from Anambra State, Nigeria had been given a prophetic message the previous week and was also escorted by members of the Emmanuel TV Team to his home to collect a charm which T.B. Joshua described as having a ‘stupid power’. Video footage was played of when Mr Nwaemeka went to collect his charm.  As he sprayed the Anointing Water for on the charm itself, (which he explained had been prepared using a human tongue and a premature baby), thick smoke oozed out of the charm. He explained that this was the spirit coming out. He too was delivered from the occultic world. Two big fishes taken out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of light – Glory be to Jesus Christ!

“Stand Up!”- Miraculous Healing
Unforgettable was the spectacular demonstration of God’s Power in the life of Mr Cuthbert Elkana Dube of Zimbabwe – a man holding twenty-two positions including Group Chief Executive Officer Of Premier Service Medical Aid Society, Chairman of West End Hospital, Chairman of Premier Banking Corporation and President of Zimbabwe Football Association to name a few. He had come to The SCOAN in a wheelchair, unable to walk due to a severe spinal cord problem. Prophet T.B. Joshua called on Mr Dube’s wife to come forward to

Mr Maku holding a demonised pigeon and charm used for evil deeds

administer the Anointing Water (for salvation, healing and deliverance). He instructed her to spray it into his mouth, on his head, to the back of his neck and down his spine. T.B. Joshua then instructed the man to, “Stand up!” and at that word, Mr Dube rose to his feet. The auditorium exploded into praise and worship in thanks to God for His mighty deeds as Mr Dube walked freely from the wheelchair.

Touching reconciliations also took place among many families including the families of Mr Opuuh, Mrs Mariam Bakori, Pere Johnson, Mrs Ijeoma, Mrs Blessing and Pastor Paul Okoto and a host of others.

Full of practical lessons for life, faith-building experiences, words of wisdom and the raw, real Power of God, both the thousands of congregants at The SCOAN and the multitudes of viewers on Emmanuel TV would agree unanimously following these extraordinary events that Jesus is truly the same yesterday, today and forever!


The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:9, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has 

The five wise men

prepared for those who love him” – a Scripture which couldn’t be more true to describe the events and happenings in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (The SCOAN) over the month of June 2010.

Each time the Lord sees us through a battle, it is always in our best interest to thank Him and show our appreciation for what He has been doing, what He has done and in expectant anticipation of the greater things that are to come. For when we acknowledge God as our Healer, Saviour, Deliverer and Blessing Provider, He shall do it again and again and again.

Foremost among the many events commanding our acknowledgement is the divine appointment of the Wise Men. The month of June saw the five wise men operating in the same dimension God operates in and the Lord confirmed His servants’ words with signs wonders and miracles. Miracle is God restoring what satan has destroyed and during the services this month, God used his servants to restore and repair many areas of people’s lives that satan had destroyed.


Mrs Onwusala with her miracle baby after the prayer in the name of Jesus

A further testimony that lifted the faith of all those who heard it on June 13th was that of Mr and Mrs Aderline Onwusalu from Anambra, who had arrived at the church the previous Friday 11th June, straight from the hospital. Mrs Onwusalu was in great pain as she explained that her pregnancy was overdue and the baby was too big for her to deliver naturally. As they prepared to operate her, Mrs Onwusala declared that it was not her portion and headed straight to The SCOAN. One of the wise men stretched his hand and prayed for her, saying, “Give her strength in Jesus’ name!” At the word, “Out”, the baby was instantly delivered. In the car, outside The SCOAN, Mrs Onwusalu had given birth to her baby instantly and safely. Mr and Mrs Aderline Onwusalu, now joyful parents, came to the Sunday service to testify with their new baby. Speaking of the amazing miracle, Mrs Onwusala said that the doctor had already drawn the marks on her stomach ready for the operation and had warned her that if she left the hospital, the baby in her womb would die. According to the doctor, the baby weighed 4.8 kg and had already stopped breathing. The ecstatic mother did not have enough words to express her joy and gratitude to God for the miracle, as she advised others to believe in God because with God, all things are possible!


Mrs Deborah Michael receiving a healing touch in the prayer line

The following week, on 13th June, God confirmed His Word through yet more signs and wonders. It was a day where after a divine appointment with Jesus Christ, people’s cases were reversed. Such was the case of Mrs Deborah Michael from Kwara State, Nigeria a 70 year old, who had been suffering from blindness for 11 years. During the prayer line, as the wise man laid his hands on her eyes and prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, her sight was miraculously restored! Excitedly exclaiming, “I can see”, her joy was complete.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare and the reason why parents prudently advise their children not to receive sweets or food from

Mr and Mrs Osuoh reunited with their children

strangers…the fear that their child might one day be kidnapped. For Mr and Mrs Osuoha from Imo State, Nigeria, that nightmare became a reality when, not just one but two of their sons aged nine and eleven, whom they sent to get their hair cut, went missing. Both Mr and Mrs Osuoha were left traumatised and, needless to say, feared the worst. As avid viewers of Emmanuel TV, Mr and Mrs Osuoha came to The SCOAN a day after their children went missing, Sunday, June 13th 2010. It was in this service that God used T.B. Joshua to bring hope to the desperate couple. Being led by the Spirit of God, T.B. Joshua fished out Mrs Osuoha from among the crowd through a prophetic message. Pointing to her he said, “The woman that’s putting on native attire – let her come.” Looking directly at her, he stated,

“You are disturbed. I want to tell you that these children – you will see them. As we are talking now, the Lord is releasing them. The foundation of your trouble will be uprooted today.” Crying, Mrs Osuoha confirmed the prophecy recounting the painful tale of her sons’ kidnapping and proceeded to thank God for answering her prayers. The following Sunday 20th June 2010, their testimony was complete as Mr and Mrs Osuoha returned with their two handsome young sons. Brimming with joy, the happy parents explained how the two sons that had been in the hands of kidnappers were released and back in the safe arms of their parents just as T.B. Joshua had prophesied!

Prophets and prophecy did not die out with the Old Testament. They are a major theme of the New Testament. Just as the prophecies of the prophets of old became signs. The prophetic messages delivered by the Wise Men to the people who come to The SCOAN Prayer Line for an encounter with the Lord, Jesus Christ over the month of June have also become signs. These signs said these men are from God, their message is true, believe their word. As the Wise Men speak forth concerning public and private lives of the individuals concerned, not just pointing out the cause of their present predicament but also highlighting and explaining the details surrounding it, offering a way out and crowning off with the power of deliverance the true meaning of prophecy is evidently affirmed – not necessarily just predicting future events but preaching the Word with power.


Prophet TB Joshua turned 47 on June 12th, 2010

The month of June was also when Prophet TB Joshua celebrated his birthday. As well wishers and partners and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide congratulated Prophet TB Joshua on the occasion of his 47th Birthday on June 12th, his message was clear: rededicate yourself to the act of giving. He advised those who wanted to celebrate with him, to spend quality time with the needy, the rejected and isolated in society. We should see our contribution to others as an assignment from God and build our lives around this principle. For one day we too will return to the Lord and rest in Him.



When Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic message to a woman at the beginning of this month during the SCOAN live service concerning her involvment in an internet relationship, little did she know that this singular prophecy would expose one of the enemy’s secret strategies to destroy millions of lives. The strategy? ‘Internet misuse’

“Our enemies are advancing in their own pace of technology.” TB Joshua

On the 8th August 2010, Mrs Seyi Awujoola – a woman who was a victim of such misuse – came forward together with her husband. The previous week, she had been identified through a prophecy given by T.B. Joshua. He had prophesied that there was a married woman in the congregation who was in between decisions and that she was dating a man she had met through the
Internet. He said that this had caused trouble in her marital home and that the love she had for this ‘internet man’ was more than that she had for her husband. Immediately, Mrs Seyi Awujoola jumped out from among the congregation in response to the prophecy, exclaiming, “I’m the one! I met this man on the internet…” Explaining her case, the man of God said, “The love of the man has taken eighty per cent of the love of her heart and her husband, only twenty per cent”.

That Sunday, the man of God delivered Mrs Awujoola from the strange spiritual tie which had almost wrecked her marriage and she was back with her husband a week later. T.B. Joshua asked her, “Are you still having affection for the man?” to which she replied in the negative. A smiling Mrs Awujoola said, “I give thanks to God because since the deliverance, the love has come back for my husband. Before, I hated him so much.” Reconciled to her husband after her internet affair, she was in the best position to give advice. She advised other couples to stick to their spouses and “to take your husband/wife as your internet”. Mrs Awujoola then grabbed her husband by the arm and they walked arm in arm like newly weds back to their seats as the congregation clapped, many smiling in admiration.
Following the deliverance of Mrs Awujoola, the man of God asked all those with similar experiences to come out. No sooner the call was made then those concerned came trooping out. It was indeed the opportunity many had been longing for.

Mr John Oyadongha from Bayelsa state was among those who came forward during the church service with his wife to give his own experience of a ‘computer affair’. “I met a demon. I bought a phone that contains music.  I slotted it into my laptop. Each track was Indian music. My wife said that she didn’t like the music and that I should do away with it. Unknown to me, the music was demonic. This music led to my being sacked in my company. I started seeing an Indian woman in my dreams, singing the song, dancing and seducing me. She was dressed in a blue light gown (transparent). She was doing an Indian [type] seductive dance. All this began as I browsed through the Internet listening to this music. In my dream, the woman would dance.” Mr Oyadongha, to the amusement of the crowd said, “I don’t understand the Indian language but let me sing a little bit of it”. As  he began to sing the Indian song, there was an uproar of laughter in the congregation.  “My case is similar to the woman who had an affair on the internet” he said. “She started singing this song, dancing, seducing me at night when I wanted to pray. In the dream, a demon threatened me that my wife would never get pregnant.” Mr Oyadongha then shouted, “Man of God, please deliver me!” T.B. Joshua assured him that, “My brother, as you are saying it now, you are delivered.” A thrilled Mr Oyadongha exclaimed a big, “Amen!” He and his wife then waved their hands in thanksgiving to God.

Hundreds of people have been coming out in the services to explain the terrible ways they had been misusing the internet for both financial and physical pleasures and gains – and how that misuse was destroying them. One man who admitted to having an internet affair narrated, “Anytime I sleep, I would see a python. Before I knew it, I would l have a wet dream. It always happens when I have a serious appointment. I would have a wet dream and everything would just vanish.”

Rita Odaba – a lady who also came forward – said that she met a guy from the internet who would ask her to remove her clothes so that they could have sex. “If I said no, I would turn off the computer.” She then explained that an evil spirit would enter her and she would find herself removing her clothes (in the physical). After that, someone would then come in the dream to make love with her. Another lady, Mrs Chioma, met a friend on Yahoo. She exchanged numbers with the Indian man on the internet. “He used to call me and ask me, ‘Are you naked? Are you sleeping? What are you wearing?’ He would then tell me we should make love on the phone.”  This internet man would ask that after she satisfied herself and released, that she should clean herself with a handkerchief and post the handkerchief containing the discharge to him.

Another woman confessed to having a ‘lesbian internet affair’. She met a woman on the internet. Initially they were just friends on facebook. Late in the night, she would call her that she wanted to make love to her. Both of them would undress. She said that this had been her problem and that she was unable to stop it. The man of God interjected, “There are millions of people – their lives are destroyed. They have husbands through the Internet.” But rather than condemning the Internet, he was quick to educate the congregation that “The Internet is a supernatural ability from God. It’s a gift” but cautioned them against the mismanagement of it.

On Sunday 15th August, Mr Urhie, a 37 year-old accountant narrated his own experience of how he fell into a death trap when he went looking for a friend on the internet. He took special interest in a man he met on the net because the man told him he was doing a masters programme in information technology in the US. And since he, on his own part, wanted to secure a foreign based post graduate scholarship programme abroad, he thought this man would be of help. The man pretended to be very nice by encouraging him and giving him guidelines on how to secure the scholarship programme. Mr Urhie then requested to see his picture as he wanted to know him better and to see the person he was chatting with. Initially, the man did not send the picture but after Mr Urhie’s persistence with this request over time,  in response, the man asked him if he was really ready to see his picture. Eventually, he sent it.

When Mr Urhie opened his e-mail box that fateful day, he saw the long awaited email from his internet friend with an attached file named ‘My photo’. Excitedly, he clicked on the photo attachment and behold, what he saw was the picture of a demon with two horns staring at him in the face. He was completely taken aback but unknown to Mr Urhie, evil had been sent through this vice. He had been trapped and was not prepared for what was to follow. He contacted the man and asked him why he had sent him such a picture and the response he got from him was shocking. The man wrote: “Ha Ha, that is me; you have met me today”.

In a state of shock, he tried to contact the man but to his surprise, he could no longer reach him. The man had completely disconnected himself from him. None of the contact information which he had been using in communicating with him went through. That was the beginning of a long torture for Mr Urhie as he started seeing live snakes in his house. The next two days after he had sighted the demonic picture, he encountred and killed seven snakes in his house – all had the same colour and size. His health also began to deteriorate. He felt weakness and heat in his body. He felt as if he wanted to collapse if he moved just a short distance. His eyesight began to deteriorate to the point where he was virtually blind. So terrible was his case that he had to depend on drugs in order to stay alive. Mr Urhie became a living dead. Light however came at the end of his dark tunnel. After completing his story, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him delivering him in the power of the Holy Spirit and instantly, his health took a turn for the better. Strength came upon him and he could walk freely, see freely and do what he was unable to do for a long time.

On Sunday the 22nd of August 2010, a young girl Chidinma Fredericks explained to the congregation how she had met a man on the internet who introduced her to internet fraud. While chatting with this man online, he convinced her to join him in processing fraudulent transactions with unsuspecting web surfers. The man would hook his victims with a product or service he was “selling” and would then give them Chidinma’s phone number so that they could seal the deal. Chidinma would answer their calls, pretend to be the man’s wife and give them her bank details where the “payment” was to be made. She would then go to the bank, withdraw the money from her account, send it to the man, and he would give her her own cut of the money. During this time, she also met another man through chatting on the Internet who promised to marry her. Excited about this prospect, she went to meet him physically and discovered that he was a criminal. One would think Chidinma would learn from her negative experiences on the Internet but instead of changing her ways, she went on to introduce her own brother to the world of dubious internet affairs.
Chijioke Fredericks was introduced to the Internet by his sister Chidinma and became entangled in numerous internet relationships with both women and men. He went so far as to marry two of the girls he was dating on the internet and had promised marriage to many others. When he decided to break up with one of his internet wives, she told him that they would both die and meet in hell. Since that time, he developed severe throat pain and vomited a live snail. He began experiencing attacks in the dream and his once powerful singing voice vanished in seconds, thus putting an end to a promising career.
After they had explained their cases, Prophet T.B. Joshua told Chidinma that she was speaking as if she had been duped, when in fact she was as fraudulent as the man she was working with. The prophet then prayed for her brother, Chijioke, who began vomiting during the prayer. “He’s talented. After deliverance, he will get his voice back”, the prophet said and just as he finished uttering these words, Chijioke discovered that his singing voice was being restored by the finger of God. The beautiful song, “El Shaddai”

burst from his throat as he was led to the stage to sing to the glory of God for the first time since his dubious behaviour began on the internet. Truly, pardoning mercy makes way for healing mercy. The congregation could see clearly that the young man had been delivered and the prophet concluded by stating, “See, your sister is delivered also”.

Ikechukwu Ani, a medical student, came out to confess his own misuse of the Internet. He stated that he had met an Australian girl on the Internet and began dating her online. When the time came for his medical exams, he stopped the relationship so he could focus on his preparations. The girl then told him angrily, “You can run but you can never hide”. Since then, the girl has been sleeping with him in the dream and the day before he has exams, she would tell him that he would fail them. Even though he prepares well, Ikechukwu failed the last two exams and had to repeat an entire year of medical school because of this problem.

Chidinma, Chijioke and Ikechukwu are just a few of the many that came out to confess their misconduct on the Internet and receive deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit.
The misuse of the Internet is just one method the enemy has been using to infiltrate the hearts and minds of people in order to destroy their lives. As T.B. Joshua clearly highlighted – “It’s not the Internet that is bad but the misuse of it.” “The Internet is good – it is a gift from God But the way we are using the Internet is not good” As well as exposing the enemy’s tactics, it was a big lesson to all and a relief to the victims that came forward that deliverance was available in the name of Jesus Christ through God’s servant, T.B. Joshua.

It was a tale of woe for Mr Kayode Abiodun when he met a lady on the Internet and they became friends. The relationship went beyond the Internet as they soon met each other physically to cement the relationship in an extra-marital affair. Then something strange happened to him. Recounting his experience, Mr Kayode said that he and his wife were both in their sitting room one fateful day. They both pulled off their wedding rings from their fingers, put them on the table and went to their room. Fifteen minutes later, they came back to the sitting room where they had left the rings but could not find the rings. Where could the rings have vanished to? It was certain that it was not a case of theft because no other person was in the house with them. So, where could the rings be? This was the question they kept asking themselves until that night when the whereabouts of the rings became known to Mr Kayode. According to him, in his dream that night, the lady he had met through the Internet appeared to him, holding in her hands the rings he and his wife had spent hours looking for in her hands. In the dream, she told him that the rings she was holding were the same rings they had been looking for. When Mr Kayode finally woke up from sleep, his wife informed him about a nightmare she also had where a lady came warning her in her dream to vacate the bed she shared with her husband as she was now married to her husband. After Mr Kayode’s confession, he received deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


The anointing to change lives, change nations and change the world for Christ, enjoyed by The Man in The Synagogue, Prophet T.B. Joshua makes The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations a centre, not only for miracles but also that to which satan and its agents come to surrender to God after perpetrating various forms of untold havoc on the innocent children of God. There is therefore, no week or month that passes without its share of events and stories which, in many cases, look far-fetched, but in reality, are founded in truth

The month of September, like the previous months of the year, 2010, has its share of mind-boggling events and stories in The

Emmanuel Oluwatobi impersonated Prophet T.B. Joshua to deceive people on the internet

Among these, is the confession of a seventeen year old lad, Emmanuel Oluwatobi who, for a length of time, impersonated Prophet T.B. Joshua, deceived individuals and nations and carted away money and other non-pecuniary benefits from them. His main weapon of fraud was the internet. He opened a ‘Facebook Account’  in the name of T.B. Joshua and used it to send emails to his victims, informing them that he was T.B. Joshua and that he implored them to donate money to his ministry for orphans. He wrote to the USA Government to ask for a loan of half a million dollars to build a church, all in the name of T.B. Joshua. He prayed for unsuspecting candidates on the phone, covering the phone mouthpiece with a handkerchief to achieve a falsetto closely imitative of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He dubiously collected money from unsuspecting people through the Western Money Transfer, made false promises of sending the much talked about Anointing Water to them and, in many ways, exploited the credulity of innocent people to advantage. He engaged himself nefariously in this way for five years until the signals of nemesis, by way of mental disorder, began to beam at him. He pleaded with the man of God for deliverance and he was delivered.

Even those preoccupied with issuing calumnies and innuendoes on the good name and integrity of Pastor T.B. Joshua, as a prophet, could not stay away from the Synagogue as the repercussions of their misbehaviour began to haunt them. One Pastor Victor Olushola of the Chapel of Exploits Ministries who, with his General  Overseer, had assigned to himself the impugning of Prophet T.B. Joshua also came for confession,  repentance and forgiveness when it dawned on him that he had erred and sinned in that respect. It was when he watched Emmanuel TV that he realised that Prophet T.B. Joshua is not what he had been painted to be. His foray into the internet and proclivity for pornographic sites visited him with results he could not himself contain and so sought to be delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua. On the fateful day he decided to come to The SCOAN, the evil spirits that he had generated for himself from the pornographic sites, not only warned him against visiting, but also trailed him to The SCOAN entrance before they turned back. In his Godly nature, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered him from the torments of these spirits after his confession and penitence. After the deliverance, Pastor Olushola declared: “That me that came here (SCOAN) is not the me that is standing here today. I have the power now to conquer what has been chasing me in Jesus’ name.”

Another intriguing confession was made by Pastor Victory Chiaka of the Divine Miracle Assembly in Imo State, who depended on charms from witchdoctors to attract adherents to his church, especially when he observed a low turnout in the congregation. He procured various and varied concoctions from witchdoctors to restore the congregational level of his church. As he went from one witchdoctor to another, he came to his own village where he apparently saw Emmanuel TV for the first time. Impressed by what he watched on the screen, he decided to mount a satellite dish for himself to enjoy more of the happenings in the Church. Once, when he was watching Emmanuel TV, he felt a shock through his body and later, decided to go for a bath. When he however stretched, his arm for a soap tablet he had received from one of the native doctors, it was nowhere to be found. He was later told by the native doctor that it was the Emmanuel TV, to which he had recently become addicted, that caused the soap to vanish. He therefore warned the pastor against having anything to do with Emmanuel TV or The SCOAN itself. Deep down in his mind however, was the irresistible wish to watch Emmanuel TV and even come to The SCOAN, especially because of a resistant ailment he had contracted. In his words, the pain was inflicted on him by the evil spirit. He was shot in the dream and his back got swollen. He had gone to many native doctors for cure but without success. While in The SCOAN, Pastor Chiaka had sensations of things flying away from his back as Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying, and he also saw a flash like an angel before he finally fell on the floor. When he got up, the pain dissipated because he had been delivered. Prophet T.B. Joshua however, reminded him that he needed to be counselled and also that his calling was questionable. According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, when God calls us, He makes us fit.

Within the September month, many armed robbers, under the influence of Emmanuel TV, came for deliverance and spiritual rehabilitation. One of them, Samuel, notorious for the spirit of a snake and power of vanishing at will, stunned the congregation with the story of his negative exploits. He and three others of his ilk received the sum of N200,000 each from the Prophet to start a new life in Christ.

The Church listened with amazement to the story of one David Brown, an indigene of Rivers State, who schooled in Kingston University, UK, and graduated First Class in Architecture, as he recounted how he had spent fifteen years of his life in prison for the crimes of stealing he committed subconsciously. After a curse by his aunt that the prison would be his home, a strange spirit would descend on David and usher him into a stranger’s house where he would sit down until the owner returned to apprehend him as a thief. Following that, he would be incarcerated, arrested, tried and sent to prison. This became the unabated vicious circle of his life until he found his way to The SCOAN. To God nothing is impossible and however grievous our sins may be, Christ is capable of forgiving us and restoring us to good ways. The man of God delivered him, rehabilitated him like others and gave him the sum of N200,000 to start a new life with his family, who had, for the  period, been denied of his fatherly love and care.


32 year old Aniedi Jonah - an occultist was delivered through the power of Jesus Christ

Characteristically bizarre like the other confessions before, it was the admission by one 32 year old Aniedi Jonah  that, as an occultist, drinking of human blood was his specialty. His crave for quick money and wealth led the young Aniedi Jonah to join the cult for money ritual. Before he knew it, the cult gang had blindfolded him and made him drink and eat human parts. He also promised to donate his wife or child to the cult as required for the wealth he would acquire as a cult member. After the initiation into the cult in a forest, the young man became an easy prey to the spirit of blood drinking. When the urge came, he would seek all means to get human blood to assuage this evil thirst. He attempted strangling his wife to death and slaughtering his son in a bid to satisfy the human blood drinking instinct. Having watched Emmanuel TV on a few occasions before, Aniedi decided to come to The SCOAN when he felt he should put an end to the atrocious lifestyle. In reaction to this confession, the prophet held demons accountable for misbehaviour on the part of men. According to him, demons are behind the godless and destructive activities we see around the world today. They cause people to lose control of themselves and commit all shameful acts (Romans 7:13-15). Like the rest, Aniedi Jonah was delivered. Intriguing like the confessions of these ex-victims of satan is the fact that the prophet always fishes them out from the congregation when they come. As soon as the Holy Spirit leads them to the Church, the man of God never fails to call them out from the surging assembly for confession and deliverance. God’s intervention in your matter, when He chooses to, is always total and effectual.


The first thirty minutes of each Sunday service in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is usually remarkable and memorable

TB Joshua

for the music and dancing skills displayed by the choir as they start the service with adoration music in honour of the Lord. The choir, as usual, treated congregants to good melodies in October and left nostalgic memories of their artistry in the congregation.

During one Sunday service in the month, the man of God raised an alarm that he could spiritually sense the presence of ‘dagger men’ in the congregation as the Wise Men were busy laying hand on members of the congregation. He consequently ordered the Wise Men to halt and before long, the two dagger men were fished out. The elderly one tucked the sheathed dagger around his waist, while the other one hid his in his stockings. On Sunday the 17th of October, both dagger men who had been guests of the Church for one week, came out to tell the Church their missions. The elderly one said his name was Adam and he hailed from Borno State in Nigeria. He had been tested HIV positive and faced the risk of losing his life any moment as an HIV patient. He, according to him, wanted to go to any crowded gathering to wreak vengeance on any innocent soul before he would lose his life to the HIV infection. That informed his choice of The SCOAN. While in the Church however, he  sensed unusual and debilitating weight on his person making it impossible for him to reach out for the dagger for the contemplated action.

The second dagger man.

Mr Adam

The second dagger man was one Mr Felix from the Republic of Togo, a criminal very much wanted in his country and who had fled to Nigeria three months before to seek the assistance of the prophet. He had however, been denied access to the man of God, according to him, and that was why he planned to kill any of the ushers who was unwilling to assist him in his bid. But like the first one, he suddenly saw himself demobilised and could not raise his arms to do any harm.

Many miracles unfolded during the month. One of these has to do with two ladies who came from the USA.  Mrs Grace Boza, a woman living in the United States but originally from Sudan, had a lion’s share of the miracles. She had been brought to The SCOAN by her sister-in-law in the previous week as they were seeking divine healing for Grace. Grace had been taken to many places in search of a solution to her problem of multiple sclerosis and inability to walk, but all to no avail. The two women had, in the United States, been watching the Sunday services relayed live on Emmanuel TV.

They had witnessed the healing of others who came to the Church and their faith was lifted up that God would provide Mrs Grace’s healing in the same manner. When the opportunity offered itself, the two women did not hesitate, even as one of them left a daughter who had just delivered in the hospital. They believed they could not afford to toy with this life-changing opportunity.

As God would have it, the two women were seated outside the church auditorium in the Overflow Congregation when the prophet walked by. Calling out for help, Mrs Grace’s sister-in-law caught the attention of the man of God. He spoke to her for a few minutes as he awaited instruction from the Holy Spirit on what to do next. Suddenly, he instructed the sister-in-law to roll Mrs Grace forward and he then began to pray for her in the power of the Holy Spirit. Immediately, Mrs Grace stood up from her chair and began running – something that had been unimaginable before then. The scourge of multiple sclerosis was wiped away as Mrs Grace began to walk in the light of God’s miracle. As she came inside the auditorium to share her testimony, her expression and laughter reflected the light of God in which she was walking after the healing.


Mrs Mercy Moses who was brought to the Synagogue in 2001 with a case of violent disorder. She has not experienced any relapse since her healing.

Among those who enjoyed family reconciliation were Mr and Mrs Omoigberale.  Mr omoigberale claimed he had been in bondage for five years as he could not drink, eat or sleep in comfort in his home. He held his wife responsible because his case always became worse when he quarrelled with her. The prophet however told him that it was not his wife, but a woman he met some time before that caused it. He then advised him to bring his wife to the Church on the very Sunday of the reconciliation. In her defence, his wife stated that she had left the entire matter with God praying to Him to reveal the culprit as she knew she was innocent.

She added that she had stuck to the marriage because of the children and that she had not enjoyed the marriage at all. Declaring both man and woman innocent, the prophet reconciled them.

Standing astride reconciliation and deliverance was the case of Eze and his family. The secret of Eze’s seeming business success was the donation of his son to a cult. Consequent on the donation, his son was programmed to die from convulsion on the 28th of September  2010.  As his spiritual arrest was prior to that date, the man of God delivered him and the child. The family was made to stay in the Church till the 24th of October which was the date of the testimony. The date of September 28th came and went by without pronouncing death on the child. In addition, all the nightmares hitherto being experienced by the father himself were no more, thanks to the deliverance. He had also started to enjoy his sleep and meals. It was indeed a happy moment for the family and the Church as the family went home from the Church on a new footing of total cohesion.


Miss Oduwole Olayinka

Miss Oduwole Olayinka, a youth worker in the Church who bagged First Class degree (Electrical/Electronics), University of Lagos also got a scholarship award from the Church to do a Master degree in one of the best universities in the world. She consequently applied for admission and was offered same in three good universities  in the United Kingdom.  These were the Universities of Southampton, Edinburgh and Surrey.

She picked the University of Southampton as the best and the Church paid a total sum of £13,900 as her fees.  Later and in consonance with the man of God’s craving for the best, the University College, London, offered her admission. Without hesitation, she changed her mind and picked the latest offer. A total sum of £18,245 was paid  as her fees for her to start classes on the 11th of October 2010.

The congregation also welcomed a ‘local champion,’  a popular Yoruba movie actor, Charles Olumo, also known as “Agbako” (meaning Misfortune) to come forward and  share his story. Mr Olumo is a movie veteran in Nollywood, Nigeria’s popular movie industry.
The 84-year old actor has spent a life time portraying mischievous and evil characters in a wide variety of movies. His visit to the Church was to seek assistance from the prophet. Several years before, he developed a sickness that refused to be cured. He underwent two major operations the second of which left him paralysed with a stroke. His negative roles in movies earned him a bad reputation in society and people shy away from him. Once, a man died and he was arrested for his murder because of the character role he played in the movies. The members of the acting community had to bail him out. After six months on the sick bed, he started moving  from place to place for a solution to his problem, but all to no avail. To pay the medical bills, he had to sell his property, including the house he was building for N300,000.  Summing up, he told the man of God that he had come to him for help as all hope seemed lost. After some words of sympathy with the man, Prophet T.B. Joshua offered him a gift of N500,000 and advised others to come to his aid as well.


A testimony in respect of the Anointing Water was given by a couple, a member of which had an over-due pregnancy. To avoid delivering by caesarean section, the woman and her husband came to the Synagogue to ask for the Anointing Water. As soon as her husband got the Anointing Water, he prayed on it and sprayed it into her mouth.  Minutes after that, labour signs intensified and before long, the baby came out hale and bouncing.

Another intriguing testimony on the Anointing Water was given by a traditional ruler, HRH Ehidiana 1 from Edo State.  He narrated a horrific experience in an aeroplane – Eric Airlines – flying from Benin to Lagos. Within twelve minutes of the flight, the pilot lost control and the plane was heading for a kiss with mother earth. Both the crew and passengers began to scream uncontrollably in anticipation of the tragedy. Luckily enough, HRH Ehidiana 1 remembered that he had the Anointing Water there. He promptly brought it out and sprayed it saying, ‘This place is anointed’ repeatedly. Those words said, the plane began to regain its equilibrium, and, in no time, total balance was restored. That was the miracle of the Anointing Water telling us that Jesus has control of the land, water and airspace.

Like the months before it, the month of October recorded so much in  deliverance, healing, charity work, rehabilitation, family reconciliation, testimonies and other facets of the ministry that it is difficult to relate it all in this short piece.




  1. emmanuel oluwatobi

    man of God its me emmanuel oluwatobi who impersonated,i am very sorry for what ever i might have done please man of God forgive me.


  2. john phiri

    Iam a regullar Emmauel TV Guest. I can not manage to come to the SCOAN but I would like to be connecte through one of the Wise Men. Kindly Advise. I recently benefited from the Annointing Water that come with one of our relatives who had visited recently. We are seriously praying for the fruit of the womb. Please pray with Us. My Wifes Name is Rabecca and we have been married for 11 years now but we have No Child. I believe that This time she is going to concieve since the annoing Water. Please pray for us ‘


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    I started applying to visite scoan in 2005 till now, did all requerements also send pictures and got ref number but nothing come on my way. Many people from my country are able to visite, What is it that I must do?



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