A NHS Registered Nurse Gives Report on the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Project.

My name is Miss Bester Tsitsi Mazombe. I come from Marondera, Zimbabwe and I am based in the United Kingdom where I am currently working as a professional nurse and midwife. I also fellowship at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) London branch.

I returned on Monday from Haiti where I was part of the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team. I joined the team in the capacity of nurse and midwife. The earthquake occurred on the 12th of January. Soon after the earthquake the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua called for help from Emmanuel TV partners and members of SCOAN from its branches in the UK, USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Greece and Ghana in order to send help to the affected people of Haiti.  On the 1st Sunday after the earthquake Prophet TB Joshua asked for help to send a cargo plane with the much needed food and medical supplies together with the medical personnel and other professionals who would be needed to assist Haitians in this disaster. The whole relief team arrived in Haiti by the 25th of January 2010 with the cargo plane full of medical supplies, food, tents and water purification aids for example.

When we arrived in Haiti we saw firsthand the destruction that was caused by the earthquake.  Multiple schools, houses, hospitals and government buildings including the presidential palace were struck by the earthquake which has claimed an excess of 150 000 lives so far.  Those who survived ,many were left seriously wounded, homeless ,without hope and no more property or possessions in their name. Some were literally left with the clothes they were wearing on the day of the earthquake.

Bester Tsitsi Mazombe

Whilst in Haiti we wore our Emmanuel TV T-shirts and we were immediately recognized by viewers of Emmanuel TV in Haiti. They could not believe that the Emmanuel TV form Nigeria which they had watched on the internet   had come to help them in their time of need. When we informed them that we had been sent by Prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria they could not help but thank God for sending us to help them and sharing in their pain and sorrow.

In many spheres Nigeria has a negative image and very few people believe that any good can come out of Nigeria. Thank God that today that is not the case because through the leadership of Prophet TB Joshua and the deployment of the Emmanuel TV team in Haiti, Nigeria has a good name.

Before the earthquake a large population of people already had difficulty accessing clean water .Due to the earthquake the problem of water contamination has worsened especially in areas where dead bodies are yet to be retrieved. Due to the lack of clean water this has led to the increase in diseases and therefore it is vital and important that Emmanuel TV continues to support the people of Haiti with clean water, medical supplies and clinic services which we gave for example, primary care, wound management and maternity care. I am glad to let you know that the first baby born at the clinic we established, Emmanuel Clinic, was named Emmanuella in honor of Emmanuel TV.

As we worked with the people showing them love and compassion they were happy to share with us their history. Many of them are slave descendants of the nations of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Congo. Nigeria help these people of Haiti, they are your brothers and sisters. The people of Haiti left Nigeria more than 200 years ago and some left with their Igbo culture and gods whom they still share with Nigeria including aspects of their 1anguage Creole. Ghana, Benin and Congo, these people originated from your shores too, please do not forget them, show them that yes we are family. Haiti needs you more than ever.

I am happy to inform you that we have been supported by renowned organizations like the United Nations who gave us security by ensuring that the relief supplies we brought were safeguarded prior to distribution.

The Haitians are grateful and in awe of the work that we have started in Haiti that they want Emmanuel TV to remain in Haiti forever.

I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua, for carrying the burden of Haiti. By leading Emmanuel TV into Haiti, he has proved that God’s love, compassion, sympathy and provision know no bounds, race, color, faith, race or border. May the Lord continue to bless him as a man of great vision, leadership and a role model to other leaders?

On behalf of Prophet TB Joshua, the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team and Emmanuel TV partners, I would like to say thank you for demonstrating true love to our brothers and sisters in Haiti. May the Lord who sees your good work and marks your work reward you.

Bester Tsitsi Mazombe

5 thoughts on “A NHS Registered Nurse Gives Report on the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Project.

  1. Thanks be to God in his highest for sending a prophet like TB JOSHUA to charge the heart of many christians in the world today. The man in scoan has be of great help to many people in the world today and i want to thank him for the help in Haiti, this has show Christ earlly ministries of 1st cor 13:13, God bless the man in scoan day and night in Jesus name (Amen)..


  2. Bester we thank God for your life and those of other members of the team. May the Good Lord continue to sustain you. It is well with you.
    Ennanuel – God is with Us


  3. Bester we thabk God for your life and those of other members of the team. May the Good Lord continue to sustain you. It is well with you.
    Ennanuel – God is with Us


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