The choral melody emanating from the choir’s platform soon gave way for the message by the Wise Man, Daniel. His message was centred on the love of our Lord, Jesus, both physical and spiritual, for His children and His ardent wish to ensure our salvation. In the course of his message, Wise Man Daniel elaborated on the connection between satan and sin. In his words, satan does nothing without sin in one’s life. Without sin in your life, satan is powerless. Sin, according to him, is the root cause of all pains. His proof text was Mark 2:3-5 and 10-12 where our Lord, Jesus had a choice between forgiving and healing the paralytic. The Son of man has authority to forgive sins and the forgiveness of sin strikes the root of all pains. When your sins are forgiven, you are blessed, redeemed, delivered and saved. In forgiving the paralytic his sins,

Wise Man, Daniel

Jesus dealt with the root rather than the ailment per se. He likened this to a good medical practitioner who would deal with the root cause of a sickness before the sickness itself. Such a medical practitioner would ask his patients such questions as: what kind of food did you eat? Did you eat your three meals? Did you take your breakfast? Answers to such questions, according to Wise Man Daniel, would help the doctor to strike at the root of the ailment. If a medical doctor can do as much, how much more our Lord? Jesus is the great Physician; never a sickness He cannot heal. Jesus is concerned about your welfare both physically and spiritually. When He heals, He does so effectually and for the salvation of your soul. In Mark 2:5, Jesus declared to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven.’ ‘What a word of hope for a sinner like me!’ exclaimed Wise Man Daniel. Jesus chose to deal with the root rather than the pain itself. Sin is the disease of the soul. When it is pardoned, you are healed. Sin in the soul is the cause of sickness. If we knew no sin, we should know no sickness, poverty, depression or any form of affliction. We bring sin upon ourselves meritoriously. In Romans 7:15, Apostle Paul lamented: what I don’t want to do is what I find myself doing. This means sin is a spiritual thing under which we are powerless. According to Wise Man Daniel, no one can say no to sin unless God is involved. After the message, Prophet T.B. Joshua expressed the hope that the congregation’s faith had been lifted by it, and proceeded to recite his usual affirmation. I am justified. I am no longer condemned. Defeat and failure are things of the past.

Following this, the prophet reminded the Church about the prophecy of some weeks back where he saw the Prime Minister of Pakistan being attacked. He was being shadowed by his would-be assassins, who wanted to eliminate him with a bomb. A related video clip on this was activated for congregational view.
The next video clip on the wonders taking place in Greece under the anointing of Wise Man Harry generated spirited admonition on mentoring and the pain of mentoring. It is very important to mentor someone to have peace and live for ever and for the children yet unborn to witness your doing. Mentoring takes time. It is not a one day job. It takes time, preparation, patience and pain. You will meet many Delilahs, Bathshebas, Davids and Samsons on the way. Many will want to kill you in the process of mentoring. Paying other theologians to do your work for you is not mentoring. Successful businesses have employees who are well informed and trained. However, in the process of training them, you go through many pains if you are not killed. They call you names before you finally arrive if God is on your side. It takes time to train others. Take your time to train others and refuse to be discouraged. When people misjudge your mistakes, refuse to be discouraged. The future is in danger if you work for me because of money. If the apostles of old never mentored people, the Gospel would have ended with them in their time. In response to the deliverance done by Wise Man Harry in Greece, the prophet said a man of God must be upright to be able to do deliverance because the person to be delivered has no faith and is also under demon. However, when you are sick and you pray, you may be healed because of your faith. Deliverance tells you whether the man of God is truly of God. According to Prophet T. B. Joshua God told him to make people his branches but not churches by mentoring and to build people rather than material structures. God had asked him to pray on objects but not people who would later disappoint him. People would be healed by the objects on which he had prayed.
The prophet instructed that a video clip of where he prayed on sand in a selected spot be activated. Soon after the prayer, the sick and others in need of healing began to scoop handfuls of the sand to rub their bodies. A Ghanaian paralytic was one of those carried to the spot where T.B. Joshua had prayed. As soon as he rubbed the sand of the spot on himself, he began to muster stamina visibly. He could be seen becoming stronger and stronger. The man who was lifted lame to the spot began to make attempts to get up. He held a pillar of the Church and before long he had got up by himself and within minutes he could pace briskly. That according to T.B. Joshua was the beginning of discipleship. It was the deployment of non-human entities to carry out God’s miracles. Discipleship in The SCOAN progressed from sand to tap water and from this to Junior prophets and from Junior prophets to The Wise Men we see today operating at the same level of T.B. Joshua. The Wise Men according to Prophet T. B. Joshua are directly connected to God. They have direct access to God, the Source and Reservoir of information.
A testimony in respect of the Anointing Water was given by a couple, a member of which had

HRH Ehidiana 1 from Edo State came out to narrate two testimonies relating to the Anointing Water.

over-due pregnancy. To avoid delivering by caesarean section, the woman and her husband came to the Synagogue to ask for the Anointing Water. As soon as her husband got the Anointing Water, he prayed on it and sprayed it into her mouth. Minutes after that, labour signs intensified and before long, the baby came out hale and bouncing.
In the second service a traditional ruler, HRH Ehidiana 1 from Edo State came out to narrate two testimonies relating to the Anointing Water. He narrated a horrific experience in an aeroplane – Eric Airlines – flying from Benin to Lagos. Within twelve minutes of the flight, the pilot lost control and the plane was heading for a kiss with mother earth. Both the crew and passengers began to scream uncontrollably in anticipation of the tragedy. Luckily enough, HRH Ehidiana remembered that he had the Anointing Water there. He brought it out and sprayed it saying, ‘This place is anointed’ repeatedly. Those words said, the plane began to regain its equilibrium and in no time, total balance was restored. That was the miracle of the Anointing Water telling us that Jesus has control of the land, water and airspace.
The second testimony by HRH Ehidiana 1 on the Anointing Water was also petrifying. This time, he was travelling on land from Benin to Esan in a small and weak Audi car. The traditional ruler soon noticed that a Tundra jeep with armed robbers was after them. Frantically, he sprayed the Anointing Water and prayed. After the prayer, it appeared as if the Tundra and the Audi car exchanged horse power. The Audi car began to outdistance the Tundra jeep. Until they got to their destination, HRH and his family enjoyed God’s speed thanks to the Anointing Water while the Tundra jeep wallowed in deceleration. When God is on your side in any matter, it doesn’t matter who or what is on the other side.
In the previous Sunday service, the man of God raised an alarm that he could spiritually sense the presence of ‘dagger men’ in the congregation as the Wise Men were busy moving from one person to another and laying hands on them. He ordered the Wise Men to halt and before long, the two dagger men were fished out. The elderly one tucked the sheathed dagger somewhere around his waist while the younger one hid his in his stockings. Both were fished out and led out to a spot of safety for interrogation. On Sunday the 17th of October, both dagger men who had been guests of the Church for one week came out to tell the assembly their mission to the Church and why they had come with daggers. The elderly one who hung his dagger around his waist and covered it with his shirt told his confession first. According to him, he is Adams from Borno State in Nigeria. He had been tested HIV positive and faced the risk of losing his life any moment from then as an HIV patient. He, according to him, wanted to go to any crowded area to wreak vengeance on any innocent soul before he would lose his life to HIV infection. This informed his choice of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. He beat security search because as soon as he bought a copy of the message, he rushed into the auditorium without raising his face and looking any security in the face. But while in the Church, he realized there accumulated much weight on him. It was so much weight that he could not lift his arm to reach the left part of his waist where the dagger was strung. He was in this demobilized position, said him, until his presence was spiritually detected and announced by the man of God. It was after the announcement that he felt his limbs free, light and moveable. True, our Lord, Jesus had demobilized him before he knew it because satan cannot be assertive, much less destructive in the house of God. Glory be to God!

The second dagger man is one Mr Felix from the Republic of Togo. A criminal very much wanted in his country and has fled to Nigeria

The second dagger man is one Mr Felix from the Republic of Togo. A criminal very much wanted in his country and has fled to Nigeria in the past three months to seek the assistance of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He had not been able to see the prophet and had become desperate according to him. It was therefore his plan to kill any usher who made it difficult for him to see the prophet. But like the first one, he discovered that he could no more raise his arms to do anything.
The third dagger bearer is the son of one Mrs Monica Obi. The boy confessed being a wizard initiated into the satanic kingdom at school by a schoolmate. He carried his dagger unknown to his mother because he had been sent from their kingdom to kill any of the Wise Men because they are saving people from their kingdom, according to him. He had earlier attempted suicide by drinking acid, kerosene and other dangerous liquids. To deliver him, the prophet asked one of the Wise Men to stand in front of the wizard who then was raising the dagger for action. As the Wise Man shouted, ‘Jesus,’ the young wizard slumped. Truly the power of the devil cannot prevail against the children of God.




  2. What can i do to come and visit you guy in your Church, I’m a Namibian i was born in Namibia, i”m wiling and interested to preach the Word of God, and also i want to come and Visit you in your Congregation. i<m a man under 30 years old.


  3. I thank God because our life is full of miracle through Emmanuel TV. HRH Ehidiana 1 from Edo State is a ruler with difference, ruling his people with the fear of God. l pray other rulers will see the same light for one with God is majority, l thank Emmanuel Tv team and prophet TB Joshua for bringing people from darkness to the light of God.

    Kalu Eke.


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