In a voice resonating with infectious fervour and total discipleship to the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua opened the service with an assurance

Prophet T.B. Joshua

to the congregation that their past was over. As if dispelling perceived unwillingness among them, the prophet persuasively reminded the congregation of the magnanimity of the Lord towards regarding their past and the need to forge ahead in life with renewed commitment to the service of the Lord. What are you thinking of? He asked while assuring them that where they were coming from did not matter. Equally mindful and concerned about those under the influence of the telecast, he drew their attention to Matthew 5:14 to underscore the point that their past was over. Employing metaphorical language as well to empower his message, he described the Lord’s faithful as the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. The Word of God is light. Satan cannot withstand it. You are the light of the world, so satan cannot handle you. When you talk, satan must listen to you. The Word of God is the tool in the hand of the Holy Spirit to nurture us on earth. The Holy Ghost must give you the Word to work. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit you find yourself praying prayer rather than saying words. The Holy Ghost is the author of the Word of God, which if given becomes an instrument against the enemy. Asking the assembly to show him their Bibles, he advised to read it describing it as the food for their soul and the light of their faith in view of its purifying powers which has the effect of keeping them from errors and sin.

In a style reminiscent of the prophet, Wise Man Racine told the assembly that their past was over as he welcomed them to the arena of liberty

Visibly luxuriating in the unique blessings and peace of mind under the prophet, he could not hide what amazing grace it is to be nurtured under Prophet T.B. Joshua. As he put it, we are here for a change, the kind of change that will make our life or case the subject of argument. The Gospel, according to him, challenges and changes everything. In the past, God overlooked our ignorance of looking at God as an image. The real object of worship has come. Jesus is worthy of being the object of worship. Communion with Christ establishes a deep sense of intimacy with God. Jesus came to show that it is necessary and essential to worship God in Spirit. Buttressing his argument by reference to John Chapter 4, he emphasised that Jesus came to call us out of ignorance. Jesus is looking for someone to change. Jesus did not come for the righteous but for the unrighteous. In Jesus, the harlot had become chaste, he added. The right knowledge of God settles peace, he went further quoting Acts 8:28. The Holy Ghost is the best influence. The Bible is a Book of light. God will not open the door of light to one who keeps his Bible shut. The devil knows that he cannot stop those who have spiritual insight into Christ. The Word of God is enough to open the way for us. Drawing congregants attention to Acts 8:28-34, he reminded them of what the Bible stands for. The words of the Scriptures are the Word of God. Those who believe in them will be saved. The work of the Holy Spirit begins in understanding the Bible. The Holy Spirit, John 38:31-32 opens our mind to the knowledge of the Bible. We must understand the Word of God in the midst of our heart. Salvation is for those who believe. The Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to change our character. A change not of the substance but of the quality of the soul. If the Lord changes you, the change is permanent. No one can say no to sin and yes to righteousness without God. Let the spirit of victory and salvation locate you. You need to be born again. Take your time in the Word of God and discover what God has made you for. He advised the congregation in consonance with the title of the message: The right knowledge of God settles peace.

Reacting to the accolades the Anointing Water has received in the outside world, Russia and Ukraine in particular, Prophet T.B. Joshua thanked the Lord for the grace. According to him, it is the Holy Spirit that gives you the Anointing Water. It is not T.B. Joshua. T.B. Joshua can only treat as a human being. It is God that heals. His righteousness is by the grace of God. The Holy Spirit has no hand but ours to give the Anointing Water. A video clip reveals the miracles of healing and deliverances associated with the Anointing Water in Kazan, Russia and Ukraine. The Anointing Water healed people of pain. There were testimonies of restored freedom, hearing, breathing and also spines and breasts were testified healed of different ailments. The video clip also revealed people with contrary spirits falling in Ukraine as they received administration of the Anointing Water and many other miracles unfurled following the application of the Anointing Water. All this, according to Prophet T.B. Joshua confirms that the Anointing Water is (for all nations) not limited to any one country or culture.



Mr and Mrs Franklin Ngueze from Enugu State mounted the podium happily introducing their baby girl, Mary which they had after many years of barrenness. According to Mrs Ngueze, the mouthpiece of the family, she had the problem of lack of ovulation, hormonal imbalance and other complications and her husband had low sperm count plus others, all of which thrived under the mega-problem of bedwetting which embarrassed the family for five years. Coming to The SCOAN, the couple got the Anointing Water which the man of God used to pray for them. Meeting as man and wife after the prayer with the Anointing Water, the couple began to sense the signs of pregnancy in the woman. In addition to the good news of pregnancy, the embarrassment of bedwetting on the part of the husband also ended as a consequence of the application of the Anointing Water. As regards the woman, the nightmares and the many unprovoked nocturnal vocal outbursts stopped. The couple were in the Church in June last year to give a testimony of the pregnancy at which time the prophet prophesied that the woman would bear a baby girl Chipping in a point, the prophet revealed that when a prophecy is given, nothing can change it. There would not be such a thing as miscarriage or any other embarrassment.

The Anointing Water for the fruit of the womb also recorded a spectacular miracle making it a household

name among those in search for the fruit of the womb. In the case of Mr and Mrs Adoge from Akure , Ondo State, Nigeria, they had played host to barrenness for over eleven years in the face of the wife’s profuse affliction with fibroid and the husband,’ low sperm count compounded by poor erection. In desperate efforts to rid themselves of these embarrassments, they had been to herbal homes and hospitals without positive results in spite of the adverse repercussion visited on their economic standing by these fruitless efforts. In fact, the woman’s barrenness was even twenty five years old as the current husband is second in her matrimonial adventures. As God would have it, a friend of hers, Mrs Okon drew her attention to the fruit of the womb meeting fast approaching, December 2008 in The Synagogue. However, while many women lost their fibroid during the meeting, Mrs Adoge’s defiantly stuck to her despite all the prayer, making her shed tears literally. Narrow-minded as she is in her human nature, she never knew that God, whom nothing embarrasses, was doing something in her case in a way immediately imperceptible to the human eye. At home after the meeting, but starting from the day of the meeting, she noticed that she was discharging some white substance and that was the situation for two weeks. In the relief following the ceasing of the unusual flow, her husband met her as wife resulting in pregnancy and a baby. Today, the Adoges are unbelievable parents of a bouncing baby boy whom they christened, Joshua in special recognition of Prophet T.B. Joshua whose Anointing Water wiped away their barrenness and tears and gracefully ushered them into parenthood after twenty five years of frustration.


Taking advantage of the ministry of family reconciliation in the Church, Mr and Mrs Umoro from Kogi State appeared on the podium in continuation of the reconciliation which followed the prophecy by the man of God last week that he could see a situation where a woman would set her husband ablaze because of a strange object she found in his pocket. Mrs Umoro came out to say that the prophecy referred to her husband and her as sometime in the past, she, suspecting her husband’s love escapades in the town, went and dipped her hand in his hung trousers, and to her dismay, she found a newly used condom in the pocket. Continuing the prophecy, the man of God said that the woman had a spirit of anger and would be ready to go

to prison after setting the husband ablaze. While agreeing with the prophet, the woman added that she had met a witchdoctor and told her that there was no peace in her marital home. The witchdoctor had prescribed to her the items she should bring, among which were her nails and pubic hair, for use to restore the man to discipline and make for peace in the home. Mrs Umoro also admitted nursing plans to use evil means to incapacitate her husband from having extra –marital sex. She added that she knew her husband from childhood as a womaniser. There was even a time, according to her, when one of his many girl friends arrested the wife for disrupting her sexual exploits with Fidelis but the latter reacted in a non- committal way, distancing himself from what might befall his wife in the hands of his paramour. The most worrisome aspect of the misbehaviour is the delight he seemed to derive from unfolding his extra-marital sex exploits to his wife and priding himself, by that, on his virility.
Delivering the man whom he never conceded an opportunity of self –defence, as a mark of respect for the women present, the prophet assured his wife that her husband would be recruited to the path of moral decency. Delivered, the couple hugged each other and vacated the podium happier than they came.

The next family to benefit from the reconciliation ministry is a bishop who has much size advantage over his wife but who, in a prophecy earlier, was described as suffering pain and disgrace in the hands of his wife who was demon possessed and had the spirit of anger and stigma to disturb the bishop’s church. Confirming the prophecy to be true in its entirety, the bishop admitted that the wife, her relatively small stature notwithstanding, beat him often and, in many cases, attempted to hit him with deadly objects. He would suffer in her grip till neighbours would come to retrieve him from her hands at which time he would run for dear life. Asked how she felt seeing her husband suffer in her hands, she said she at first savoured the experience but later on would pity her husband. She implored the man of God to deliver her.
Delivered, she and her husband were ushered into a new phase of amity and love in their marital life.



  1. ezenwa anuli

    praise be to God,pls i want to share a testmony with u,last night i was in a dream,i was in the car with my husband driving all of a sudden another car from no were carrying about ten hefty men started pursuing us,i ran out frm the car and my husband zoom off,this guys started chasing me until i got to a place were there is no place to escape,they got dwn frm their car carrying big guns,i dnt no the names but that gun if ten of them started shoting at me,i dnt think people can pick up my flesh,i was so terrified as 10 of them was approaching me pointing their guns at me,they were abt to shoot,all of a sudden i shouted IN THE NAME OF GOD OF T.B JOSHUA,as i mentioned this they shot but their guns could not fire,i keep shouting IN THE NAME OF GOD OF T.B JOSHUA DROP UR GUNS,they all dropped their guns,icommanded them again IN THE NAME OF GOD OF T.B JOSHUA KNELL DOWN they all knelt dwn,then i said IN THE NAME OF GOD OF T.B JOSHUA BE STILL AND DNT MOVE,then i said let me take their guns and hide then call the cops,but another mind said i shld preach the word of God to them,as i started preaching to them people started gathering at the scene,i woke up and it was morning,i was so hapi,pls help me shout EMMANUEL 5times to the GOD OF PROPHET T.B JOSHUA who delivered my family last night frm the hand of our enemies and delivered our enemies into our hands .EMMANUEL



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