ANOINTING WATER IN RUSSIA FROM TB JOSHUA anointing water testimonies

News of The Anointing Water that God is using to work miracles of healing, deliverance and blessing has spread far and wide — even to Russia. With the news that Prophet TB Joshua had sent Anointing Water for healing, deliverance, blessing and salvation to Kazan, the third capital of Russia, thousands gathered from all over Russia, eager to partake of the blessing of God. As The Anointing Water was sprayed on the people, amazing deliverances and healing took place. The many testimonies of healing and deliverance through the anointing water resulted in a great demand for it and so people brought out their handkerchiefs to collect anointing water believing that if it could work for them, it could work for anyone who came into contact with the saturated handkerchiefs containing it. They could hardly wait to bring it to their family, friends and sick ones who they believed God would heal through this medium. They also brought bottles – some empty, some containing water — of various sorts and sizes — and believe it or not, even bottles containing soft drinks. The power of Jesus Christ working through the Anointing water had convinced many beyond reasonable doubt that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. His power has not stopped.

Source: Gods word


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