One of the biggest problems ever present in the average Nigerian community is that of electricity supply. In most places, power supply is very epileptic, so much so that it cripples economic activities.

The government of the nation has continuously failed in its promises to deliver stable electricity supply to the people, and so the people have resorted to generating their private power via mechanical generating sets, which cost a fortune to acquire and much more to maintain. These developments create a big vacuum for those people who cannot afford to purchase their own generating sets as well as keep them running.

Worse still is the case of some communities which cannot boast of a reliable transformer to meet their electrical needs. Such communities are left in a world of their own; which is primarily a world of darkness and lack of access to electricity supply. In a bid to fend for themselves, these communities have to organise themselves to form a unit and thrive to pull funds in order to purchase their transformer. The realisation of the fact that these transformers actually cost a fortune effectively puts an end to their quest to acquire them. Finally, the last resort; which will only apply to those who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity is to appeal to well-to-do members of their community who can afford to purchase the transformer for them, and have the track record of philanthropic propensity.

The above scenario played itself out recently when members of the sleepy Bolorun-pelu neighbourhood of Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, came to thank Prophet TB Joshua for his philanthropic activities that have ensured that they would cease to live in darkness and enjoy the benefits of accessibility to constant electric light.

Transformer Donated By TB Joshua

Thursday October 2009, was the day. Members of the community were greeted with a very loud sound that emanated from the electrical transformer at the entrance of their community. The loud sound signalled the disruption of regular electrical supply to the community. Immediate efforts were put in place to ensure that the transformer was restored to its previous functional state; efforts which ended in futility. At this point, the community leaders decided to table their plight with their benevolent neighbour, Prophet TB Joshua, whose characteristic charitable gestures have endeared him to many.

Originally, the community was using a single transformer. This was the primary cause of the collapse of the transformer, as it was unable to function for the community due to overload.

Representatives of the community converged at The Synagogue Church of All Nations to inform Prophet TB Joshua of their predicament and appealed for his support in their quest to purchase a new transformer.

Responding to their appeal, Prophet TB Joshua reiterated that he saw the community as his neighbour and would ensure that he loved them to the best of his ability and put smiles back on their faces. He promised to purchase two transformers for the community and ensure that they were both installed.

On Monday 21st December 2009, a large number of the community members turned out at The Synagogue Church Of All Nations to create a carnival-like atmosphere as they came to thank Prophet TB Joshua for purchasing and installing two transformers for their community. The spokesperson for the group recalled how the whole episode began.

He said: “My name is Adeleke Luqman and I represent the people who have come here today to say a very big thank you to Prophet TB Joshua for making sure that we, his neighbours will never be put to shame and ensuring that we can boldly say to the whole world that we are neighbours to Propjet TB Joshua and the Synagogue.”

“We came here recently to complain to Prophet TB Joshua that we have been suffering from power supply for some time. This we did because in the past he has been the one that we always run to for help whenever we have any problem that is bigger than us to solve, and each time he would make sure that we go back home with joy.”

He continued: “When we came, we told him of our predicament and he promised us that he would ensure that we would not complain about transformer again. We went home happily because like I said, anytime we come to him to help us for anything he always tells us that we are his neighbour and anything that bothers us will also bother him, so he will solve the problem for us. For example, the last transformer that just got spoilt, he is the one that bought it for us and many other things like that.”

He concluded: “We have come now to thank him because now we are happy that the transformers have been bought, not only that, but it has also been installed and now we are enjoying our power supply thanks to the support of Prophet TB Joshua. That is why we are here today to say a big thank you to him and to thank God for his life. We are also living witnesses to the good things that God is using Prophet TB Joshua to do. Some of us are not Christians, yet he does not discriminate against us, he takes us as one of his own.”

At the end of the ceremony, Prophet TB Joshua instructed that each member of the community that came out on the day be presented with a bag of rice for the celebration of the yuletide. In addition, the leader of the community was handed the sum of N 300, 000 cash for the purchase of a live cow for the members of the community.

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Source: Amita Jones


Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua has joined those paying tribute to the life and legacy of the late American evangelist, Oral RobertsOral Roberts, describing him as one of ‘God’s Generals’.

Thanking God for Robert’s peaceful passing on Tuesday 15th December, a special message was broadcast on Emmanuel TV, Joshua’s Christian television station which enjoys a growing fervent following, particularly across Africa. “The legacy of Evangelist Oral Roberts will live on forever in the hearts of believers worldwide and the millions who came to the knowledge of saving grace through his ministry,” read the message.

Recalling Apostle Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 4:6-8, the statement further said that Roberts ran his race well and fought the good fight of faith. “Like Apostle Paul, his warfare was accomplished. His race was run well. He has fought a good fight, the course is good, the victory is sure. Oral Roberts can now say, “I have kept the faith. I have kept the doctrine of the Gospel and the grace of faith. I never betrayed any of them.” To be able to speak in this manner towards the end of our days – what comfort, what unspeakable comfort would it afford!”

Oral Roberts will be remembered as one of the fathers of modern Pentecostalism, a minister at the forefront of spreading the Gospel in the 20st century through his fiery preaching, massive crusades, healing services and powerful television ministry.

His rise from stifling poverty and a nearly fatal case of tuberculosis as a teenager to one of the leading faith-healers and televangelists of the 20th century serves as a powerful testimony to his whole-hearted devotion to God and diligent pursuit of His calling. His mission was, in his own words, to “put Jesus into my focus at the center of all my thoughts, my dreams, my plans, my accomplishments, my destiny and any legacy I might leave behind.” It was a mission he passionately pursued even unto death.

Mere months before his passing, Roberts said, “After I’m gone, others will have to judge how well I’ve obeyed God’s command not to be an echo but to be a voice like Jesus. As far as my own conviction is concerned, I’ve tried to be that voice with every fibre of my being, regardless of the cost.”

Emmanuel TV’s statement opined that death to a Christian should be perceived as a blessing. “Death to a good man is his release from the imprisonment of this world and his departure to the enjoyment of another world,” it read.

It concluded with a word of encouragement to viewers worldwide, a message Roberts himself literally lived and died for: “We need no more to make us happy than to have the Lord Jesus Christ with our spirit; for in Him, all spiritual blessings are summed up.”

Since the news of Oral Robert’s death hit the public domain, tributes have poured in from people worldwide who have been impacted by his ministry. Responding to news of Roberts’ death, renowned American evangelist Billy GrahamBilly Graham said: “Just three weeks ago, I was privileged to talk to Oral on the telephone. During the short conversation, he said to me that he was near the end of his life’s journey. I look forward to the day that I will see Oral and Evelyn Roberts again in heaven — our eternal home.”


Following in Robert’s footsteps, T.B. Joshua is one of the few ministers of God to broadcast his healing services on live television for the world to see. His station, Emmanuel TV, has become increasingly popular due to the accurate prophetic pronouncements, touching charitable activities and powerful healing testimonies broadcast daily.


What is this mysterious thing? You can’t touch it but it affects how you feel. You can’t see it but it’s there when you look at yourself in the mirror. You can’t hear it but it’s there every time you talk to yourself. It affects how you think, act and relate to other people. This thing is a breathing and living organism inside of you. It is quiet knowing that you are priceless. You cannot go and purchase it. What is this mysterious thing? This thing affects your potential to be a successful person.


Sometimes when we look at the life we are living, it sounds so cruel and bitter, living in a world where people cannot dictate their directions and well being, it is really hurt. People see reality as a doom of spiritual spells and attack. With all the changes and experience we get each day, some people still live their life by traditions i.e. things of old. But they are forgetting that everyday counts in our life as we grow.

It was on the 6TH Dec 2009, l saw what eyes have not seen before in my life at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations on a Sunday live service telecast on EMMANUEL TV where a woman delivered a snail in front of a large congregation, It may sound surprising but it’s true.

All this started when the man of God, T.B Joshua was praying the closing prayer – that is when the snail dropped from her body. Mrs.Febisola Ajakaye had been complaining of a moving object in her stomach as a child with hotness inside the stomach and she had not been seeing her menstruation for three horrible years. She further complained of nightmares, that she always dreamt seeing the dead and seeing herself in the midst of them. A doctor even confirmed no pregnancy and a native doctor (herbalist) told her that she was going to die because she had been tied down by enemies. But God Almighty never placed her in any word of curse but a word of restoration to her real self through his servant, Prophet T.B Joshua.

Then the question that was still going through many people’s minds is: how did the snail get there? All these questions and many others relating to the stone are regarded as a spiritual matter, which ordinary men cannot comprehend or explain. They are beyond human comprehension. Even if the woman was operated in the hospital, that snail would still be invisible to the doctor.

The woman might have visited so many hospitals and herbal homes without a solution. But the Bible says, “With God all things are possible”. God was able to deliver the woman through his Prophet T.B Joshua and he was still able to deliver many of such women yet to be discovered.

By MATHEW Obaro ModernGhana.com


“Wonders” people say, “Shall never end”. We are living in a cruel world full of uncertainty, want and spiritual need. If you look around yourself, you will see men and women both young and old in desperate spiritual need. While a few of these people seek spiritual help from the right source, thousands if not millions, source help from negative powers under the pretext of tradition. Through this, some add more problems to their problem and carry a heavier lifetime burden. Some are lucky to come back to light while so many of such people died in darkness! The Few ones that are lucky to come back to light are those who are lucky to meet with the true men of God.

During the Sunday Service of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, during the mass prayer Prophet T.B Joshua said a word of faith to the congregation was the prayer is going on “that God is ready to do every proper thing to make you believe that he is in our midst here” those who claim to have fibroid, low sperm count, sickness, disease, etc. l command them out in the name of Jesus! Give way in the name of Jesus.” That is how the prayer commenced.


The congregation and everyone in attendance were amazed when a woman named Mrs. Lovett Samuel delivered a stone! Yes, I mean a stone! She was asked to hit it with another rock by the man of God T.B Joshua yet it never broke. The woman was asked again to pick it up and squeeze it, yet it remained constant. Beyond doubt!

She further said that she had no child for the past three years and was always having stomach pains, feeling like something was moving inside her stomach, which the doctors had labelled as a fibroid but when it finally came to light, it was a very different specimen.

Then the question that was still going through many people’s mind is: how did the stone get there? All these questions and many others relating to the stone are regarded as a spiritual matter, which ordinary men cannot comprehend or explain. They are beyond human comprehension. Even if the woman was operated in the hospital, that stone would still be invisible to the doctor.

The woman might have visited so many hospitals and herbal homes without a solution. But the Bible says, “With God all things are possible”. God was able to deliver the woman through his prophet T.B Joshua and he was still able to deliver many of such women yet to be discovered.

The ‘man in the synagogue’, Prophet T.B Joshua was able to do all these because God empowered and commissioned him to tread upon “serpents and scorpions”. Remember the Bible says, lf the son of man set you free, you are free indeed.”

By MATHEW Obaro  Modern Ghana.Com

Botswana Defence Minister Gets His ‘Defence’ From Prophet TB Joshua

Bame Piet

Botswana: Our Defence Minister Dikgakgamatso R Seretse

Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Ramadeluka Seretse, has said he is very impressed with the power of Prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria.

The minister recently travelled to Nigeria to meet Joshua. “I was very impressed and moved by the power God has given to him, and the way he helps the poor people,” said Seretse, a devout Christian.

He explained that he went to visit Joshua in his private capacity. He said he has had encounters with local prophets, but none of them match Joshua. “Don’t even try to go that far because as an individual, I can go anywhere,” he said. He added that Joshua has said that God loves Botswana despite what he called negative reportage by local media during his visit in 2005. Seretse said that the local media is always reporting negatively about the country and the government and people in other countries are surprised at what is happening to the ‘lovely country’ that they know Botswana to be.

“They read your newspapers and they enquire what is going on. God will prevail on you guys to be more sensible and logical and to love yourselves,” he said sounding even more spiritual.

He emphasised that there is lack of objective reporting in Botswana. Seretse is not the first prominent politician from Botswana to seek the services of Joshua.

When the prophet first came to Botswana in 2005, the former leader of Botswana National Front (BNF) Dr Kenneth Koma tried his luck to see him.

The prophet spent a week in Gaborone assisting people with different ailments. Early this year, besieged BNF president Otsweletse Moupo went to Nigeria to seek the blessings of Joshua.

He came back home a happy man and apparently so is Seretse. The Prophet’s Emmanuel TV recently broadcast a clip of Seretse being introduced among other prominent

African personalities in the congregation. Also spotted at the Prophet’s sermons was former president of Zambia Frederick Chiluba, South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka and others.

Source AllAfrica.com

There is a way out – Prophet T B Joshua christens the 2009 Fruit of the womb meeting

“And she made a vow, saying, ‘O LORD Almighty, if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me, and not forget your servant but give her a son, then I will give him to the LORD for all the days of his life, and no razor will ever be used on his head’ ” (1 Samuel 1:11).

The ‘Fruit of the Womb Service with Prophet TB Joshua’ was indeed a great one. The event which was held on Friday, the 11th of December 2009, in The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, was attended by a large crowd both from and outside Nigeria.

The atmosphere was pregnant with expectation as couples who had nursed their barrenness for many years thronged the church in their thousands. TB Joshua’s message ‘There is a way out’ encouraged the desperate couples that the prayers of many years from their living churches were not lost.

The service commenced with a long line of jubilant mother and proud fathers together with their bouncing babies – those who had come to testify to what God had done in their lives.

Dr. and Mrs. Iwu Justice testified to how God had touched them after the previous Fruit of the Womb service 5 Dec, 2008. They came to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations to thank God for giving them a child after years of barrenness – a stigma difficult for them to bear.

Mr. and Mrs. Shedrack also gave glory to God for touching them after last year’s Fruit of the Womb Service with Prophet TB Joshua and came with their bouncing baby to the event. Mrs. Shedrack further said that the God who did it for her will surely do it for those who came for this year’s service. She further said, “As you see this place, it is the arena of solution. Don’t discuss with your neighbor about the food you want to eat, just be focused during the service. Look at the man of God eyeball to eyeball”.

This year’s Fruit of the Womb Service with Prophet TB Joshua was incredible, as there was an overflow crowd outside the main church. The sermon of the service “There is a way out” proved that there is indeed a way out when God is involved in your situation and indeed there was a way out.

One thing that caught my attention was the muffler, which Prophet TB Joshua brought out for the service, wearing it around his neck. It was not just a muffler but a “Mantle”.

Prophet T B Joshua as instructed by the Holy Spirit instructed that the people should touch the “Mantle” just for a second and pass it to the next person. People fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit as the “Mantle” was being touched and passed from one person to the other.

As the “Mantle” was being touched and passed, I saw the manifestation of the Holy Spirit as fibroids came out of some women while others vomited various poisonous substances which seemed to be the cause of their problems.

“Now take back your circumstance from the hands of evil. Now there is a way out. Your prayers right from your church have been answered”, said Prophet TB Joshua.

Prophet TB Joshua said, “Who knows what would have happened to you if your prayers for children had been answered”.

The Prophet further cited Hannah in the Bible, 1 Samuel 1:11, as a case study; “If Hannah had had a baby earlier, who knows what would have happened to Hannah later. This is why we are here today, to make it happen. The way out has come”.

Thank God for using Prophet TB Joshua to do this great work and to break the chain of barrenness in the lives of families in this generation and those to come.

Development / Accra / Ghana / Africa / Modernghana.com

Silvio Berlusconi – How T.B. Joshua Prophesied The Attack Hours Before It Happened

Another remarkable confirmation. In every situation, God has something to say!

When the potentially lethal metal object was viciously, maliciously hurled at Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, little did he know that the prayers and prophecy of a popular pastor in faraway Nigeria could well have averted a pending calamity…

On Sunday 13th December 2009, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Attacked

Nations unveiled a prophecy concerning an attempt on the life of a nation’s leader. “I see an attempt on one of the presidents of one of the great nations,” he said. “Pray for protection. I see a narrow escape – very narrow, too narrow. But the whole thing failed. We continue to pray…” The declaration was made during a live broadcast on Emmanuel TV, a Christian television station with a growing passionate following across Africa. The congregation and viewers worldwide subsequently offered supplication for God’s protection for the president concerned.

Merely hours later that evening, news of the nasty attack on Berlusconi filtered through to

Silvio Berlusconi
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

media outlets worldwide. The assault at a campaign rally on Sunday in Milan left Berlusconi bleeding profusely from his left upper lip and cheek. The man accused of hitting the controversial prime minister in the face with a replica of Milan’s cathedral was charged with grievous bodily harm and is still in police custody. Berlusconi, who is still recuperating in hospital, testified it was a miracle that he was not blinded by the attack that left him with a broken nose, two missing teeth and a cut lip. Debate has since been rife throughout Italy with commentators wondering what would have been the outcome if the assailant held a gun as opposed to a statuette.

Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister

T.B. Joshua is a pastor with a remarkable record of accurate prophetic pronouncements, including the death of iconic pop legend Michael Jackson and the release of Ingrid Betancourt from the Colombian jungles last year. His weekly services are broadcast live via Emmanuel TV, and his ministry continues to attract international attention due to the copious healing testimonies, widespread charitable activities and accurate prophecies on both personal and national levels.

SOURCE: All Voices


One of the ways for us to achieve the kind of progress and development we desire for our nation is for every one of us to make a conscious effort to be the best at what we do. i.e. a brand of your own by which you think of an excellent thing and make an impact on your neighbourhood and nation in it.

The Bible makes us understand that we are blessed with different gifts. When everyone does excellent things in his field it will not be a surprise because we have been destined for excellence right from the outset.

An excellent character demands that after a good job or assignment you are meant to check through to remove errors and imperfections, because no one is perfect and you should understand that the quality of your work is an expression of your personality.

The world today is full of excellent people and good minds of reason, but they are available in different fields. Icons are always picked from thousands of people.

T.B Joshua as a man of God has shown us what a good example of excellent thing looks like he has moved people forward through his helping hand of charity and helped the less privilege.

The first time l set my eyes on Emmanuel TV in a live Sunday service in The Synagogue Church of all Nations, what l saw really baffled me. l saw how God used the man, T.B Joshua to do in the lives of people . The sick were healed, charity was given, scholarship to students and widows and the assurance that God is still their “CHIEF HUSBSAND MAN”. Prophecies of various kinds kept flowing out of his mouth and people kept coming out to confirm the prophesises, l was transfixed because everything happened like a dream. What an amazing blessing from God and excellent thing on earth! Questions keep coming from my mind but no one to give me a good answer. After all these happenings, the man of God still gives money and bags of rice to the needy some are even made car owners. What a rush!

Some people really feel like helping, but they find it very difficult, while some believe in helping their family alone where many are suffering and crying for help out there. Some have no jobs, shelter hope for tomorrow.

What an excellent thinking of a God fearing heart T.B Joshua, No matter how they criticize him, the ministry continues growing day by day. God is really with him. People, whom ordinarily wouldn’t like to discuss Nigeria, talk less coming to Nigeria troop in as pilgrims see what the Lord is using the prophet to do.

There is a saying that “life is beautiful” T.B Joshua has made life a beautiful place for the needy, widows and downtrodden. What on Earth could make the homeless feel at home? L guess it is only the love of God, which come from a God fearing heart like the man in the Synagogue! As it was in the days of Christ, many people still say some bad things about him while they don’t know that God is working out things about him. Through him many unanswered questions are answered. The Barren become mother s and indigent students get help .If men were God, T.B Joshua would have been a lost sheep in front of many, but God is still with him.

The scripture makes us realize that when you give what you cherish most to people that are suffering out there , God protection will always be upon you because He will not allow anything to happen to us, This is because lf anything happens , who will take care of those people we are rendering help to?

Do excellent things as a personal policy. Don’t tolerate half measures. Would you board a plane if you were told the routine check was not done? It doesn’t matter the right choice is to do the right thing. It will pay off eventually.

Let us execute excellently the tasks and goals we face each day, not about pointing accusing fingers at the right people.

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Another Ministry Of T.B. Joshua

A report from today’s PM News detailing more of The SCOAN’s extensive charitable activities. Remember, your rewards in life are determined by the problems you solve for someone else.

A 27-year-old dwarf and final year student of the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, and her friend have become the latest beneficiaries of Prophet TB Joshua’s charity.

The duo got a brand new Nissan Sunny and N500,000 from the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations recently.

Evelyn Cosy Omotekpen, who is a computer science student of the institution is said to be so short that she cannot walk long distances without the help of others.

But while facing so much challenges as a result of her stature which was almost getting her frustrated, she found Christiana Ehizua, who is now a graduate of Political Science from the same institution.

Recounting her ordeal before the gift, Evelyn told P.M.NEWS that she faced rejection and intimidation as a result of her stunted growth. She met her friend during a church service in campus and ever since then, she said Christiana has helped her do almost all the things she needed to do as a woman.

The sixth born of a family of seven children, the indigene of Uromi, Edo State said she preferred living with her friend because her friend was the only one who understood her.

“I met her in one of the campus fellowships. She came to me when I was crying and promised to always be there for me and even since, she has fulfilled her vow.

“Before my friend went for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), she would always hire tax cabs to take me to school, because the public vehicles often refuse to carry me. When she went on her national assignment, I faced serious problems as even fellow Christians despised me,” Evelyn said adding that Christians often left Ekiti State where she was serving to take care of her.

The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations

Also, Christians told P.M. NEWS that assisting Evelyn has been tough for her as he has been rejected by her friends who could not understand why she decided to “create a burden” for herself. She further said that she was scared to seek employment as that would mean that she would have less time for Evelyn.

She claimed that since 2006, Evelyn has been living in her family house in Ekpoma. “I do back her when we are going out and carry her like a baby when inside a public vehicle,” she added.

They said they decided to visit the church after watching Emmanuel TV, a television channel owned by the church. “Even at the entrance to the church, they thought Evelyn was a small child and I had to tell the ushers that they should allow her inside as she was an adult,” Christiana explained.

While presenting the gift items to the two beneficiaries, Prophet Joshua, who was elated that Evelyn did not drop out of school as a result of the rejection from the society, also promised to establish a business centre for her when she graduates.

The man of God said the car would help ease her transportation problem while the money would be used by Christiana to set up a business to enable her continue with caring for her friend.

Prophet Joshua who tasked wealthy Nigerians on helping the poor in the society added that the case of Christiana and Evelyn was to pass a message that people faced situations because others have the solutions.

Evelyn who says the car is a proof that every condition is temporary, said she is now hopeful that after graduation, she would get married to the right man for her.

By Eromosele Ebhomele


TB Joshua Predicted Eagles Victory – Coach Amodu

Author: Branson Shane

TB Joshua Predicted Eagles Victory – Coach Amodu

The Super Eagles of Nigeria went into the last round of the qualifying matches of the 2010 world cup in South Africa with very thin hope. The team must win the match with Kenya and pray that Mozambique would defeat Tunisia, before any guarantee for a spot at the world cup fiesta.

Many had written off the team wishing that Coach Amodu be sacked and relieved of his duties as the chief coach of the team. The team miraculously qualified for the world cup, after defeating Kenya.

Chief Coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, Coach Shuaibu Amodu

In what would obviously turn out to be the biggest story of the weekend, the Chief Coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, Coach Shuaibu Amodu came out to say that prior to the final round of matches against Kenya, he consulted the popular General Overseer of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua, renowned for the accuracy of his prophecies.

Speaking at The Synagogue Church of All Nations on Sunday, 29 November 2009, Coach Amodu informed the congregation how Prophet TB Joshua accurately predicted Nigeria’s victory over Kenya, Tunisia’s loss to Mozambique and the Super Eagle’s eventual qualification for the 2010 World Cup.

Dressed in flowing white traditional attire, Coach Amodu narrated that he visited the Prophet before the Kenya match for his assistance, and the Prophet assured him that he would pray over the issue and give him a response after a revelation on the issue. He said the technical team and most of the players, including Kanu Nwankwo and Joseph Yobo were in constant touch with Prophet TB Joshua and were always eager to hear the prophet’s reply to their requests even while in Kenya.

Coach Amodu said that while the Kenyans were leading Nigeria 1-0 at half time, the Prophet called the PRO of the team, Peterside Idah to reassure the team that the coach should not panic because Nigeria would equalise and win the match and that Mozambique would defeat Tunisia, all of which came to pass.

Coach Amodu said he had known Prophet TB Joshua for over ten years, but that he had to take more concrete steps to get in touch with the prophet for possible assistance after monitoring the victory of Ghana’s U-20 team and the confirmation of Sellas Tetteh, as well as Prophet TB Joshua’s accurate prediction of the matches involving Nigeria’s U-17 team in recent times.

It will be recalled that Prophet TB Joshua had said, weeks before the match that Nigeria would defeat Kenya, regardless of what might happen, and that the real battle was between Mozambique and Tunisia. Prophet TB Joshua is well known for the accuracy of his prophecies, covering all spheres of life. Some of his recent stunning prophecies include the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, the recent CareFlight air crash in Australia, the victory of the Ghana U-20 team in the world cup and the Fort Hood shooting.

Source: PM News

December 03, 2009

About the Author:

I am a writer with a passion for the truth.

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Confessions Of Robbery Kingpins At The SCOAN

With the recent spate of armed robbers confessing and being rehabilitated at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, their stories of restitution have attracted interest among the media. Here is an article from Nigeria’s most popular newspaper, The Sun, narrating the experiences of some armed robbers who were delivered after the prayers of Prophet TB Joshua…

Members of a church in Lagos State are still wondering how 25 armed robbers, who sat in their midst, got up and reeled out the gory, chilling details of their deadly, dirty past.

One of them even hid his gun in the church’s flower garden and concealed some live bullets in his trousers. He came to wile away time in the church before going out for operation.

“I rob in traffic. So, I came to wait for it to start before I go out,” he said.

As the service progressed, the General Overseer of The Synagogue Church of all Nations, Pastor T.B. Joshua, openly said that some armed robbers were in the church. He urged them to come out for prayers and deliverance before it was too late. Silence greeted his pronouncement. No one moved. He went on preaching and between that still requested for the armed robbers to come out.

Mild drama
The pastor soon walked up to a man – a seemingly quiet-looking fellow and said: “Stand up.” The man gingerly stood and followed him to the podium. The pastor, in his characteristic manner, stretched his hand towards the man and uttered a silent prayer. Perhaps knocked down by the force of the prayer, the man collapsed in a heap and lay lifeless for minutes.

The pastor ordered him to stand up and asked him what he had hidden in his trousers pocket. Somewhat tongue-tied, the man mumbled incoherently and brought some live bullets.

Wild emotions
With that shocking display, the church members went wild with emotions. Some wanted to pounce on the man. Some wanted to call the police. Others not too numbed by shock, prayed loudly for the man’s repentance and salvation. But the pastor acted swiftly. He calmed everyone before the man found his voice. He was led by a church warden to where he hid a sawed-off gun in the church’s flower garden. Television cameras focused on him as the service was broadcast live on the church’s Emmanuel TV.
“I wait at a corner, target big cars, knock on their windows, show my gun and the person will stop and open. I take money and handsets. Na so I live in Lagos,” he said partly in Pigeon English.

The man went on and confessed how he randomly robbed for years on major streets of Lagos. Some owners of jeeps and other luxury cars at Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Ikeja, Surulere, Festac, Ikotun and Maryland may have fallen victim to him.

Large turnout
As though on cue, the confession made other bandits to come out for deliverance. By last Sunday, 25 mean-looking, self-confessed armed robbers from different parts of the country literally besieged the church. Sunday Sun learnt they want deliverance and rehabilitation. Some of them spoke exclusively to Sunday Sun.

Prince of thieves
This short but deadly terror is from the northern part of the country. He once ruled the underworld there with a 25-man gang. His words: “I have been in it since 2001. I got into it when my father died; he was a church minister. That time I had a demo gospel CD. I wanted to come out with it but no one helped me. I became angry and went to Jos. The man I met there trained me. When he died during one operation, I took over. That was how I got guns and recruited my boys.

We select the people we recruit. I used to go to bars and nightclubs and search for hard boys. I buy them drinks and cigarettes. I befriend them, make them to like and trust me before I introduce them to it. We take oath at a very powerful juju man’s place. We also buy protection, that is, charm against bad luck and police bullets.

Bad early life
I used to go to school but I stopped in JSSII. I was following bad boys, smoking hemp and drinking. But my father and mother didn’t know. I lied to them that I had part-time job in a factory. All were lies.

It all depends on where we want to rob. All of us don’t always go out at the same time. We go out in batches of four and five.
Another thing is, all us of don’t travel together. We go in bits, in twos. We meet at graveyards. The place is normally lonely. So, we plan our operations there. After going out, we go there and bury our guns in graves with corpses. But if we want to go into a new town, we usually hide our guns inside bags of rice, maize or garri. So with that method, the police didn’t catch us.

Black night
One night we wanted to rob a big place. All of us came together to plan it. We smoked, took hard drug and drank to ‘cook’ ourselves well. But on our way there, a torchlight flashed. Before I could tell my boys what to do, gunfire started. All my boys perished that night. Good boys – all of them, well-trained good shooters died.

Bullet touched me here and there but I vanished. When they were shooting at us, I touched something – a powerful charm one Baba gave me. I later found myself in a thick forest.

The voice
While in the forest, walking about confused, I heard a voice. I think it must be God. He told me: “Have you forgotten that you are a gifted singer? Use your voice and earn a living. If you rob again, you will die.” I became afraid for the first time in my life.
I left the forest and went to my father’s friend and told him everything. He took me into his bedroom, put on the television and I saw what Pastor T.B Joshua was doing on Emmanuel TV. That’s how I came here. I’m now a new man. May God and people I’ve wronged forgive me…(sobbing).

The field marshal
In the underworld, he acts and operates like a Field Marshal. He leads and directs the operations of his 17-man gang. For 12 years, the gangling 31-year-old gangster reigned.

Hear him: “Well, I have been in it for 12 years. I had 17 boys working with me. Three of them are dead and four are in prison now. We started as friends in school. We formed a cult. The cult united us as brothers. We mixed our blood, drank and swore not to betray each other. That is why we were successful for years.

“I have a family. But I don’t like my father and mother. They drove me into this. They used to tell me that my mates were doing better than me. So, I left home. I began staying with bad boys. I have done all kinds of things. Last year, I was even in jail. Anyway, that is past now.

“While we robbed, I never thought of tomorrow. The money I made went just like that. I gave them to friends. After buying guns and bullets, every thing went to women and drinks.

I want to establish as shoe making shop. I’m now a born again. When I leave here, I’ll go and bring my boys for deliverance. Crime doesn’t pay. I regret now

By Jossy Idam
Sunday, November 29, 2009