“It is not the water that heals but God Himself since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name. The water is just a symbol, not the power.” T.B. Joshua

Individuals, families, communities and various groups call every day in a desire to have a piece of what is being offered on the table free of charge. Many make the contact because they are experiencing one problem or another, one affliction or another. Simon Diegbegha was one of the thousands who made that contact. He made his way to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations with a problem affecting his father, Mr Jeremiah Diegbegha, who was in prison on a murder charge and soon to be hanged.
What is the genesis? Apparently, in their clan and

according to their tradition, Simon’s father, Mr Jeremiah Diegbegha was next in line to receive the kingship. After considering however that nowadays kings are graduates, he being uneducated, decided to hand the kingship over to his first son who he believed better fitted the position. In the mean time, Mr Jeremiah’s nephew developed an interest in the kingship and pleaded with Simon and his father to give him the right to ascend the throne but they refused in accordance with the clan’s tradition. Being very rich, the nephew bribed the Chiefs of the community who came to his support and there was a kingship tussle between the nephew and them.

Prince Simon and his father took the case to court. The nephew then had Prince Simon and his father arrested and they were later bailed. Soon after the bail, the nephew met his lawyer and cooked up a fresh allegation that Prince Simon and his father connived and killed the father’s elder sister in 2003. The woman they are said to have murdered died in 1967 even before Simon was born. The case changed from a kingship tussle to a murder case and Simon’s father was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death by hanging without any evidence.

Desperate to set his father free from the injustice done to him, Simon came to The SCOAN for The Anointing water. He cried out to the Man of God that his father had been sentenced to death about a crime he knew nothing about. After T.B. Joshua gave Simon a bottle of The Anointing Water, he gave him an extra one to give to his father. Simon took it in faith believing that since the man of God had given him an extra Anointing Water, when he used it for his father, his father would be set free.

Giving his testimony at The SCOAN on Sunday 26 September, Simon said that T.B. Joshua had

appeared to him in a dream after he had received The Anointing Water and told him that his father would be released in two weeks. And exactly two weeks to the date, his father, Mr Jeremiah Diegbegha, was released! Now acquitted, Mr Jeremiah Diegbegha, who was standing beside his son, chipped in stating that 112 death case sentences were reviewed and only a few were converted to life imprisonment after many years in prison but he was the only one who was set free unconditionally. “Praise the Lord!” he resounded.


During the same service Mrs Princess Dickson and her sister brought their mother who they had accused of being a witch and responsible for their condition of barrenness and bad luck in life. Justifying her accusation, Princess said she had been married three times without conceiving. She said that a pastor she visited confirmed that her mother was a witch and behindher trouble.

In support, her sister said that she also went to another pastor who told her the same thing concerning their mother. In reaction, the two sisters threw their mother out of the house and denied her of food. The story got worse when their mother openly talked about the maltreatment she received at the hands of her daughters. “No food, no money, hungry belly, my children abandon me. I suffer 8 years”. The mother then raised her skirt to reveal a large gaping wound on her thigh and bruises on the same leg – the evidence of beatings by her daughters’. As the congregation looked on to see the pitiful

state of the neglected mother, many held back their tears while others could not and joined the two daughters who cried in remorse after discovering through the prophet that their mother was not a witch. “This kind of sin would become a generational curse assuming the mother had died. Their children and great grandchildren would continue to call them ‘witch” said TB Joshua. “You have suffered this Mama”. On their knees they clung to their mother in tears and begged for forgiveness. T.B. Joshua reconciled the daughters to their mother saying that he would continue to pray for the daughters and assured that they would conceive and bear children.

Mr Christian Obunne brought his nine year old daughter, Joy whom he claimed was demon

possessed with a spirit of snake and behind his downfall. Joy confessed in front of the congregation to being a snake. She said that the spirit of her mother lived in her, that she knew she was a snake because snakes do not like pineapple and when her father gave her pineapple to eat, she began to vomit. She also said that she possessed the spirit of fornication. In their home Mr Christian Obunne said he and his wife began to physically see bush rats manifest. After he killed one of them, Joy told her father that he had killed one of her witchcraft members. She also claimed responsibility for her father’s business failure. Another confession of Joy which she did not have time to explain was how she turned into thousands of cockroaches in the house at night. This, her parents also confirmed.
Having the spirit of discernment, T.B. Joshua said to Mr Obunne, “You’re the cause. You have demons in the house. You are the one that brought demons in the house and those demons have possessed her. It is true she is possessed by the spirit of snake; what she says, she is but the father is the one that makes her demon. Out of the demons you brought to the house, snake is one of them. One of the spirits is using this girl. You present this girl as if she is the one destroying the house, as if she is the cause of everything, whereas you, the father are the one that invited the demons. You buried them in the house”. Mr Obunne confessed this to be true and pleaded for mercy after the man of God reprimanded him and told him to apologise to his daughter whom the demons had possessed.

He called forward a newcomer from among the congregation to minister The Anointing Water on Joy who was then delivered and freed from the spirit of a snake.

“People used to assist me. I went to many places – hospitals looking for solution but nothing.”

This was the statement of a woman who was brought in a wheelchair – all the way from the USA by her sister in-law.
Her sister- in- law passed up the opportunity of staying in the USA to be with her daughter who just gave birth in hospital to bring her sister-in-law to The SCOAN. The woman, a citizen of Sudan but living in America, sat helplessly among the hundreds of others who parked their wheelchairs outside in an extension part of the church. Apparently she had been to many states in the US seeking a cure to her problem of inability to walk – but all proved abortive. Unable to walk for four years, she came to The SCOAN as her last hope.

Looking directly into her eyes, T.B. Joshua asked her, “You believe Jesus can raise you from death to life?” With an affirmative nod by her, he proceeded to pray for her. “I command, in the name of Jesus, the power of devil that holds you, be broken in the name of Jesus. Say to yourself, ‘I can walk in the name of Jesus.’
” As she repeated the instruction, the woman stood up instantly and began to run leaving her wheelchair behind.



  1. ismael francisco

    pray for me my bisnes is breaking down transport cars are getng break down always . My wood carvers ar not buying any more dont receive any oders like be for . I start atuck shop i need ablesing for me to sel alcohol. Porverty must gof my house god bless my kisange my family and pleas sent me the aninting water myis pastor ismael from namibia my wife is Anna my kids are natalia frans mathew and ababe girl grace helvi.peas email me wat ever god reviel you and i no hi will in jesus s name


  2. precious ngcobo

    pastor can you pray for me my husband move out of the house since 2006 and said I’m witch and divorced me and what scares me is that even my children’s behaviour is very bad. i think they are all possessed by demons



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