The Synagogue Church of All Nations London Branch Receives Bigger Grace – God at work!!!

All we can do is thank God for the awesome things He has been doing in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Branch in London.

Last Sunday, 12th September was no exception. The service began at 11am with worship and praise, cultivating an atmosphere of faith in the auditorium; after that there was a short but stirring message, packed with words of wisdom simply titled: A More Convenient Day. The congregation learnt that they should not wait for a more convenient day to do the right thing, because that day may never come. Abraham did not wait for a more convenient day to obey God. He was ready to obey, whether the instruction was pleasant or painful (Genesis 22:1-3). The poor widow did not wait for a more convenient day to give what she cherished most. She knew that an offering of convenience is not sacrificial (Mark 12:41-44). We should live each day as if it was our last because our last day on earth can be so unexpected.

In the message on 5th September, we learned from Deuteronomy 28 that “The way of obedience is the way of blessing” When all the consequences are taken into account, it is clear that the cost of obedience is nothing compared to the cost of disobedience. We learned that obeying God at first seems hard, until we come to see that all He asks is for our good, and makes life full and free. Our duty is simply to obey God’s commands, while God’s duty is to keep His promises.

On the 29th August the message preached was titled: Blessed Are Those Who Obey. The evangelist explained that in life we are given the freedom to choose from the many alternatives that surround us. But when choosing, know that the choices we make determine who we are before God. Joshua knew this that was why he put before his people to choose between God Almighty and the gods of their forefathers (Joshua 24:15). Obeying God at first seems hard until you come to see that all He asks is for our good which makes life full and free.

Regularly, during the mass prayer, the atmosphere is charged as the power of God moves

During mass prayer

among the people. Some start to vomit out many strange substances which have been the cause of sickness and setback in their lives. People come from far and near; few I have spoken with over the weeks said they had travelled from Leeds, Southampton, Leicester and Cardiff to mention but a few.  After the service, the congregation began to talk among themselves “Could this be happening? This is what I’ve been waiting for!” Others simply expressed their joy, thanking God. If you missed last Sunday, make sure you don’t miss this Sunday’s Service. The way out for your life has come! Come and experience the miracles, deliverance and faith-building teaching that will shift your relationship with God to another level! The grace giving to the UK branch is becoming bigger and bigger so make sure you dont miss Sunday 19th Sep, 2010 and every Sunday thereafter !

God at work – A Lady Set Free

I have received so many emails through this Blog from Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany asking how to worship at SCOAN London, since they don’t need a visa to come to the UK and the costs of flights are much cheaper. To do this, I advise you contact the UK branch before making any arrangements, using the details below. PLEASE DO NOT COME UNLESS APPROVED BY THE UK BRANCH.


For further information:

Tel. +44 2070603939
Tel. +44 7985034222


25 thoughts on “The Synagogue Church of All Nations London Branch Receives Bigger Grace – God at work!!!

  1. Mary Quarshie

    Iwill like to come to the church. Please furnish me with thetype of train ,the bus number or the underground which comes the church
    Looking forward for the email reply
    God bless


  2. richard ovie

    I just want to kn about ur church here in uk,i would like to visit the church here ad pls if u can send text msg on hw to come over to ur church,becos am a visitor in this country ok..


  3. Rory Grant

    i want to visit your church to be healed but i live in jamaica and have no money. I am a british citizen could you help me i would love to visit.


    1. tbjfansuk Post author

      UK Branch Church Address:
      Clore Management Centre,
      Birkbeck College,
      Torrington Square
      WC1E 7HX

      Click here for Google Map

      UK Branch Office Address:
      32-36 Loman Street
      Southwark, London
      SE1 0EH

      Click here for a map

      For further information:

      Tel. +44 2070603939
      Tel. +44 7985034222



  4. Kalu Eke

    The more we seek Him the more we fine Him.
    l realise that we can not do without God, as we can not run away from our
    shadow, we need God daily not only on Sunday morning, we have to be active there is no day off , and l believe by His grace we are running the race to win.



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