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When a man is subjected to persistent barrage of attacks instigated by his foes and detractors, the very simple question to be asked is: What is/are his sin(s)?

The world has seen and heard of the stories of individuals who dared to change the world by involving themselves in peculiar acts and activities; those which are rare and hard to comprehend and understand by the customary reasoning of human. These individuals eventually succeeded in their quest, by being persistent and sustaining their unique ideas, proposition and principles.

Think of a world conquering individual and you will sure see traces of the acts of propaganda, name-calling, smear campaign, slanderous campaign, and the likes, thrown at them by their opposition and detractors.

Jesus Christ

Nelson Mandela


Thomas Alva Edison

Neil Armstrong

The list above, amongst many others which cannot be mentioned, comprises great men who impacted positively on the lives of their generation and generation yet unborn. Yet, they were criticized, chastised, humiliated, imprisoned and jettisoned, all because of their ideas and unique contributions to their communities.

Certain qualities are common about the lives of these people; they remained persistent and courageous, and paid any price to protect their purpose in life. The lesson to be learnt is clear; for a person to be in the centre of his world, he must be willing to accept criticism of the detractors when they come.

One man who has consistently thrived in the midst of his detractors is Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Lagos-Nigeria. This man of God with the gift of accurate prophetic declaration, healing, deliverance and preaching of the Gospel, has stunned the world at large with series of prophetic messages that have turned out to be true and confirmed by the recipients.

The very fact that the popularity of this prophet has soared thanks to much criticism he has received from home and abroad, attests to his many trials. In the past decade, he has been bombarded by claims that he is a false prophet of God. In the midst of these, his continued calm and silence has endeared him to many.

So the question is: What is/are the sin(s) of TB Joshua?

  1. The fact that he cannot boast of a mentor?
  2. The fact that he performs miracles and deliverance?
  3. The fact that he issues prophetic statements that turn out to be true?
  4. The fact that he is a humble man?
  5. The fact that he cannot boast of the best educational qualification?
  6. The fact that he prefers to be involved in charitable causes?
  7. The fact that he is friend to the needy, beggars, widows, widowers, leaders, presidents, renowned personalities and indeed, friend to all?
  8. The fact that he pastors a congregation of citizens of the world?

Whatever his sin(s), let us all be aware that great men attract great rejection. That is what makes them thick. That is the tonic that strengthens them. Imagine the kind of opposition that Jesus Christ and the likes faced in their time.

Would you have believed them then?

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6 thoughts on “THE MANY ‘SINS’ OF TB JOSHUA

  1. tb joshua is a true man of God. i wacth emmanuel tv every day i need prayers i want the man of God to pray for me please i need jesus & delivarance so help me man of God may the good lord bless you.


  2. The uniqueness of Prophet T.B Joshua is unfamiliar to our present day so-called men of God(especially the ones hitting on him); and those seeking the face of God for self gain……who can we sincerely liken him onto, not Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior indeed, but without doubts, I personally will liken him onto the Prophets of Great, of Ancients, like Issac, Elijah, Moses & etc, you know the names as well as I do…….He’s our Issac, Elijah, Moses & etc of today. Believe it or not it’s up to you, just don’t fall into sin over the good deeds of a man of God…….DO MY PROPHETS N HARM(Psalm 105:15)! How do you define doing HARM to a person?

    See Matthew 5:11……..then get shock after reading Matthew 6.


  3. I appreciate the above commentator on Prophet TB Joshua. He is like me who have heard, seen and believe that only the Hand of God could do what Prophet TB Joshua does. The detractorsvory alike should visit other West African countries like Ivory Coast where the mystics have ridden down the Church by making blind a pastor, crippled another pastor and the likes. where the mystics are the ones dictating the time of election to the government with pride and dignity. My utmost concern is the likes of Prophet TB Joshua’s antagonists; they are not the earthens rather they are professed men of God, what a disgrace to their believe? I am a computer consultant, if I hear today that there is a computer genius somewhere who’s doing marvellous things with technology, and I happen to visit that arena, it is my utmost duty to go in there and see the genius, have some chats with him, know his ability, his source if possible but not to sit in a dry corner and hear other commentaries and join in without verifying who the genius is. Many of these perpetrators of rumors on TB Joshua don’t even know him, they never met him before, some don’t even know there Synagogue is situated, what a mean and jealous spirit in these people? I am one of his produtcs of grace. What the other pastors could not do, TB Joshua does; I was living on medication suffering from heart problem, back & right hip problem with 3 doctors to my attendance (specialists) for about three years but to no avail. When I came to know about Emmanuel TV and I visited there with my 2 plastic bags full of drugs, he only touched me and pray and till today am whole not half way but completely whole and a big example to even my principal doctor and those who knew me then. What are these perpetrators talking about? Go there to SCOAN and verify the truth, get yourself free from the bondage you are in and come to Christ the Living God. Stop deceiving yourselves about what is not. Prophet TB Joshua is an ordinary man like you all but he hears from God, obeys his God and maintains the commission given to him by Jesus Christ, that’s all. Please Man of God, you have totally affected my life by your humility and I strive to emulate your humble style and I pray to God daily to grant this to me not to be a Pastor but a follower of God indeed. May God continue to expand your ministry as it goes a long way to draw people to God. By your obedience to God you have been able to get from your Heavenly Father what ordinarily a wrongly perspective people cannot get from their Heavenly Father. You a difference indeed to Nigeria, to West Africa, to Africa and to the world at large.


  4. Prohet T.B Joshua,what can i say other than that it takes a man of the spirit to know who T.B Joshua is when you come in contact with him,i set my eyes on him,i think year 2000 or 2001.after hearing so much of his sins,i was raised in a christian family and have read the bible,but until then i could not really see christ even though i beleived in him,until one day being so inquisitive i decided going to see as i knew if he was not of God i will know.when i got to the SCOAN,i had tears of joy all through the service knowing that my search and quest if christ was real was settled,i saw the lame walk,blind eyes were opened,the maimed were set free,and i just keep wondering why do people still allow the devil to use them to blasphem against GOD?T.B.J you are my prophet and i love you so much. my advice to so many who criticise him is to read James 2,14-17 and do what it says first,before opening their mouth. it is annoying that most so called men of God will speak evil of him,can a city come against itself?is the church not surpose to be one body of christ?whos business are they running?T.B.J is anointed to heal the sick and do so many miracles,because God choose him to do it.why dont you ask God to use you too?


  5. God bless TB Joshua you are doing what you are called to do some jealous pastors are mixing politics with the work of God as a result they cant match with you resulting to frustrations if they want theyhave to humble themselves and and ask how and what they can do to please God. as of now the whole world knows we have a merciful, healing and loving God who is still working as of the time of Peter and Paul


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