The design of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is to break the yoke of sin and Satan and thus remove the burden of guilt and corruption. The SCOAN, as an arena of liberty is indeed living up to this divine mandate. It is a place where you can see the name of Jesus working in the spirit. You can see the power of God working in the spirit, the power and anointing of Jesus Christ working against the kingdom of darkness, and the result of this is the healings, deliverances, breakthroughs, prophecies and reconciliations witnessed and experienced by all who come to fellowship at The SCOAN and even those who watch Emmanuel TV everywhere in the world.

The Bible makes it clear that miracles were proofs that the scriptures were true then and they still are. Jesus Himself declared in the book of John 4:48 that, ‘’unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders, you will never believe.’’ The miracles of Jesus actually drew millions of people to Him, and this made Jesus become a centre of public attraction. Thanks to Emmanuel TV, millions are being exposed to the reality of the supernatural power of God manifesting in the miracles that occur on almost a daily basis in the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria. The influx of people to the church in recent times is phenomenal as several canopies are erected outside the church auditorium every service day to hold the overflow congregation of worshippers, many of them being first timers. Indeed, for those whose lives are centred in Christ Jesus, the best is always yet to come.

There was so much to savour from last Sunday service, the 19th of September, 2010. The


service began with the wonderful testimony and sermon of Harry, one of the Wise Men. As a native of the ancient town of Philippi in Macedonia, Greece, he narrated how he came to know T.B. Joshua and became one of the Prophet’s disciples before receiving the anointing to become one of the Wise Men today. He said he had read through the Bible when he was growing up as a young Christian, He read so much about the missionary activities of Paul the Apostle in Philippi, Macedonia and other ancient cities. He said his interest and zeal for the things of God began to wane when he realised that those miracles Paul performed in Macedonia and other places at that time were not seen in any of the churches where he fellowshipped. He thought to himself, ‘Does it mean the age of miracles has passed, when the Bible says the Miracle Worker, Jesus of Nazareth is still alive?’ He said since that time he longed to see at least one miracle performed by any minister anywhere in the world to prove that the Holy Bible was not just a history book and that the Acts of the Apostles are not mere fictions. (As he testified, footage of the archaeological sites in Macedonia where Paul Apostle lived and walked was being shown on the television screen.)

He said one day someone gave him a miracle video tape of T.B. Joshua to watch and after seeing all the miraculous healings and deliverances his zeal reawakened. He was determined that in any part of the world this Prophet of God lived, he must search for him. The same man who gave him the tape took him to The SCOAN branch in Athens where he met the Evangelist in charge and soon arrangements were made for him to travel to the church headquarters in Lagos. Harry said when he told his family about his new discovery and his plan to travel to Nigeria, they did not only frown at the idea, they threatened to disown him if he embarked on what they believed was a dangerous mission. He said their argument was, ‘Can anything good come out of Nigeria?’’. They wondered if he had forgotten that the New Testament of the Bible was written originally in the Greek language, and tourists from across the world come to Macedonia to see those places they read about in The Bible. Harry said he was so determined to come to Nigeria that he didn’t mind the threats from his people. Eventually he landed at The SCOAN in Lagos where he met the man of God and did not hesitate to join the discipleship to receive training under T.B. Joshua. While in training, he said his parents started watching Emmanuel TV. They saw those miracles he saw and they called him from Greece one day telling him on the phone that they were sorry for their actions in the past. Now they believed he was in the right place and that they too were planning to come to Nigeria to see the Prophet of God. They came, they saw and they became even more convinced. He said his entire family are now full members of the SCOAN, Athens branch. Harry the Wise Man promised to come to his hometown, Philippi in Macedonia with the same anointing of God that was in Apostle Paul to prove to his countrymen and tourists alike that Jesus lives, He never said ‘’goodbye.’’(Hebrews 13:8)


Wise Man Harry defined an excuse as a reason whether genuine or fake which we give to explain or defend our wrongdoing. When the children of God make mistakes, they do not run from God – instead they run to Him, because they know that if you make an excuse for your mistakes, your mistakes cannot be excused. He quoted the book of Genesis 3:8-13 where excuse making actually began. He said Adam had disobeyed God’s instruction not to eat the fruit of a particular tree in the Garden of Eden where he lived with his wife, Eve, and enjoyed good fellowship with God. The consequence of disobeying God and eating the fruit was death. Eve was deceived by a serpent to eat the fruit, and she shared with her husband, Adam – and since then, life changed. Their eyes became opened and they started hiding from God because they realised, for the first time, that they were naked. When God asked Adam why he did that evil, instead of admitting his wrongdoing, Adam blamed God that it was the woman He gave to him that gave him the apple to eat. Eve, on her own part, blamed the serpent for deceiving her. So they both made excuses for their sins, but their sins could not be excused, hence the punishment of sorrow and hardship we inherited from the first-parents.

Nearly everyone has become a conscious sinner. A conscious sinner is one who knows his sin but does them and makes excuses for his actions, oftentimes shifting the blame to others. The Bible says no one is righteous, not even one. Perfection eludes all of us. This means mistakes will come – but the question is, how do you handle it? He concluded the message by saying that until a person is willing to admit that he is a sinner in need of salvation, he cannot experience freedom from guilt and condemnation. So stop making excuses for your wrongdoing, admit your guilt and receive God’s forgiveness which makes the future possible.

The entire congregation was shocked and silence reigned as they listened to the terrifying confessions of some of the armed robbers, ritualists and cultists who were arrested by the power of the Holy Spirit during last week’s service because of the spirit of destruction they possessed. These are their confessions:

Mr. Ebere Nwosu, 28, confessed how he used his manhood for a money-ritual. The witchdoctor he was introduced to had demanded two names from among his siblings or close companions. Ebere submitted the names of two of his friends to be used for the ritual. When he went to the witchdoctor again, thinking the ritual had been done, he was surprised to hear from the witchdoctor that the ritual could not be performed because the names he had submitted could not be used. So the witchdoctor asked Ebere if he could use his manhood for the ritual, which he consented to.

The witchdoctor said the way the manhood would be taken was for him to bring his early-morning urine. The ritual was done, but there was one more thing left to do. The witchdoctor asked Ebere to go to his hometown and perform some sacrifices with a fowl, and then come back to his shrine within four hours – a feat Ebere knew was not possible. So he thought of abandoning the project, but the witchdoctor, sensing his motive, took him to a graveyard to make an oath, never to run away or reveal the matter or else he would die. After the oath-taking at the graveyard, Ebere still ran away because of fear. From that moment, he was pursued by the spirits of death in his dream and he began experiencing failure in everything he laid his hands on. He travelled to another State where his auntie resides. After narrating his story to his auntie, she gave him transportation fare to come to The SCOAN.

Mr. Eze Nwaiwu, 29, joined a cult with an evil desire to make quick money. He was initiated and given some demonic powers to manipulate his customers to buy as many goods as he wanted them to, even at exorbitant prices. Business was moving well until his cult members demanded his blood sister for a sacrifice, for him to make more money. As he was discussing his issue with a friend, his girlfriend overheard and reported the issue to his father. When his father confronted him, Eze denied and even swore that he never planned such. So, Eze went back to the cult members and told them that his plan had leaked to his family and they should give him two years when he would have married and had his own child, and then he would be willing to donate either his wife or child for the ritual.

After having his first child, a boy, Eze was no longer willing to keep to his promise, so the ‘cult-members’ became furious and threatened to use every evil means at their disposal to get Eze’s wife or child. Soon Eze’s wife got pregnant again and one night, she was attacked spiritually by the cultists and she had a miscarriage. The next day, the cult-members told Eze that his wife’s miscarriage was just a sign to prove that he had nowhere to run to or hide as long as he continued to cheat on them. From that time, life became miserable for Eze as his business went downhill. He sent his wife and little son to the village, but he took the son’s photograph to the cult members and they told him they would snuff life out of the boy on the 28th of this month, September, through convulsion. They advised him to go to the village to see his son for the last time. Meanwhile, his wife was pregnant again.

Eze became confused and ran away to Jos where his aunt resides. After explaining his case to the aunt, she advised him to go to The SCOAN where she believed he could be rescued. During the mass prayer, the Holy Spirit exposed him as he felt out from his seat, screaming, and then began to confess.

Mr. Aniedi Jonah, 32, was captured through the prophecy of the man of God, TB Joshua, in last Sunday’s service. During the Mass Prayer, TB Joshua prophesied that there was a man in the congregation who was a cultist who had a garment he carried everywhere he went, and that he kept the garment outside the church auditorium. Aniedi confessed that the white garment was an occultic garment which he carried with him everywhere he went, so he could fellowship with other cult members anywhere he came across their conclave (fellowship centre). He joined the cult for money-ritual and during his initiation, he was blind folded and asked to eat some strange things on the floor including raw human flesh. They later had a communion with human blood in a calabash. Aniedi was asked if he was willing to give out his wife, son or daughter for ritual – if that was all that was required to make him rich, and he answered in the affirmative. So he was taken to an evil forest where some rituals were performed and he was offered a post in the cult, at the price of his son.

Meanwhile, he became accustomed to drinking human blood. Whenever the evil spirit came upon him, he would seek all means to get human blood to satisfy his evil thirst. One day, when the evil spirit came upon him and he could not find human blood, he rushed to the back of his house, caught a live duck, slaughtered it and quickly drank the blood. He fell on his bed and slept off. His wife, who didn’t know that her husband had gotten himself into such spiritual bondage, began to suspect him when each time he returned home, there were fresh blood stains on his clothes. She also noticed the white garment he carried about in his bag. But she was afraid to ask him any questions because there was a day he returned home furious, pounced upon her and almost strangled her to death. Since that time, his little baby would suddenly scream at night, and his 3 year old daughter usually complained to the mother that she used to see strange invisible dogs. The climax of it all happened recently when he became bloodthirsty and the evil spirit told him to slaughter his newborn baby boy. He took the baby from the room where his wife laid him to the sitting room, and when he went in search of a knife to slaughter the child, his wife who had witnessed the day he slaughtered the duck and drank the blood, suspected something strange was about to happen. When she could not find the baby where she laid him, she rushed to the sitting room, found the baby carelessly dropped on the table, picked him up and ran out of the house. Aniedi ran after his wife, but she luckily escaped. Because he had watched Emmanuel TV on a few occasions, Aniedi decided to come to The SCOAN, when he felt he could no longer live this kind of atrocious life.

Commenting on the shocking confessions, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “Demons are behind the Godless activities and destructive elements we see around today. They cause people to lose control and commit all shameful acts (Romans 7:13-15). Demons are the cause of the enormous growth of sorrow, pain and bitterness, violence and suffering going on in the world. Demons fire men’s brains and senses with lust for drugs, drink and delinquencies. Therefore, refuse to be satan’s dumping ground – where satan produces physical infirmities, sickness, disease, hardship, poverty, nightmare, depression, mental unsoundness. Stand your ground fearlessly, without wavering.”

There are not enough words to express all that happened during the service. However, one thing is clear – demons know they must submit to the Name of Jesus Christ. At His mighty name, every knee must bow. We believe these confessions serve as a warning to the children of God everywhere, that demons are real, and Christianity is not to be practiced as a hobby. Therefore, watch and pray and let your commitment to God be total, not partial!

Healing and deliverance service at Synagogue Church of all nations London Every Sunday

This is to remind you that there will be healing and deliverance on Sunday 19th September, 2010 and every Sunday thereafter; it is the day the God has set aside to meet you at the point of your needs at The Synagogue Church of all nations Clore Management Centre, Birkbeck College, Torrington Square, London, WC1E 7HX. As God has increase His grace in the Church through the head Pastor T.B Joshua Click here for Google Map For the readers of this blog who resides in EU who have expressed their desire to worship we us or come for their healing please contact the Church directly using the contact details on this page before making any arrangement to come.

Remember had i known comes at last so to get a space in the front make sure you are there by 10:30 am.

The Church is within walking distance of Russel Square, Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road, Warren Street and Euston Square stations.

Bus routes that pass close by are: 7, 10, 24, 29, 73, 134 and 188.
There are free parking spaces on Woburn Square, Torrington Square and Malet Street.

From Russel Square station turn left out of the station, cross over the main road and walk along the top of Russel Square. Turn right onto the SOAS campus and the first left and first right to the Birkbeck campus. The building we meet in is halfway up Torrington Square on the right.

Come and experience the miracles, deliverance and faith-building teaching that will shift your relationship with God to another level! We are blessed to blessd others so please make you inform everyone around you

Sunday Service: Sundays 11am

For further information, contact us:

UK Branch Church Address:
Clore Management Centre,
Birkbeck College,
Torrington Square

Click here for Google Map

UK Branch Office Address:
32-36 Loman Street
Southwark, London

Click here for a map

Tel. +44 2070603939
Tel. +44 7985034222


The Synagogue Church of All Nations London Branch Receives Bigger Grace – God at work!!!

All we can do is thank God for the awesome things He has been doing in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Branch in London.

Last Sunday, 12th September was no exception. The service began at 11am with worship and praise, cultivating an atmosphere of faith in the auditorium; after that there was a short but stirring message, packed with words of wisdom simply titled: A More Convenient Day. The congregation learnt that they should not wait for a more convenient day to do the right thing, because that day may never come. Abraham did not wait for a more convenient day to obey God. He was ready to obey, whether the instruction was pleasant or painful (Genesis 22:1-3). The poor widow did not wait for a more convenient day to give what she cherished most. She knew that an offering of convenience is not sacrificial (Mark 12:41-44). We should live each day as if it was our last because our last day on earth can be so unexpected.

In the message on 5th September, we learned from Deuteronomy 28 that “The way of obedience is the way of blessing” When all the consequences are taken into account, it is clear that the cost of obedience is nothing compared to the cost of disobedience. We learned that obeying God at first seems hard, until we come to see that all He asks is for our good, and makes life full and free. Our duty is simply to obey God’s commands, while God’s duty is to keep His promises.

On the 29th August the message preached was titled: Blessed Are Those Who Obey. The evangelist explained that in life we are given the freedom to choose from the many alternatives that surround us. But when choosing, know that the choices we make determine who we are before God. Joshua knew this that was why he put before his people to choose between God Almighty and the gods of their forefathers (Joshua 24:15). Obeying God at first seems hard until you come to see that all He asks is for our good which makes life full and free.

Regularly, during the mass prayer, the atmosphere is charged as the power of God moves

During mass prayer

among the people. Some start to vomit out many strange substances which have been the cause of sickness and setback in their lives. People come from far and near; few I have spoken with over the weeks said they had travelled from Leeds, Southampton, Leicester and Cardiff to mention but a few.  After the service, the congregation began to talk among themselves “Could this be happening? This is what I’ve been waiting for!” Others simply expressed their joy, thanking God. If you missed last Sunday, make sure you don’t miss this Sunday’s Service. The way out for your life has come! Come and experience the miracles, deliverance and faith-building teaching that will shift your relationship with God to another level! The grace giving to the UK branch is becoming bigger and bigger so make sure you dont miss Sunday 19th Sep, 2010 and every Sunday thereafter !

God at work – A Lady Set Free

I have received so many emails through this Blog from Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany asking how to worship at SCOAN London, since they don’t need a visa to come to the UK and the costs of flights are much cheaper. To do this, I advise you contact the UK branch before making any arrangements, using the details below. PLEASE DO NOT COME UNLESS APPROVED BY THE UK BRANCH.


For further information:

Tel. +44 2070603939
Tel. +44 7985034222


T.B Joshua Charitable group donates to Muslims in Accra

Accra, Sept. 10, GNA – Passion for Needy, a charitable organisation, set up by Prophet T.B Joshua, Head Pastor, Synagogue Church of All Nations, on Thursday donated food items worth GHc 500 cedis to Muslims in Accra.

The items, which would be distributed to the needy and under-privileged in Muslim communities, include 16 cartons of cooking oil and 250 bags of rice.

Mrs. Janet Torgbor El-Askar, President of the organisation, said the donation was part of its social responsibilities to orphans, physically challenged and the aged in the Muslim communities as they celebrate the Eidul Fitr festival.

She commended Muslims for going through peaceful fasting and asked them to peacefully co-exist with members of other religious bodies.

Dr. Sheikh Osumanu Nuhu Sharubutu, National Chief Imam, who received the items on behalf of the Muslims, commended the NGO for the gesture.

He said that the items would be used for its intended purpose in order to bring smiles on the faces of the needy among Muslims.

The Chief Imam appealed to Muslims to be united and also prayed for the leadership of the organisation to enable it to work effectively.

Maulvi Dr. A. Wahab Adam, Head and Missionary of Ahmadiyyah Muslim Mission in Ghana, reminded Muslims that alms giving was a pillar of Islam, saying the donation was timely since it would give hope to the needy and aged.


Source Modern Ghana


Sunday, the 5th of September, 2010 was another joyful day of service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. The service day started with a melodious performance by the renowned choristers. This was followed by a wonderful sermon, titled “BE FAITHFUL TO GOD” preached by one of the ‘Wise Men’ – Daniel.

Wise Man Daniel made us understand that if we are faithful to God, then our God is powerful. In other words, God is powerful and faithful to His faithful servants.
Proof Text: Daniel 3:15-18
What do you need God to be for you? God is what you need Him to be; and your faithfulness counts. That is, your faithfulness to Him makes it work. Do you need God to be your Deliverer, Healer, Saviour, Rescuer and Friend in life? Then, your faithfulness to Him makes it work. As faithful Christians, our God is faithful, very reliable, trustworthy and dependable. To His power, nothing is impossible.
After the wonderful sermon delivered by the Wise Man, it was time for deliverance. As many as were in bondage and in need of deliverance from the hands of the devil came out, and indeed, received their freedom.
One of them was a pastor of Divine Miracle Assembly in Imo State. He narrated how he came under the bondage of satan even though he camouflaged as a pastor with a ministry.
Owing to the fact that he had a problem in his ministry and people were threatening him, he visited a native doctor introduced to him by his fellow pastor. The native doctor, in turn, gave him a charm to swallow for protection and for miracles to happen in the church. He was also given a charm to put in water and sprinkle in his church in order to experience an overflow of congregation. The pastor thus administered this water on the sick people who came for healing of their diverse sicknesses. Little did they know that they were drinking charmed water from the pit of hell.

Pastor Victory Chiaka was not satisfied because the charm did not have the desired effect. This led him to visit up to about three native doctors. The last one gave him soap to bathe with in order to experience an overflow and miracles in his church. In the process of visiting native doctors, the pastor went to his village where he watched Emmanuel TV, got interested and came back home to install it in his home.
On the fateful day he was watching Prophet T.B. Joshua praying on Emmanuel TV, he felt a shock through his body. He later went to have his bath but lo and behold, he looked for the soap given to him by the native doctor but could not find it. When he went to the native doctor, he was told that there was a certain TV station he was watching and that had affected him causing the soap to disappear and return to the native doctor.
The native doctor warned him not to watch Emmanuel TV anymore, but deep in his mind he decided to continue watching and even planned to come to the SCOAN. Pastor Chiaka had a particular problem known to him which defied solution for a long time. He had this particular pain inflicted on him by the evil spirit. He was shot in his dream and his back got swollen up. He went to many native doctors for cure but all to no avail. This was what eventually brought him to the SCOAN on that fateful day and while the prophet T.B. Joshua was praying, he felt things flying away from his back and saw a flash like an angel and before he knew it, he found himself on the floor. While he was still at the SCOAN, the native doctor called him to tell him that he could see that he had gone to the place he was forbidden to go.
After Pastor Chiaka’s confession, he was delivered but Prophet T.B. Joshua made him understand that he needed to be counselled. The experience was not there because his calling was questionable. He said for when God calls, He makes us fit. He went further to say that as a pastor you may know that you are called but in what area? If you do what God gives you to do, you will do it perfectly.

Another Pastor, Pastor Victor Olushola of Chapel of Exploits Ministries came out to give his confession of how he, among other pastors, had blasphemed against Prophet T.B. Joshua. He said his general overseer made him believe that Prophet T.B. Joshua was not genuine. It was when he watched Emmanuel TV himself that he saw that Prophet T.B. Joshua was not what he was painted to be. Pastor Olushola narrated how he went about blaspheming against Prophet T.B. Joshua and how eventually things turned around against him. He found he could no longer preach as he was under the spell of satan.

It all started with his addiction to internet and watching of pornographic films. He was so involved in it that it got to a stage where images of what he watched in the pornographic films started coming to meet him and having affairs with him. Pastor Olushola got so involved in these pornographic and sexual affairs with demonic spirits that it completely disorganised his ministry and his family. He tried delivering himself but all to no avail.
He got to know about the SCOAN and decided to come but the evil spirit in him kept telling him not to come. “These evil spirits speak like human beings to me”, said Pastor Olushola.
On the fateful day when he finally decided to come to the SCOAN, the evil spirit followed him and kept telling him to go back until he got near the SCOAN before the evil spirit turned back.
Pastor Olushola was prayed for and delivered. He jumped up in joy after his deliverance because at last he had been freed from the perpetual bondage of satan. All his lost glory was restored.
Prophet T.B. Joshua told him to preach to the congregation and with tears in his eyes and unconcealed happinness, Pastor Olushola took the microphone and gave thanks to God Almighty for restoring him. He said, “What the enemy say will not happen in my life has happened. For me to be privileged to stand and preach before the whole world on Emmanuel TV. I almost lost hope but I have been restored today”.
Pastor Olushola said, “That me that came here (SCOAN) is not the me that is standing here today. I have the power now to conquer what has been chasing me in Jesus’ name”.
T.B. Joshua concluded by saying that the devil may be fast but God is faster!

Many others came out to narrate their ordeals in the hands of satan. A most touching spectacle was that of a mother and her son who came out for reconciliation of their broken family.
Madam Florence Idukpaye had an only child; a son who accused her of being a witch and never wanted to do anything with her. Madam Idukpaye came running to the SCOAN seeking divine intervention in her family. She claimed that Fred happened to be her only son and he needed deliverance because he threatened to beat her up. She said she could not afford to lose him.
Fred Idukpaye, 45, stated that she was his mother but she had been monitoring his life. She did not allow him to do anything because she had undue influence over him.

“I was living in Europe and before I knew it I found myself back in Nigeria! She called me on the phone one day and told me to come back home, before I knew it I was back in Nigeria and since then she has been discouraging me from going back to Europe. Anything I want to do, she is against it. She stops me and controls me. I therefore accused her of being a witch” Fred said.
Prophet T.B. Joshua came into the matter by looking at the situation from a spiritual angle. He stated that what Fred said was not ordinary. His mother had actually taken him to a society which is not of Christ. A society opposite to Christ. To protect him or what? Mr Fred’s coming back home was not ordinary. His mother not only called him on phone but she did everything diabolical to call him back home.
But T.B. Joshua emphasised that Madam Idukpaye did this not for anything but for the fact that she wanted her only son around her and not far away from her. She did all this out of ignorance. She sees this society she went into as a protector of her son. She felt if Fred did not come home, he would marry abroad and so she used all her means to get him back home to be around her. T.B. Joshua concluded that Madam Idukpaye needed deliverance and she was delivered.
Reconciling the family, the man of God told Mr Fred Idukpaye that there was no other mother that was as good as his mother. “She is your mother!” He concluded.

Emmanuel Oluwatobi’s confession crowned it all as one was left wondering at the length satan can go to destroy his adherents.
Oluwatobi was a young lad of 17 years who went about using the internet to defraud people. He indulged in using Prophet T.B. Joshua’s name to collect money from unsuspecting people from around the globe on internet. He actually went to the length of opening a ‘Facebook account’ in T.B. Joshua’s name and went about sending emails to people telling them he was T.B. Joshua and he wanted them to donate to his ministry for the orphans. He went as far as writing to the US Government asking for a loan of half a million dollars to build a church; all in the name of T.B. Joshua.

– He prayed for unsuspecting candidates on the phone while covering the phone mouthpiece with a hanky in order to sound like a deep male voice.
– He collected money through Western union from many across the world in the name of T.B. Joshua.
– He promised to send anointing water to people as soon as they sent their money into his account.
– He collected money in the name of T.B. Joshua to build a branch of the church close to them.
– He visited spiritualists for money rituals.
Oluwatobi had been doing this for up to 5 years and he said he so much enjoyed it because money was coming into his account. It was to the extent that he dropped out of school and concentrated on his dubious act on internet. He got so addicted that when he sat down; all he could think of was to go on internet to defraud people and how to perfect his dubious activity.
Satan so completely destroyed this young lad that now he has a mental problem.
Just like Oluwatobi, others came out to give their confessions ranging from fraud on the internet to internet bank hacking.
Apart from watching as they were being delivered, one had a great lesson to learn from all these confessions. As the Bible says, satan only came to steal, kill and destroy but the son of man came to save, restore souls and give life in abundance.


The healing session was not left out as many came with their diverse sicknesses and got healed through the name of Jesus Christ. Amongst them were cancer cases, HIV, difficulty in walking, neck collar and body brace cases.
Mrs Silverstra Muthoni came all the way from Kenya in search of a solution to her problem of Lumbar Spondylosis among others and was using a body brace. To God be the glory after the prayer of the Wise Man – Daniel she was set free. Free at last from the problem she had to endure for 25 years. What she could not do before, she started to do in the name of Jesus Christ. All were set free in the name of Jesus Christ.


The charitable arm of the SCOAN ministry was not left out as hundreds of students came out for their scholarship scheme. One could see the joy radiating in the faces of the young scholars as they felt at home in the SCOAN. They came to collect their school fees as promised by T.B Joshua to their families.
Isaac, a student of Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma, Nigeria, studying Mechanical Engineering was among the many scholars. He narrated how the scholarship scheme of Prophet T.B. Joshua had been a succour to his family. “Where would I have been today if not for the help of Prophet T.B. Joshua?” He said.
Miss Marcus of Yaba Technology Lagos, Nigeria, studying Computer Engineering smiled as she gave her thanks to God and concluded by saying “We love you Prophet T.B. Joshua”.

Little Miss Osho Oluwatoyin in Senior Secondary 2 (SS2) told the congregation how meeting Prophet T.B. Joshua had affected her life and that of her family. She said T.B. Joshua extended a hand of love to her family and most especially her father who was a drunkard before but thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to transform her father’s hopeless case to joy. Now there is joy in my family! She said.
A total of 5 million naira (N5,000,000) was given out to the beneficiaries of the scholarship scheme as each scholar was given an envelope with cash in it for their upkeep.

One could see the joy on the faces of the scholars as their hearts were filled with hope of a bright future. The parents and guardians were not left out as each gave a sigh of relief that God was indeed bearing their burdens through His anointed servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Ahead 2011 elections: Zimbabwe’s PM seeks God’s face in Synagogue

Written by Kehinde Oyetimi Sunday, 05 September 2010

THE Zimbabwean Prime Minister, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, arrived Nigeria on Wednesday on

Zimbabwean Prime Minister, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai,

a  visit to the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua. The visit, it was revealed, was among measures to ascertain the PM’s victory and peace in the forthcoming elections in Zimbabwe.

According to a reliable source in the Synagogue Church of All Nations, “Tsvangirai came for spiritual direction” as according to the statement credited to him, “only God directs one on the right path.” It is widely known that the PM has always been in a tussle for power with the incumbent president of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

The church, however, appears to have become a place of refuge for presidents and some African nations. It would be recalled that in 2008, John Atta Mills, president of Ghana, paid a visit to the prophet during the elections in the country. Also, former President of Zambia, Frederick Chiluba visited the prophet while he was in power. Even the late leader of Gabon, Omar Bongo did the same. Among other presidents who had paid similar visit were Andre Kolimba and Pascal Lissouba of Central African Republic and Congo, respectively.

The source equally added that some of the African presidents who have had spiritual encounters with the prophet informed Tsvangirai on the need for him to get to the Synagogue ahead of Zimbabwe’s election. The prime minister was, therefore, quoted as saying that there was a need to take the people of Zimbabwe to God to avert the crisis that engulfed the last elections in the country.

Efforts to get Prophet T.B. Joshua to comment on the visit and whether any of Nigerian leaders have paid such visit proved abortive.