The Day They Had Been Waiting For! All Were Set Free….

As usual, the Sunday service of 15 August, 2010 at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations was crammed with lessons for both the young and the old. I am still rejoicing over the fact that I was part of it all – I did not miss a second of it.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic message to a woman two weeks before on how she got involved in internet friendship, little did the congregation and viewers all over the world know that this singular prophecy would spark off series of events that would lead to the freedom of many, who, for years, had been under the torment of satan and his agents. After the deliverance of the woman in question, the man of God asked all those with similar experience to come out. No sooner the call was made than those concerned came trooping out. It was indeed the day these people had been praying for.

Prophet TB Joshua preaching to The SCOAN congregation

If you have been following the events at The SCOAN for a week regarding the internet issue, you will agree that it is indeed indescribable the kind of anguish these people must have gone through all these years without any hope of an escape. Their lives had been in turmoil until that call by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. The Sunday before, there was not much time for many of them to speak. However, the Sunday of 15th August seemed to be their day as the man of God gave quite a number of them the ample opportunity to speak. Their confession was nothing but bizarre.

Narrating his experience, Mr. Urhie, a 37 years old accountant told the congregation and viewers all over the world how he fell into a death trap when he went looking for a friend on the internet. He took special interest in this man he met on the net because he told him he was doing his masters programme in information technology in the US. And since he, on his own part, wanted to secure a foreign based post graduate scholarship programme abroad, he thought this man would be of help. The man pretended to be very nice by encouraging him and giving him guidelines on how to secure the scholarship programme. Mr Urhie then went a step further in his friendship with this man by demanding his picture as he would like to know him better. In response, the man asked him if he was ready to see his picture. Why would anyone ask such a question if a friend requested his or her picture? Well, at that point, it did not occur to Mr Urhie that there was something weird about his internet friend, as he still insisted that he send him his picture. Initially, the man did not send the picture, but after persistent pressure from Mr Urhie, he did send it eventually. When Mr Urhie opened his e-mail box that fateful day, he saw the long awaited email from his internet friend with an attached file named ‘My photo’. Excitedly, he clicked on the photo attachment and behold, what he saw was the picture of a demon with two horns staring at him in the face. He was completely taken aback but then, it was already too late for him. The evil had been done! He had been trapped! He contacted the man and asked him why he had sent him such a picture and the response he got from him was shocking. The man wrote: “Ha Ha, that is me; you have met me today”.

TB Joshua prays for Mr Anthony in the power of the Holy Spirit

A while later, but still in a state of shock, he tried to contact the man again but to his surprise, he could no longer reach him. The man had completely disconnected himself from him. None of the contact information which he had been using in communicating with him went through. That was the beginning of a long torture for Mr Urhie as he started seeing live snakes in his house. The next two days after he had sighted the demonic picture, he killed seven snakes in his house – all had the same colour and size. As if that was not enough, his health began to deteriorate. He felt weakness and heat in his entire body. So terrible was his case that he had to depend on drugs in order to stay alive. Indeed, you do not need a second look at Mr Urhie before coming to the conclusion that he was a living dead. Urhie’s story completed, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him in the power of the Holy Spirit and you could see the instant change in his health. Strength came upon him and he could walk freely, something he was unable to do for a long time as he always felt as if he wanted to collapse if he moved just a few distances.

The large crowd of people who came forward at The SCOAN to receive deliverance due to internet-related issues

It was a tale of woe for Mr Kayode Abiodun when he met a lady on the internet and they became friends. The relationship went beyond the internet as they soon met each other physically to cement the relationship. Then something strange happened to him. Recounting his experience, Mr Kayode said that he and his wife were both in their sitting room one fateful day. They both pulled off their wedding rings from their fingers, put them on the table and went to their room. Fifteen minutes later, they came back to the sitting room where they had left the rings but could not find the rings. Where could the rings have vanished to? It was certain that it was not a case of theft because no other person was in the house with them. So, where could the rings be? This was the question they kept asking themselves until that night when the whereabouts of the rings became known to Mr Kayode. According to him, in his dream that night, the lady he had met through the internet appeared to him, holding in her hands the rings he and his wife had spent hours looking for in her hands. All she said to him in the dream was that the rings she was holding were the same ring they had been looking for. When Mr Kayode finally woke up from sleep, his wife informed him about the nightmare she also had where a lady came warning her in her dream to vacate the bed she shared with her husband as she was now married to her husband. After Mr Kayode’s confession, he too received deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Amongst the many others that were delivered was Anieka who said she was looking for a serious guy to enter a relationship with. So, sighting an advert termed ‘Love Zone’ in a newspaper, she called the number that was displayed. That was how she got involved with a man and they started a relationship without meeting each other physically. Whenever they were on the phone, the man would ask her to describe to him her physique. If she was unable to provide him all the required information, it would seem as if she wanted to go mad.

The terrible condition of Mrs Osi's leg when she came to The SCOAN for prayer

Mrs Blessing Osi's leg is on the verge of amputation, as her case has defied all medical solutions

Mrs Osi's leg is completely healed! The age of miracles has not yet past - the Miracle Worker is still alive and His Name is Jesus Christ!

With the internet issue over that Sunday, Blessing Osi came forward to share her testimony of a healed leg ulcer. From the clips being shown on the screen of the condition of her leg before her healing, the leg was as good as gone. The whole thigh down to the foot was completely rotten to the extent that maggots had made it a place of abode. Ordinarily, with the state her leg was in then, one could hardly believe that she would ever walk again. But then, she found her way to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations where she was prayed for by Prophet TB Joshua and the Lord set her free. Looking at the completely healed leg, one finds it difficult to know, without being told, that it was the same leg which sometimes ago was rotten and maggot infested.

Many miracles occurred during the service amongst which was that of Mr Robert Sammy from Ghana. He had been confined to the use of a wheelchair due to inability to walk. As the man of God was praying for those in the church, Mr Sammy was seated among the people in the overflow crowd. At a point, the man of God asked the congregation to direct their prayer towards the man and behold, he rose from his wheelchair and began to walk. This indeed proves that wherever you are in the church, Jesus can touch you.

Wise Man Racine preaches a powerful and practical message titled: 'Meet God'

The service did not go without a message to take home. The sermon for the day was given by Wise Man Racine and was titled Meet God. In his message, he spoke on the need to look to God.

He said that God has called us to His kind of lifestyle – a life of positive thinking, positive talking and positive acting. The Bible is given to us in the first place simply to invite us to make us at home in the world of God so that we can become familiar with the way God speaks and the way we answer him with our lives. He enjoined all to pay attention to God’s Word because no state of being is as rewarding as living in tune with God.

Source: TB Joshua Blog


Sunday Service 15th August, 2010 CUT I

Sunday Service 15th August, 2010 CUT II

Sunday Service 15th August, 2010 CUT III


3 thoughts on “The Day They Had Been Waiting For! All Were Set Free….

  1. Mmapula Chauke

    I watch emmanuel tv everday & ever since ,im so very happy spiritualy,i realy want to visit the SCOAN,Lagos,Nigeria.I wonder when is wiseman Harry coming back to SCOAN,LAGON,NIGERIA?


  2. Jacob Chukwudiegwu Ugoya

    Am amazed the way the people of Greece respected The Wiseman Man Harry during his recent crusade in Greece. This is a young man nutured by own here but yet we refused to acknowledge our own. I cried when i saw Wiseman Harry pray and delivered his people in the name of Jesus. To our people, and the government of cameroon, the persecution will no longer be directed alone to TB Joshua again. Very soon, Paul Biya will fly to Greece to warn the government there to throw out their own Harry who is an offshoot of TB Joshua. Surely, the devil will have a lot of works to do now as they are many wisemen coming out



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