It Is Critical That Leaders Watch Emmanuel TV – Chiluba

Zambia’s Former President Frederick Chiluba was in The SCOAN on Sunday 22nd November 2009. Here is a news report on his visit, and what he said during a live interview with Emmanuel TV after the service…

FORMER president Frederick Chiluba has called on leaders to seek God’s wisdom as they govern people.

In an interview after attending a church service last Sunday at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, Chiluba said leaders who depended on God led their nations peacefully.

His first trip outside Zambia since he was acquitted of varying allegations of corruption, Chiluba returned to the SCOAN almost nine years after his first visit as Zambia’s Republican president.

Chiluba in The SCOAN

The former president, who has been the subject of intense scrutiny throughout his post-presidential era, was a guest of Pastor TB Joshua of the Emmanuel TV fame last Sunday.

When asked by an Emmanuel TV reporter his experience of the service, which included the deliverance and rehabilitation of several armed robbers as well as a thanksgiving service for the MVP of the recently concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup, Sani Emmanuel, Chiluba was full of praises to God for Prophet Joshua and Emmanuel TV, which he said he watched daily.

Describing the service as ‘highly inspiring’ and ‘motivating’, Chiluba hoped that leaders would do well to seek God’s wisdom in governance.

“If you read the book of Kings in the Bible, kings that depended on God guided their nations peacefully and successfully. God never changes. When we depend on Him… we will do extremely well,” he said.

Chiluba said since declaring Zambia a Christian nation at the start of his presidency, the country had moved steadily forward.

He also extolled the virtues of Emmanuel TV, TB Joshua’s Christian television station that is

Chiluba in The SCOAN

growing increasing popularity throughout Zambia and indeed Africa.

“It is really inspiring, not only for ordinary people but even for great leaders. I have been watching Emmanuel TV on a daily basis and my wife and I not only enjoy it, we are taught great lessons. We learn, we are inspired, we are motivated and we keep believing the Lord is truly with us; He is always present.”

He further admonished other leaders to follow in his stead by watching Emmanuel TV and inculcating the Godly principles taught there.

“For leaders, it is critical that they watch Emmanuel TV. They learn a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom. God’s wisdom is the only wisdom. And it helps you guide and lead people extremely well with the knowledge you receive because every utterance from the prophet is based on the Bible, it’s scripture-based.”

Frederick Chiluba With My People FC's Sani Emmanuel And Ogenyi Onazi

Chiluba and his wife Regina were witness to the celebration surrounding two members of Pastor Joshua’s football club, My People FC, who were part of Nigeria’s cadet team, the Golden Eaglets, during their recent campaign in the U-17 World Cup. Sani Emmanuel, the MVP of the tournament, was brought up by Joshua and is an altar boy in the SCOAN.

Frederick Chiluba With My People FC’s Sani Emmanuel And Ogenyi Onazi

“This is a beauty to behold,” said Chiluba. “This is the way you build youngsters, the way you draw them away from whatever life of suffering or what they may be going through, and you build and mould them into very responsible citizens. “

Prophet TB Joshua, noted for his charitable works and prophetic prowess, also rehabilitated several armed robbers in the service, an act that won commendation from Chiluba.

“Truly and honestly for me, that is the Gospel at work, they ex-armed robbers are bound to change a lot of people, and we welcome those young men. But remember, that could never have happened if this man of God was not highly anointed; so anointed so that he could be able to speak peace and love to those lost souls and they came in.”

Both Chiluba and Regina were unanimous in their message to viewers: “Don’t miss a single day without watching Emmanuel TV.”

It would be recalled that John Atta Mills, the President of Ghana was in The Synagogue in January this year, testifying to the accurate prophetic message Joshua had given him before his ascension to power.

SOURCE: Post News, Zambia


Beware of fraudsters using Facebook to deceive people.

Beware of the users, ‘Tb Joshua’ and ‘Pastor TB Joshua’,

claiming to be Prophet TB Joshua, contacting people and

asking for donations and offering to send anointed water.





An extensive report fron Sports-Day on the thanksgiving service for members of Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets at The SCOAN on Sunday 22nd November

SUNDAY 22nd November, 2009 will go down as one day the over 20,000 worshippers including ex-President Frederick Chiluba of Zambia will forever live to remember. The venue of worship was the famous Synagogue Of All Nations (SCOAN) church which is fast turning into a tourist centre as people from all walks of life especially foreigners visit the holy place to either seek the face of God or view the environment that has become one of the holiest of places.

The event was the thanksgiving service organized for the duo of Sani Emmanuel and Ogenyi Onazi who helped the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria win the silver medal at the just concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup. It was in that same championship that Emmanuel won the silver boot and golden ball. The service was put together by the church to celebrate its products that shone like million stars before the watching world and as well give all the glory to God Almighty.

Sani Emmanuel Addressing The SCOAN Congregation


The atmosphere was simply electric as the church auditorium was filled to the brim. Worshippers who could not find their way in due to lateness enjoyed the service from their positions outside as Emmanuel TV crew provided television sets from which worshippers could view what was going on inside the magnificent edifice. The program was scheduled to kick off by 9am but was slightly delayed for about one hour to enable guests from overseas arrive the church premises. One of such guests is former Zambia President Frederick Chiluba who came in an entourage.

The choir group dazzled the worshippers with different gospel songs that left all standing and dancing for hours all in praises and worshipping of God. The normal service started as soon as the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua entered the auditorium at about 10:05am. He apologized for the delay and explained to the worshippers that guests were being awaited. Before the Prophet stormed the auditorium, President Chiluba had entered with his entourage and seated. Prophet Joshua had to introduce the former Zambia President before taking his sermon from the book of Ephesian. His lesson dealt on why man’s integrity and outward appearance don’t grant him desired esteem position but the grace of God.


He linked his sermon with the success story of young Sani Emmanuel who came to SCOAN as a needy following the many troubles in his family but was able to rely on God to lift him to the pinnacle of success even though he is just beginning.
At the end of the preaching which drew wild applause from the worshippers Prophet TB Joshua invited the duo of Emmanuel and Onazi to deliver their speeches and cut the ceremony cake. Both players spoke on how God used the Prophet to touch and change their lives. Emmanuel promised to set up a foundation that will cater for the needy as he was a needy. He further promised a scholarship scheme for the deserving ones to ensure that it is used to discover talents just as he was discovered by Prophet TB Joshua. He apologized to the Nation for the inability of the Golden Eaglets to win the World Cup saying, “God is still saying something with that. It is not our intention to lose the World Cup having fought to get to the final but God knows why he allowed the Swiss to win.”

Frederick Chiluba, former president of Zambia with FIFA U-17 World Cup MVP Sani Emmanuel and colleague Ogenyi Onazie

Emmanuel dedicated the awards he won to the needy sating that “I know what it is to be poor. I am here today to show what God’s ability can do. As we all know, going by what happened on the field, I am undeserving. Yet, by the grace of God, I am the best Under 17 player in the world.”

In his speech Onazi who came to SCOAN through Emmanuel after both players were initially dropped from the camp of the Golden Eaglets and were accepted to live in the church after being introduced to Prophet TB Joshua who counseled the boys and revealed that God is taking them to higher ground, said “we are here to thank everyone for your prayers and support. I don’t want to repeat myself since my brother (Emmanuel) has spoken on my behalf, I will only add that we shall leave the rest till we go to our future clubs.”


The cutting of cake took place immediately after the speeches which were applauded. There were two cakes, one for the Golden Eaglets as a team and the other for the celebrants (Emmanuel and Onazi). The cake for the duo was cut after the name Jesus was spelt while Eaglets’ cake was cut after Christ was pronounced. The awards were also placed on the table beside the cakes.


After the cutting of cakes the players were allowed to dance with some of their colleagues from the Golden Eaglets and My People FC and immediately the duo went into photo session. They snapped pictures with family members and colleagues but that was after they took some shots with Preseident Frederick Chiluba who hailed the kids for, “their courage and God fearing stance. Their success should surprise no one because they are in safe hands and on the path of glory. It is good to follow God from one’s youth because when one grows old you will always abide in the house and glory of God.”

The Eaglets’ duo then went into ball juggling. They delighted everyone with skills as they remained on the floor of the auditorium doing ball work.

Veteran musician and multi-instrumentalist Tee Mac stormed the choir and did a special tune for the celebrant. The music of the flute expert held the worshippers spell bound as the handsome Tee Mac radiating in his Aso Oke attire danced and sang to the glory of God. It was a razzmatazz as the music icon stylishly left the stage swinging his flute even as the worshippers applauded and sang on.

Grass To Grace Of Emmanuel
A documentary was showed to the worshippers and viewers of Emmanuel TV worldwide. It was all about the family of Sani Emmanuel. In the 30 minutes documentary Emmanuel’s father who said he hails from Edo State revealed how he came to live in the Synagogue. He stated that he was married to his first wife who initially had four girls for him. Pressure came from his ageing parents who demanded for male children or at least a son as they are growing old and needed to see their grand sons who should keep the family lineage alive. This persistent pressure led him to taken a second wife. But before the second wife took in, the first wife took in for her fifth child and miraculous had a son. Later the second wife also put to bed and was delivered of a baby boy. In all the first wife had four girls and two boys including Emmanuel while the second wife had three boys.

Then the trouble attached with polygamy erupted as both women started fighting on daily basis. On this fateful day the man (Emmanuel’s father) went to work and fighting broke out in his home between his wives. He was called to urgently return home to avert further damage. On reaching home he called both women and as peace talk was going on the younger wife picked a bottle, broke it and drove its sharp edge into the neck of the senior wife who fell and was bleeding profusely.

She was rushed to the hospital but on reaching the hospital she gave up the ghost. The younger wife was arrested and the matter charged to court, where she was convicted. She had to go to jail with her three months old son. And that was just the beginning of trouble for the man who does not understand how to cope with about nine children. He couldn’t pay school fees and the situation was so bad that two of his daughters were forced into early marriages. In a move to commit suicide he was advised by one of his children to see the man of God Prophet TB Joshua.

He met the man of God and explained his predicaments to him. In one of the church’s programmes for widows and widowers he was given N150,000. e later sent for his son, Emmanuel from Abuja and the two went to see the man of God. Emmanuel’s father appealed to Prophet TB Joshua to allow his son to live with him in the Synagogue. The man of God in his magnanimity accepted and prayed for them.

Emmanuel started living in the church and helps in domestic activities like cleaning of the church’s environment and assisting in project building. From there My People FC was born and the young lad joined the team. It was from the club that he was spotted as a budding star having shone in friendlies with Gateway FC, Golden Eaglets and Flying Eagles. He was invited to the Golden Eaglets but was later dropped alongside Onazi whom he met in camp. They both returned to the Synagogue when Onazi told Emmanuel that he had nowhere to go. On return they reported to Prophet TB Joshua who prayed for them and counseled them.

TB Joshua - Use every proper means to discover the youth's talents

The man of God then organized a trip for the players including one Yakubu Azeez for Sweden. The intention of the man of God was to expose the trio to quality football after which they can return and try out with the national team again. They traveled to BK Bodens with all expenses paid by the man of God who gave the trio $5000 for upkeep aside the money spent to procure visas and tickets. They spent six months in Sweden and returned. On return the man of God ordered them to go to the Golden Eaglets camp again unaided. And that was the story celebrated today. The documentary according to the man of God will continue as the best of the players is yet to be seen.

Prophet Joshua: I’m Ready To Guide Eaglets
Man Of God Pledges Support
Prophet TB Joshua told the worshippers and viewers of Emmanuel TV worldwide that “I am ready to give spiritual guidance to the entire squad members of the Golden Eaglets because these kids need to be protected so that they can reach the heights that God has set for them. We should not forget that destiny can be tampered with and even altered that is why we need to give these boys God’s cover.

“Whoever among them needs my help in this regard is free to reach me. I will not charge them for this service because we have to give out our precious time and most cherished items as gifts to the less privileged and needy. When you give what you don’t need to the needy it does not count before God. The Almighty God wants us to part ways with things we will greatly miss or feel when we want to give to the needy. Therefore I am giving out my time to help these kids to reach their promised land. Last time I sent out three players to Sweden and I am promising by the grace of God that I will be sending six out to Europe the next time, not to go and sign contracts or to go and seek for clubs but to go for training and equip themselves with the current trend in the game because football is dynamic and it is fast changing.

TB Joshua – Use every proper means to discover the youth’s talents


“I want to use this opportunity to inform everyone that My People FC will be conducting screening exercises every Tuesdays and Wednesdays to select the very best players who will be under our care for free. Those who will not be successful during the screening will be given money to take care of their transport back to their respective destinations. The screening is for the whole world and not just for players within Lagos or Nigeria. We expect players to come from the rest of the world. We will cater for them.

This is one area that everyone here today should endeavor to partake in. Think of how you can help these less privileged people. The future of these young ones is very important because they will determine our future when we grow old. I am out to help the world. Let’s start building the world, let’s start healing the world, let’s start creating hope for all. We can indeed make the world a better place. We have started with Emmanuel and Onazi, more will follow even as I follow the career of the entire Golden Eaglets squad to the top.”

who was In The Synagogue

SOURCE: Sports Day

Sometimes an opportunity is all that is needed… My diary and how I met TB Joshua.

The following is an account from my diary, Thursday 19th November 2009.

At about 9:00pm on 19th November 2009, after visiting my friend at Ijegun, I was driving to Mile 2 on the Ikotun – Ejigbo road when I suddenly observed that I had a flat tyre, just close to the Synagogue bus-stop, of the ever popular Synagogue Church of all Nations, the church headed by the controversial Prophet TB Joshua.


While trying to fix the tyre as quickly as possible so as to get home and observe my rest for the day in preparation for the next day’s job and activities, I observed that a large crowd had gathered at the gate of the church. They were shouting at the top of their voices and hailing the hero of the recently concluded FIFA U17 world cup in Nigeria, Sani Emmanuel and his team mate Ogenyi Onazi. I had previously read an article and also an interview granted by Sani Emmanuel, where he declared that he was an altar boy at the Synagogue, and so I was not completely surprised. As the shouting persisted, I decided to have a close look to know exactly what the crowd was cheering at.

On getting there, I noticed that the two Eaglets were posing with some persons who were gathered inside the beautiful water fountain outside the church entrance, for photograph shots. The crowd’s enthusiasm increased when the much sought after and highly criticized Prophet TB Joshua joined the gathering in the photo shots. On seeing the large crowd that was on the increase as the each second went by, the Prophet invited everyone of the crowd to come into the church premises and have an opportunity to see the boys live and direct.

Once inside the auditorium, the crowd continued to build up, as expectations grew. TB Joshua started interacting with the crowd and sampling the opinions of individuals concerning the performance of Sani Emmanuel and Ogenyi Onazi in the competition. Those who stood up to speak were full of praises for the duo for their contribution to the success of the team. They also prayed for both of them to get the nod of top European football clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea Fc, Arsenal Fc, etal, and get signed into their team.

Then came the moment that all were waiting patiently for; Sani Emmanuel and Ogenyi Onazi walked into the auditorium to join the ecstatic crowd. Dressed in the official playing kits of the National football teams of Nigeria, they both thanked the crowd for their support and prayers during the tournament, and asked for more prayers as they believe that there are still more hurdles to cross in the quest for the peak of their careers.

After the speech and greetings by the duo, Prophet TB Joshua thanked the crowd for their support and ordered that they all be provided with refreshment before they would leave the premises. Cold drinks were immediately served to each person in the auditorium. Just as we were all beginning to thank Prophet TB Joshua for his kind gestures, he dropped what was to be the biggest surprise of the day; announcing that every member of the crowd would get the sum of N500 before leaving the premises. The crowd went wild on hearing this and showered praises and prayers on the Prophet.

I went home with my N500, and the drink that I had. It was nice to have an opportunity to meet the duo just after they awed the world. And it was good to meet Prophet TB Joshua for the first time. I know that the money might not be a big deal for me, but I considered the people in the crowd, who perhaps had no idea where their next meal would come from, having the opportunity to get the sum of N500 just because they were fortunate enough to be there at the time.

Source: Amita Jones


Until recently, I always thought that the best way to analyze issues is to rely on the information provided by “experts”, whose job it is to inform others, especially those who really do not have the time to do the investigations and groundwork themselves. It became clear to me that although quite reliable in some instances, there are certain prices to be paid by those who solely rely on the information of others without making any efforts of their own before forming an opinion on any issue.

I have been a Christian since birth. I have followed the word of God and read the Holy bible right from my early years as a human being. I remember clearly that in the book of Proverbs 8 vs 9: To the discerning all of them are right; they are faultless to those who have knowledge…

The spirit of discerning is a vital one that God has promised to bestow unto those who are members of his kingdom and who crave the knowledge for the well being of themselves and their environment at large.

For a very long time, there has been a strong wave of attack on the person of Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, especially against his practices and doctrines. I have followed the commentaries of popular Christians in Nigeria and around the world at large regarding this man of God.

As time went by, it became clearer to me that the majority of those who are criticizing him seem to have a personal issue with him. They, in my opinion, turned the whole issue into an attack scheme, slandering and campaign of calumny. So I decided to ask the questions and try to provide answers to them. In order for me to do these effectively, it was important for me to visit the Synagogue personally and ascertain the true situation of things myself. I asked questions such as;

-Is it true that this man does not use the name of Jesus in his activities?

-Does he really preach the word of God and quote from the Bible?

-How true are the prophecies that he speaks to members of his church and to the world at large?

On the particular Sunday, I got into the church premises at about 8:00am and was ushered into the church auditorium by the ushers as a newcomer to the church. I was directed to sit alongside fellow newcomers just beside the main gate entrance, under the gallery. After waiting for about 10 minutes, we were all moved to our seats for the day. I was asked to sit just close to the altar, where I could catch a good view of the man of God when he comes out for the day’s ministration. The service commenced with the opening prayers, followed by the praise and worship by the church choir. At about 9:16am, Prophet TB Joshua walked into the church auditorium. The first thing I noticed about him was the air of humility around him; he was simply dressed in a shirt and trousers. Next, was the answer to the first question, something which came to me as a wild surprise, thanks to the number of comments that I have listened to in the past concerning TB Joshua; he actually welcomed the congregation to the service in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

He immediately went into the sermon for the day, raising into the air a devotional material titled: WAREFARE IS NECESSARY, which he said was for our friends and families at home and at work. He started his message which was titled: I am a faith man. I was stunned as I listened to this same man preach the word of God whilst quoting from the Holy Bible, which he referred to as “The Only book that can transform your life”. It dawned on me, without any form of doubt that there was something supernatural about this man and his ministry. At this point in time, it was not yet clear to me what it was.

Deep into his sermon, he displayed what I still find only to be of God – the spirit of true giving. Widows and widowers, orphans, less privileged, physically challenged et al, were all beneficiaries of the gifts of cash which he gave out to them on the day, all coupled with bags of rice and flour given to them as well. It was truly an opportunity for me to see for myself, those things that true critics will choose to turn blind eyes to.

At the end of the sermon, he started to speak to members of the congregation, specifically calling out individuals, telling them very private issues that concern them, sometimes even going as far as calling out their names. This was truly awesome. There was this particular man who sat just beside me. The man got the shocker of his life when the prophet pointed at him and specifically told him the problems that brought him to the church, he went further to tell him his date of birth, and the man almost went crazy with the surprise that he displayed. What touched me the most was that problems that maybe people could not voice out but that had troubled them for years – were revealed by TB Joshua and then they were prayed for and ‘delivered’. I can only use that word because – the solution had come and it was a spiritual one – as TB Joshua himself says – the root of everything is spiritual. It is one thing to have a word of knowledge about someone’s life – something they have never disclosed to anyone – but it is another to provide the solution and see the follow up in that person’s life – I mean, freedom forever. It really made me think about what prophecy is meant for.

The service ended and I knew without any shadow of doubt that the end has come for those who have decided to carry out their acts of blasphemy against the works of God in the life of TB Joshua; at least in my life. There was no room left for me to harbour the wicked lies and deceit that have been constantly sown into the minds of the unsuspecting public, in order to tarnish the name of God in the life of the prophet. I have since asked for forgiveness of my sins from God and prayed that other people who are still in the bondage of this evil cabal will be set free in the name of Jesus.

I advice other people who are currently in the habit of forming opinions about others to desist from doing so and carry out their own investigations, especially when the involved issues are things of the spirit which can be confirmed by witnessing and prayers.

How come this man of God has continuously survived each bout of criticism thrown at him to become stronger? Why can’t his detractors hand over the issue to God to nullify the “powers” of TB Joshua if indeed they are false? Why can’t people allow the course of nature to dismantle the popularity of this man as has been done to previous false men of God?

More questions begging for answers.
Acts 5:38
“So my advise is, leave these men alone. Let them go. If they are planning and doing thesethings merely on their own, it will soon be overthrown.

Source: Adams Echendu

Development / Accra / Ghana / Africa /

TB Joshua Talks on Adeboye’s Jet

A remarkably intriguing interview with Prophet TB Joshua, conducted by The Sun of Nigeria…

Today, we bring you the conclusion of our interview with Prophet T.B. Joshua, the controversial founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations. He speaks on the misunderstanding between him and some evangelical and Pentecostal leaders in Nigeria. He also reacts to the trend of church leaders in Nigeria owning planes. He was asked one Satanic question: Have you cheated on your wife? Excerpts:

Pastor Adeboye said he would not worship in your church. How do you react to such a statement?
I want to say something. Everybody makes mistake. Everybody. That’s all. Perfection eludes everyone. So, for me personally, I respect integrity. Look at me here. Even if you don’t look at me, look at the so many people of different calibre that believe in what I am doing here. So also, Baba Adeboye has so many people, people that matter in the society that believe in what he is doing, what God is using him for. So if I now open my mouth and begin to speak to such a man, I think it’s uncalled for. It’s unnecessary. It’s not Christ-like. I am not speaking to him, but I am speaking to people that believe in him. I am brought up from a home where we are taught to respect elders. We were taught not to speak against elders, even if elders speak against you. And in the same home too, we were taught that elders should not speak also against the young.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, said you should first of all show him who pastured you before they could consider admitting you into their membership.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

As a point of correction, I never applied to be a member of any association. Okay? So that is a point of correction. Two, the way and manner God executes His plan in our lives differ. Some He brought them from this direction, some from another direction, some He allowed to go to Theology school, some He allowed them to go to the university, (and) they may not even go to Theology school. After graduation, they would become whatever God wants them to become. Some, they may not even go to school at all. There is the University of God where you would not be promoted, no matter how brilliant you are, until you take every course. Do you understand me?

Prophet TB Joshua - In The University of God, however brilliant you may be, you will not be given double promotion. You must take every course, because each course serves a purpose.

You are saying in effect that maybe they are looking down on what you are doing, because you didn’t pass through the formal process they passed through.
Do you say you understood what I said? I told you that the way and manner God executes His plans in our lives differ. Okay? The direction that God would take you through and when we all become pastors, sometimes God would send some to local level, God send some people to national level, God send some people to minister to the whites and some, their anointing cannot pass beyond the black. Some God sent them to minister to presidents and kings. The way and manner God called us differs. That is why we should not compare ourselves with others. And that is why we should not be measuring ourselves to ourselves.

In the process of building this big institution, have you made mistakes?
You see, everybody has dry pits. And also, everybody has his prison condition. Also, everybody has his Potiphar’s house. So that is my answer in the form of a parable. Let me tell you something: When you wake up in the morning and you discover your hand is free, your leg is free, you are okay, that may likely not encourage you to watch and pray the more. Problems make us to pray more and fast the more. Difficulty makes us to pray and fast the more. And, weakness also… Look at Paul, the Apostle. Three times he came to God. He said: “Lord, this is a thorn in my flesh.” The Lord said to him: “My grace is sufficient for you.” There is reason for that. God used that to preserve him from becoming too proud and begin to see himself that ‘I am this, I am that’.

When you look back, are there areas in your spiritual journey that you didn’t do well and you feel like correcting?
I am not God. I am a servant. And a servant looks unto perfection. God is perfection. So that is it.

You are not making effort to make peace with the other ministers so that there would be no question of T.B. Joshua is not this, T.B. Joshua is not that. Didn’t the Bible say you should pursue peace?
If I can give you the audience I am giving you now – this is a wonderful atmosphere. That is my nature. I love everyone. But I trust only God.

How do you feel over the contempt people have for you? The fact that they don’t speak well of you and they say you don’t belong to their fold.
Can I ask you a question? If we remove what is not made in Nigeria from your body, you would remain naked. If I say okay, ‘Give me those things on you that is not made in Nigeria’, and you would find yourself naked. So, what are we talking about?

Meaning what?
That is a parable. Put it in the paper like that. What I am saying is that a prophet is not honoured in his hometown. And because you are not honoured in your home, that has nothing to do with the anointing of God. That does not mean you are not honoured.

What is the central focus of your ministry? What is your message?
Salvation. Salvation is the house and when you open the house, you can now see healing, you would see blessing, you would see prosperity. If anybody now begins to ask for healing, healing, healing, it’s like you want God to just give you fridge in the house. What of the whole house?

One of the accusations against you is that you are making yourself God, that you are not submitting yourself to Jesus, that the reason you are called Emmanuel is like you are God Himself.
No, Emmanuel is in the Bible. Emmanuel means ‘God is with us’. That’s our greeting. Like many churches would say ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Hosanna’. So what is bad about that? You have been here over an hour now – do you see any of that? That is it. That is why you should go and tell the world that this is what you heard and this is what you have seen. How can anybody now see himself as the Master Jesus when all the healing, deliverance, salvation are not brought to pass by anything we have done, except by His name. He who glories must not glory in himself, but in the Lord. So that is it.

It appears that all is of grace because all our spiritual advantages are from God. Our faith, our conversion, our eternal salvation are not the product of any natural gift or any natural ability. So no man should boast. It’s blasphemy for anybody to say he is Jesus. If anybody calls himself Jesus, that person is not normal – he is mental.

Who is your own father in the Lord or mentor?
When we talk of mentor, we mean someone you want to be like or someone you believe you have gained from. After reading my Bible, I give a total salute to Paul, the Apostle, what God wrought through him after his deliverance. Peter and Paul, the Apostle. But I pray for all the ministers of God. They are all my mentors. Okay?

How has not going to a university impacted you?
When there is the University of Jesus… you know Jesus has a university. That is where you can receive His message in your heart. But if you did not attend His university, you cannot receive His message in your heart. While in the other universities you receive the message in your ears, in the University of Jesus, you receive the message in your heart.

What differentiates The Synagogue from any other church?
There is no difference. Whatever happens here in terms of miracles, in terms of salvation – what you are seeing, there is no difference. God is the God of these fingers. Look at these fingers, they are not equal. Look at it.

Prophet TB Joshua - The way and manner God executes His plans in our lives differs

What differentiates you from other preachers?
Nothing. Nothing differentiates me. Rather, I want to tell you that no matter the level that one reaches, there is always another level to reach.

Your critics say if you pass a place, people would rush and go and touch the sand and all that. What is the symbolism of all that?
We have said it here that God can use any medium. When we look at what happened in the book of Act 19: 11, it says God wrought extraordinary miracles through Paul. Anything that had contact with him were taken to the sick and they were all healed.

Are you a misunderstood man?
I am a tenant. If the landlord was misunderstood, what’s my position? I am a servant. The head of the house was misunderstood. What people do not understand, they call names. But what they understand they destroy.

Are you an underrated man?
Soul has nothing to do with high people. It is all about a regenerate soul. A regenerate sinner becomes a living soul. So forget about having a big church or whatnot. When you talk about soul, it is not about big, big people.

When I look at the size of your church and the fact that it is still growing, I begin to ask: Is it not possible your vision has become too small for the size of the ministry? In other words, five years from now, can this place contain you?
We have branches all in different countries. Our church is one of the biggest churches in Greece. And I think the one God has established here, we need to have the same size all over the world. It is not that important that it should expand, making it for all Nigerians to come here. No. This is my mission. Like I have told you, the way and manner God executes His plans in our life differs. If I don’t have branches all over Nigeria and I have branches in other countries – that is the way God wants it.

Already, you are running two shifts. Which means if you grow some more, you might have to run more shifts. Where will your people park and so on?
When the situation is such that I would be running three services, then it is better I establish in other countries like say Ghana. People can come there. Eighty percent of my members are not from Nigeria. And anywhere that honey is, insects seek it and find it.

What is the honey here?
It is the anointing; the anointing of God.

How did you meet you beautiful wife?
I think she would be in the position to grant you an interview. She is such a wonderful woman. You too know that behind any man is a woman. No man can go it alone. I salute her. This woman, hmm, is a mother. When you say somebody is your mother, she’s more than a wife. And I don’t know the words. I am short of words to describe her. She is someone that amidst all the noise, noise, noise, she would just look. She’s my counsellor, adviser. She would tell you: it’s a matter of time. And you would never hear her voice. If this woman is not a good woman, I don’t think you would find me in the situation I am today. Because, you cannot have problems out there and have problems in the house. Many that don’t have problems in the outside, they have problems in the inside. And the problem inside is greater, is more powerful and is more dangerous than the outside.

Where are your children?
My children? They are there.

How many?
They are there. They are doing fine. That’s why I have plenty children.

You don’t have biological children yet?
I have biological children.

How many?
I have three.

How many boys and how many girls?
If I begin to say how many boys, how many girls, those who have no boy or have no girl might feel discouraged. As a minister of God, I shouldn’t discourage anybody. If I begin to say I have so-so girls, I have so-so boys, those who do not have at all would feel discouraged. My words should be words of encouragement, to tell them that what a man can do, a woman can do it, and what a woman can do, a man can do.

How do you feel not having a boy?
Ah, ah, how do you come to the conclusion that I don’t have a boy?

As a man of God, can you look God in the face and admit you have not cheated on your wife?
Let me tell you one thing about the situation. What is happening, you are seeing the level of understanding and the obedience in union between me and my wife.

But you are a handsome man. Don’t women tempt you?
You say what?

Don’t you face temptation from women, a handsome man like you?
Like I have said, if you are not tempted with money and you are not tempted with woman, and you are not tempted with pride…I want to tell you that God Almighty has been manifesting His strength in my weakness. For when I am weak, then I am strong. Thank you. Are you okay? (Laughs)

How rich are you now?
Mmmh, this is a question that I think if…I want to advise the whole world. And whatever you hear from me, take it. Because if I am telling you what I am not I am, God is there. Because as a servant of God, we cannot misinform the public. I am not a politician. I have to tell you. If I am telling you something now, you will hardly believe, but I want you to believe. In terms of cash, I am zero. When I have a hundred million today, I have one thousand five hundred people I have given scholarship. Leeds University alone in England, one person cost hundred thousand dollars. It is one of the best universities all over the world. And I have people all over.

I can give you my account number to check. I am zero. But people look at me, I don’t mind. My responsibility is so much that if I have trillion dollars today, I would not be able to save one dollar. It is not enough to care for the responsibility. Are you talking of dwarfs, widows, physically challenged, old age? When we leave here, I would take you to our store opposite here. It’s full of rice. We have five trailers of rice we just brought. Every month, it’s like that. And you know one trailer is five point three million naira. So I want to declare, I want to tell you today, you would find zero money in my accounts. But I am not owing banks and I am free from that. But I am just a zero. But my responsibility, God has been taking care of it.

When are you going to buy your own jet?
When I say I don’t have cash…(laughs); when I say I don’t have money, cash like this, where would I get money for plane? But I want to tell you something: there is nothing bad having a private jet. But the only condition I can have it, if God says I would have it, is for people to give me. And when you give me, you should also be ready to pay landing fee because I don’t know how I would get it. But I want to tell you that if ministers of God have it, there is nothing bad about that. It aids the gospel. I tell you that our fathers that have it, there is nothing bad about that. The way and manner God executes His plans in our lives differs. Some ministers, God says: ‘You, you would not have a private jet, I would send people to give you.’ While some, God says: ‘You, buy it, with your money.’

Adeboye's Private Jet - Matters arising...

I am not supporting those who are criticising the ownership of jets by men of God. It is true that there is difficulty in the society, there is poverty everywhere, but trial is the soil in which true ministers of God flourish. But I am not criticising because the way and manner God executes His plan in our lives differs. But as for me,

Adeboye's Private Jet....

I know, that even every car I have there, there is no single one I used my money to buy. Since I started this ministry, there is never a day I have been able to gather money. If I have one dollar, one responsibility is there to take the dollar. If I have 20 dollars today, 200 people are waiting to take the 20 dollars. It’s like having these things attract responsibility. I even say I don’t want money because money brings responsibility.

Are you planning to build a university?
We put it before God and God says yes, He would give us the grace. But this university would be for the needy; those who are brilliant but cannot afford to go to university. And the physically challenged too. The university would be mainly for the needy whom we are giving the scholarship. But before that, let us send people overseas to attend university there or here. Let us see what we can do to make the existing one better and better.

How do you explain your strategy of inviting heads of states to your church?
It’s you that know that they are heads of states. For me, a soul is a soul. Church is all about those who are being saved, not head of state. Why are you interested in Presidents?

Do you have any message for Nigeria?
My message is that it is high time we became a producing-nation, not a consumer-nation. If we know what it takes the producer that produces what you put on, you would know how you would care and how you would go about having plenty of it. And two, a producer sees whatever he does or whatever he gives as an assignment from God. Giving is an opportunity to reshape our destinies. When you are giving, you are reshaping your destiny. But mind you, what you give does not all that matter to God, but the way we give it.

Did you ever meet President Obasanjo?
President or no President, church is all about soul. Those who are being saved. It’s we that know this one is President, that one is President. So, we pastors should talk about souls being saved more, not the calibre or the class of people.

What are your success tips in life?
The secret is, feel what others feel. Jesus feels what we feel. You begin to succeed with your life when the hurt and problem of others matter to you. So, this is the problem we are facing in this country. When we feel what others feel, the public fund, public money and when you are voted to a position, you would consider the people that brought you there.


Pastor Benny Hinn, the morning after holding a conference at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Greece Branch, granted this interview on Emmanuel TV concerning his ministry and Prophet TB Joshua:

I pray the Lord will keep using you and blessing you, dear Pastor Joshua and may the Lord anoint you BIG TIME in Jesus’ name. Amen.

EMMANUEL TV: We’re here in Athens, Greece, right by the rock where Paul preached to the people of Athens in Acts 17 and we have the wonderful privilege to have with us world renowned healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn with us. It’s a great honour to have you on the program, sir. We’d like to welcome you to the program first of all.

BENNY HINN: Thank you very much. I’m Benny Hinn and I’m glad to be talking to you.

EMMANUEL TV: We see in the Bible that great men have great habits. We can see the habits that people like Daniel had, praying everyday facing Jerusalem, or the Psalmist, praying 7 times a day or in the morning and evening. Great men have great habits. What are some of the habits that you have that have helped you in your ministry, sir?

BENNY HINN: Well, I would say the first that the Lord developed in me is reading His Word daily. I feel it’s so important that the Scriptures be a part of our daily life rather than every so often. So, I do not read the Bible to preach it; I read the Bible so I can be fed personally. So, I would tell every Christian, make the Bible a part of your daily life. Don’t just put the Bible on a shelf. Let the Bible live in you and that is really the greatest secret I can talk about.

EMMANUEL TV: Yes, it’s true. Using the Word of God in our daily lives is the secret of faith. From the Bible we can see that anything close to Jesus receives attack.

BENNY HINN: Well, yes. Persecution is a part of our life. Jesus said that we will have it. All that live godly will suffer persecution, Paul wrote. So, that’s not something to be kind of wondering, why? Last night one of the pastors was asking me about how I handle this. I said, well, I’ll tell you honestly, I said, if I’m not persecuted, I think something is wrong. Because the devil does not fight those who are for him, he only fights those who are against him. If we oppose him, then we’ll be attacked. So, I rejoice by the fact that people attack and persecute someone like me. In fact, it’s one of those things I thank God for, believe it or not. I really do. So, persecution is a part of the Christian walk but what I said earlier, the Holy Spirit is the key to our survival and so, when we know Him as a person – this is the greatest thing I can tell you, precious people of God, when we know Him as a real person. I mean, your name is David, right? When I look at David, I don’t see an IT, I see a person. I talk to him and I listen to him. He listens to me. Personality is important. You’re not a spirit and you’re not a body. You’re more than that. You’re a person. Even though you are a spirit, even though I’m looking at a body – because that’s all we can see in the natural. Only God sees the real person on the inside but I’m talking to a person and I’m enjoying listening to what you have to ask me. Well, the same thing. The Holy Spirit is a person.

EMMANUEL TV: Joseph, on his journey to the throne in God’s promise for him, he encountered many trials, being unjustly imprisoned and such. What advice can you give to our viewers who, on their journey to God’s promise, are encountering trials of different kinds? What advice can you give to them?

BENNY HINN: Well, trials make us strong. Trials don’t weaken us if we know how to handle them. Look, I can tell you this, I have been through more trouble than I think most people alive. I’ve had enough trouble to live 10 lives. So, you talk about trials, you are talking to the right person. I’m still going through them. I’ll continue to go through them as long as I live and serve the Lord. How do you handle them? Okay, that’s a great question. Number one, you must see Jesus. If you don’t, you will lose. If Jesus is not our focus, if He’s not the One who we see daily, the Bible says, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. I’ve discovered one thing, that the person of Christ, the person of Jesus, His very presence, is the key to strength. Remember what it says in Isaiah. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. But then it says something amazing. It says, they shall mount up with wings as eagles. In other words, we become discerning to the winds of the Spirit. Like the eagle doesn’t take off, it doesn’t soar, until it discerns the current of the winds before it takes off. But then it says, they shall run and not be weary, walk and not faint. In other words, we’re going to catch up to where God wants us and then there’ll be fellowship with Him. So, there’s 4 keys to walking with the Lord – but the key, the real thing we have to do is seek Jesus. So, you’re telling me what do I do in my trials? Well, there’s only two things to do – run to the Lord or from the Lord. If you run away from Jesus, you’re in trouble. It’s foolish. If you run to Jesus, you become stronger because He is our place of safety. There is no place to go to. I mean, look, I’ve had trials. Believe me when I tell you, I’ve almost given up and I don’t want to scare anybody when I say something like this. If the Lord showed me the trials I would go through, I would have said, Lord thank You, let somebody else do this job. Because serving God is a battle. I mean, everything in this life is a war. We don’t realize that the anointing is for war – it’s not for picnics. When God anointed David, the first thing he did was fight Goliath and then God anoints him again when he became king in Hebron and he fights the house of Saul. Then God anoints him again and he fights the Jebusites. He was always fighting. Well, the early church is the same. The power came and they were opposed by the Pharisees. So, but it’s something that’s very important that I have discovered. We must come to know the person and I mean the substance, of Christ Jesus. We can’t just say, well, I know the Lord from a distance. That’s impossible. You cannot know him from a distance, you’ll not survive. Trials come to all of us but Jesus is our protection. He keeps us going. Yeah sure, there’ve been times I’ve said, Lord, I don’t know if I can make it. I don’t know if I can handle it. But I have found Him to be very strong, stronger than anything you can imagine. His strength is eternal. There is no limit to the Lord’s strength. So, whatever big, big massive trial or whatever you want to talk about, it’s nothing to God. We go there and bam – like that, everything’s fixed. So that’s the secret. Jesus is the secret to your strength – it’s that simple.

EMMANUEL TV: His strength is manifest in our weakness, just like Apostle Paul preached.

BENNY HINN: Brother, you have it right there.

EMMANUEL TV: It’s wonderful just to share with you, Benny, the sweet story of our Lord Jesus Christ.

BENNY HINN: Can we pray, of course. Dear Jesus, Lord I pray with David for the people watching from this holy location in Athens. Precious Lord, I pray that every one of them will be strengthened in You, every one of them will live for You, knowing Your Spirit’s presence. I pray that every one of them will be strong in the Lord and in Your mighty power. Precious Lord, I pray every one of them will stand before You on that day, hearing Your Words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”. So, I pray, keep us all in Your loving care. Your Word says, “Now, unto Him that’s able to keep us from falling and present us to the throne with joy, blameless with joy, to the only wise God, be glory. Thank you for Your power and Your dear presence, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

BENNY HINN: Well, God bless you. I really enjoyed this and I must say, I did watch your network and I’m going to tell all of you precious saints support this great outreach to the world because without Christian television, we cannot plough the land, nor sow seed, nor reap the harvest. Christian television is God’s tool for evangelism today. So, keep it strong. Today, if Paul the ApostlePaul the Apostle was alive, who preached right here, if Paul was alive, he would use every means possible to get the Gospel to the nations. But Christian television cannot survive without your support. Through a Christian network, like Emmanuel, this network cannot be selling products like you see secular networks. They sell something to you every few minutes. We cannot do that. That’s why a Christian ministry is dependent on gifts and donations. It must come from your heart. And not only are you being used of God, remember something, your money is a weapon in the hands of the Lord against the devil. When you support Christian TV, God uses that money for the Gospel and the devil’s power is broken in people’s lives. Keep supporting this network. I’m telling you, I’ve watched it in California. I saw that dear man, that pastor in Africa who has this massive building, Pastor Joshua. And I was so amazed to see this amazing man of God. But you know,

I would most certainly accept an invitation from Pastor Joshua to come to Nigeria.

the thing is this, it’s because of Christian television that he and others and myself are able to preach the Gospel to the world. The Gospel is the only answer to this world’s troubles. There’s no political solution. There’s no financial solution. It’s a spiritual solution and Jesus is the answer to the world’s needs and His Gospel must be preached. Paul said, “Necessity is laid upon me” and necessity is laid on us. Let me just finish by saying one thing – it cost God nothing to create the world. It cost Him nothing to create man. It cost Him everything to save one soul. Think about it. It cost Him nothing to create this beautiful world. It cost Him nothing to create man. I think God was having a marvellous time when He was creating man. It cost Him everything to save one life. It cost Him His own blood to save.

BENNY HINN: Keep watching Emmanuel TV and support Emmanuel TV. So, send in your donations and gifts to this great network andwatch what God will do for you. Keep watching Emmanuel TV and support Emmanuel TV and God bless all of you. Thank you.

BENNY HINN MESSAGE TO TB JOSHUA: Pastor, keep up the good work and preach the Gospel like you do so powerfully and teach God’s precious Word and I would love to someday meet you and fellowship with you. You know, we men of God need to come together and I would most certainly accept an invitation from Pastor Joshua to come to Nigeria. I’ve been to that country of course a number of times when I used to come preach for Benson Idahosa and I’ve preached for other great men of course and we’ve had our own crusade there in Lagos but with pleasure, of course. Thank you, thank you. I pray the Lord will keep using you and blessing you, dear Pastor Joshua and may the Lord anoint you BIG TIME in Jesus’ name. Amen.


SOURCE: Allvoices

Sani Emmanuel! Synagogue Boy Shines Again, Wrecks Spain

If God is with you, no one can be against you…

Nigeria defeated Spain 3-1 in yesterday’s semi final match of the 13th FIFA Under-17 World Cup, but the two goals from My People Academy’s forward, Sani Emmanuel were all that the Golden Eaglets needed to book a place in the final.

Emmanuel, who has been an altar boy at The Synagogue Church of All Nations for many years, wrecked the U-17 team of Spain. His goals came after Stanley Okoro’s first goal while Borjan scored Spain’s only goal.

The youngster electrified the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos immediately he was introduced into the match. He was a thorn in the flesh of the Spaniards with his blistering runs and ball control, which earned him two goals in the match, watched by a capacity crowd.

Emmanuel, who was introduced into the match in the 48th minute began to do damage to their opponents barely 13 minutes later. He scored a brace to take his goal haul in the competition to five, making him a joint top scorer with two other players from Uruguay and Spain.

My People FC's Sani Emmanuel In Action

The player, who was literally raised in the Synagogue, owned by Prophet T.B Joshua, has been described as the hottest super-sub of the ongoing competition.

Eaglets coach, John Obuh says Emmanuel has been very instrumental to his team’s success at the Nigeria 2009 World Cup. “Emmanuel has become my joker and he’s playing to instruction,” Obuh said.

Apart from the praises he has received from his people back in Ikotun, it was a carnival-like atmosphere as the worshipers celebrated the performance of one of their own till late yesterday. An elated Joshua, said: “I’m happy for Emmanuel. When I noticed he’ll be a great footballer, I sent him to Sweden and registered him in my academy, My People F.C. So, I’m glad he’s making progress and the young boy will go places.”

Obuh has assured that his wards would be ready for their final match against Switzerland at the Abuja Stadium on Sunday.

Obuh, the former Kwara United coach said he was impressed with his team’s performance and disclosed that he would make some changes in the team to be battle-ready for Sunday’s clash.

“I’m really delighted that my players rose to the occasion; they played to instructions and I’m happy that we would play in the finals. It is a good thing that though we started slowly, we were able to put back smiles on the faces of Nigerians.”

On his expectations and what he knows about the European newcomers, Obuh says he knows little about them. But he believes with the right attitude and approach to the match, his team would retain the trophy in Nigeria.

He added that he is aware the Swiss are a very mobile side, but will get a strong team to beat them.

“I know them as a team that have qualified for the final. By the time we meet in Abuja on Sunday, we would get the better of them and win again for Nigeria.”


TB Joshua In The Synagogue Magnificent Cathedral Lagos Nigeria

Presentation By TB Joshua Fans UK
The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations moved to a large expanse of land in Ikotun-Egbe, in the outskirts of Lagos. Thousands began flocking to the services as they heard about the miraculous events t…
The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations moved to a large expanse of land in Ikotun-Egbe, in the outskirts of Lagos. Thousands began flocking to the services as they heard about the miraculous events taking place there.
Headquarters Address:
The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations
1, Segun Irefin Street
Ikotun Egbe
Lagos, NigeriaUK Branch Church Address:
Clore Management Centre,
Birkbeck College,
Torrington Square
Accra Ghana Branch
86, Spintex Road,
Accra Ghana
Tel. + 233.21.406059
Prayerline. + 233.27.7701335

Contact Details:
Church Of All Nations, Athens – Hearing Ministry
Stavropoulou 33
112 52 Athens Greece
Tel: (+30)2108665947
Mobile: (+30)6976520307

Cape Town Branch Church venue:
Bellville North Primary School,
Van der Stel Street,
Oakdale, Bellville.

CALAMITY!! Another true story of a man who loosed his wife, shop and money in 2 weeks…. saved by TB Joshua

Another touching account of the charitable works in The SCOAN…

The story of Job in the holy book sounded like a fairy tale to Mr Ezekiel Ayodeji until the cruel hands of nature and man unleashed deadly blows on him in quick succession recently. Within two weeks he lost his wife to typhoid fever, his shop that was full of goods he had just purchased to fire and duped of the sum of N240, 000 by a close friend.

The physically challenged indigene of Ondo State had lived up to his dream of not being liability to anybody by acquiring skills in rewinding coils. In Year 2000, he married a fellow artisan, Medinat Omokeinde. Within five year of marriage, the family was blessed with three children. His business was also thriving. Consequently, he said they lived a life of paradise on earth.

Mr Ezekiel Ayodeji and his three young children

Mr Ezekiel Ayodeji and his three young children

Filled with the joy of having a peaceful home and without any premonition of early exit of either of the couples to the world beyond, he averred that they drew out plans for projects they would execute over a period of time. But this was not to be as the wife fell ill along the line. She was diagnosed of typhoid fever and all effort by medical doctors to cure her of the sickness proved abortive.

According to him, she passed on a few weeks after, precisely on June 5, 2009. With the sudden exit of his wife, Ayodeji’s life was shattered. The sorrow of losing his heartthrob barely 9 years after marrying her and the pain of becoming a single parent of three children shattered his whole existence.

As a strong adherent of traditional statutes, he observed 7-days confinement at home as a mark of respect for his beloved wife after the burial. As the end of the confinement period drew near, he braced himself up for a return to his business in order to have the wherewithal to cater for his three children and other pressing needs.

It is a real privilege to be in a position to give – TB Joshua

Suddenly, another arrow was thrust into his heart when he got a call on his mobile phone informing him that the shop he just stocked with goods had been razed by fire. Having lost his wife and means of livelihood within a week, his every hope was instantly lost and committing suicide became the best option but for the love of his children.

Speaking with National Life in Lagos last Sunday, Ayodeji tearfully recounted how joy and contentment that defined his life gave way to

t is a real privilege to be in a position to give - TB Joshua

sorrow and gloom. “As you can see, I am physically challenged. But I resolved never to be a burden to anybody in my life. To live up to that, I learnt electrical rewinding and thereafter, carved a niche for myself in the job. My dexterity drew many customers to me and as a result, I delved into selling electrical wiring parts. When I had made enough money that I was certain would empower me to cater for a family, I married my late wife Medinat. She was such a nice wife that brought me good luck. Because of my turn around in my fortune, we started making plans for the future of our children and ourselves. But the whole plan suffered a serious setback when my wife fell sick. I took her to the hospital and spent so much all to no avail. One day, I was asked to go and buy drugs for her but when I returned, they told me that she passed on. The news devastated me a great deal. I got her family informed of the development and got no resistance whatsoever from them in going ahead to bury her.

“After the burial, I stayed back in the house for seven days as a sign of respect for her. When it was the seventh day, I heaved a sigh of relief that I would at least go back to my business to get money to feed my children. It was not long I thought about that that I received a call from my colleagues in the market that my shop had been razed by fire. When I heard the news, my whole life completely collapsed and various thoughts crossed my mind. Because I love my children so much I jettisoned all the unholy thought”.

His hope of living a meaning life again was rekindled when Governor Olusegun Mimiko visited the scene of the fire incident and promised to give financial relief to all the victims. What that, smile returned to his face. He then relied on a close friend who was saddled with the responsibility of giving details of each victim’s business financial worth to collect the governor’s monetary promise for him.

The gift given to Mr Ayodeji by Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team

Even though, the governor made good his promise by approving the sum of N250, 000 for Ayodeji, the story became the third sojourn into another life of sorrow. He narrated that his friend who was very much aware of his predicament, collected the money on his behalf but merely sent him a token sum of N10, 000 and bolted with the remaining.

The gift given to Mr Ayodeji by Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team

Confused over what could have informed his friend’s inhuman action, Ayodeji explained how all efforts he made to retrieve the money from his friend proved abortive.

“I am very surprised by my friend’s action. He was put in charge of giving the government details of our loss to the inferno but after collecting N250, 000 on my behalf, he only sent N10, 000 to me and ran away with the balance. This is a person who was duly informed of my pitiable plight but still went ahead to confiscate the money that the governor approved for me to start up after the fire incident that razed my shop. I called him severally but he would not act accordingly. At a stage, he stopped taking my calls. I went and reported him to the Commissioner for Environment but all efforts to get him to return the money falied”.

Left with no money to make both ends meet, Ayodeji said he had his children sent out of school while his landlord threatened to eject him for unpaid rent. To save his children, from pangs of hunger, he stated that he had to take to the street to beg neighbours and privileged members of his community for help. “When I didn’t have money to feed my children, I resorted to begging people for help. I bought food on credit for a period of time and such opportunities closed I started begging people around for both money and food”.

Now a silver lining seems to have appeared at the end of his dark cloud. Besides being financial empowered, Ayodeji is now a proud owner

God blesses us not only that we may be able to earn a living, but also that we may be able to give - TB Joshua

of a Mercedes Benz and has fast forgotten his past. He explains to sudden turn around in his fortune to National Life.

God blesses us not only that we may be able to earn a living, but also that we may be able to give – TB Joshua

“I must confess to you that I was terribly weighed down by all those bitter experiences. One day, while ruminating on the way out of these problems, my mind went to Synagogue Church of All Nations. I had heard and seen how people who had problems were helped there. With faith, I went there and as God would have it, Prophet T.B Joshua revealed the whole problem in his prophecy.

“Thereafter, he gave me the sum of N300, 000 to start my business all over and also gave me a Mercedes Benz. Somebody had presented him with the car, but he gave it to me and made provision for the maintenance. Now my children can go back to school and I can live a meaningful life again”.

Written by Innocent Duru

SOURCE: National Life – VOL.2 NO. 68

THE MAN WHO SAW ‘FORT’: TB Joshua On The Tragic Fort Hood Shootings

Amidst stunning revelations of Pastor T.B. Joshua’s prophetic involvement in FIFA’S U-17 and U-20 World Cups, another event of international magnitude has been added to the growing list of accurate prophecies pronounced by the Nigerian cleric…

Please watch the prophecy of Prophet TB Joshua on this page

Over a month earlier, T.B. Joshua had spoken forth a prophetic message regarding a strange event to occur at a place bearing the name, ‘Fort’. “This message is not even for Nigeria, but a super nation,” said the prophet during a live Sunday Service, alluding to the revelation about to be unveiled. “The name, ‘Fort’. We should pray for that name,” he continued. “It’s a parable because I’m seeing a strange person carrying something.” The pastor then demonstrated his hands cocked as if holding a gun. “We are praying for the whole world here”. The service was broadcast live via Emmanuel TV.


FORT HOOD — Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who fatally shot 13 people — including 12 soldiers — and wounded at least 30 others at Fort Hood

On Thursday, November 5th 2009, a soldier carrying two handguns opened fire on fellow soldiers at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas, USA, killing 13 people and wounding 30 in a tragic event that elicited shock and grief throughout the nation and beyond. The incident in Fort Hood, the largest active duty armored post in the world, stands as the deadliest ever on a military base on American soil. Arguments have run awry as to the motive of such massacre, the perpetrator being a fellow American soldier, Dr. Malik Nadal Hasan, a trained psychiatrist and major decorated with a number of prestigious military awards.

Addressing the nation, President Barack Obama Barack Obamasaid on the horrific shootings: “These are men and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. It’s difficult enough when we lose these brave Americans in battles overseas…But it’s all the more heartbreaking and all the more despicable because of the place where it occurred and the patriots who were its victims.”

Coming on the heels of recent confirmations of Joshua’s prophetic insight in the football arena from the likes of Sellas Tetteh, coach of Ghana’s victorious U-20 team and John Fashanu, Nigerian Ambassador for Sports and Tourism, events continue to unveil the authenticity of such prophetic pronouncements

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You can champion the cause for change. A champion is someone who helps others achieve their goals and realize their dreams – someone who is passionate about the success of others. A champion fights not his own battles but battles to win for others.

TB Joshua

A champion is an advocate and a defender; a leader and a deliverer who fights for the rights and honour of others and not for self or personal aggrandizement. Moses was such a man; he was raised by God not to deliver himself but to deliver Israel. It was David who stood up and killed the giant and brought the fear of Jehovah upon the philistines {1 Sam 17:20 – 58}. He also fought for the less privileged because he was a CHAMPION.

A man that carries all these attitudes of a champion does not do it on his own ground; it comes with the grace of God. There are many great champions in the world today, with various gifts of their own to make people successful in their future and career path.

There are some people like this that we can’t forget and even generations yet unborn will always talk about them.

Let me start with the life of T.B JOSHUA, ‘the man in the synagogue’, how he normally helps people spiritually, physically and emotionally with no call for alarm, all in the name of God. The sick get healed, widows are filled with joy and orphans are made to be happy without them thinking that there is nobody, but GOD the father of ALL that sees them through from the scratch dust to the top through the life of T.B JOSHUA.

TB Joshua is a man that gives people faith and believes that, there is hope and there is nothing that is impossible for God to do. No man succeeds alone; everybody needs good people around. No matter the situation you find yourself as a Christian, whether you have or not, you are destined to make a change in someone’s life. But every new season brings a new surprise; the more faithful and astute of us would call it fate, or inevitability. This season, it has been T.B JOSHUA.

The more you spend more on others and less for yourself i.e. when you bring joy to the faces of people that need what God has blessed you with – it’s a real privilege because we are blessed to bless others. Irrespective of your trade, position or place, we are charged to be a champion today.

God has brought us into that place of influence not to be served {Rom 13:1}. In other words, He wants us to be a champion, a role model and a deliverer. So, let us be passionate about the welfare, success and prosperity of others; fight for their rights; be their advocate and defender – champion their cause, let people see you as a favour. Know that you can be the catalyst for a change. Emulate great champions like T.B JOSHUA. You can inspire a change. Remember, it only takes a spark to light up a forest. God want you to be a champion for your world.

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TB Joshua’s Altar Boy Is Eaglets’ Super-Sub

Unknown to most Nigerians, Shehu Sani Emmanuel, the player who has caught the attention of the sporting world with his splendid showing for the Golden Eaglets, even as a substitute, is an altar boy in the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

A product of Pastor TB Joshua’s My People FC, the Edo State-born striker who now plies his trade with Bodens BK of Sweden, was literally raised in the Synagogue. A proven goal-scorer, Emmanuel caught the attention of national team coaches in friendlies involving My People FC, the Egypt 2009 Flying Eagles and the Golden Eaglets.

Emmanuel was top scorer for My People FC before he, alongside Eaglets teammate, Onazi Ogenyi, departed the shores of Nigeria, courtesy of Pastor Joshua’s sponsorship, to hone their skills.

A hattrick specialist, Emmanuel is regarded as one of the brightest prospects in Swedish football. Saturday Champion Sports gathered that Bodens officials and Swedish sports journalists who have been following the Eaglets’ progress at Nigeria 2009, have called in to express surprise that the player was being used sparingly by Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel, is confident the John Obuh tutored-Eaglets will survive Korea’s challenge during Monday’s quarter-final clash at the U.J Esuene Stadium Calabar.

Emmanuel, who currently leads Eaglets’ scorers chat with three goals, told Sporting Champion exclusively at the Abuja National Stadium, that the Eaglets are focused for the task ahead.

“We are not going to be carried away by the 5-0 win over New Zealand. Having got to this level of the competition, we are going to give all our best to ensure that we get the semi-final ticket and go all the way to clinch the ultimate prize,” he stressed.

The Nigerians were always in the driving seat in their round-of-16 clash against hopeful New Zealand. Scoring three goals in the first half, the Eaglets won the day 5-0 and fairly well cruised through their first knockout game to book passage to the quarter-finals, where they will lock horns with fast-moving Asian.

Edafe Egbedi opened scoring with a left-foot scorcher in the 14th minute after some clever work out wide by Terry Envoh. The stunned New Zealanders – playing in their first-ever knockout game at a FIFA finals – were in over their heads, and ten minutes later they were 2-0 down when Stanley Okoro hopped on the end of a spilled ball by New Zealand goalkeeper Coey Turipa.

Indeed, the Eaglets were having all of the possession and running circles around the Oceania lads. Egbedi grabbed his second goal of the game after 28 minutes when he collected a short pass in the area and curled another left-footed strike inside the far post.


On the heels of the recent controversy sparked by insinuations that Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua had claimed glory for the Black Satellites World Cup victory through his prophetic insight to Coach Sellas Tetteh, a similar event seems to have thrown a spanner in the works of the pastors critics…
A mere fortnight after the Satellite debate was at its hottest, revelations have emerged how coach of the current Nigerian U-17 Team, John Obuh, also received prophetic insight from T.B. Joshua concerning the Golden Eaglets last match with Argentina in the ongoing FIFA U-17 World Cup. Prophet Joshua also debunked the allegations of claiming glory for the Satellites triumph, referring to such statements as blasphemous and uncalled for.

On Sunday 4th November, a recorded conversation between the Nigerian cleric and Eaglets coach John Obuh was played back to The SCOAN congregation, an event broadcast live to the world via Emmanuel TV. Obuh was said to have called Joshua on Thursday, the day before the Argentine match on Friday.

“I Am A Gentle Donkey” – Prophet TB Joshua

“I told you in under 2 to 5 minutes they will score,” Joshua was heard telling the coach. “I want to assure you – your people are going home one ahead. That is the promise of God. But for five minutes they will be very dangerous – let us mark our home. 15 minutes to go will be for us – we must make use of it.” Coach Obuh told Joshua he had already informed the players of the prophecy. Another conversation was then played between Joshua and the Eaglets assistant coach Abimbola Samuel in which he told him in a local Nigerian dialect, “Your boys will work a penalty when it is 15 minutes to go…”

As events would have it, the match followed in the footprints of the revelation, Argentina scoring in the first two minutes, Nigeria winning a penalty in the last 15 and eventually winning by one goal to top their group and advance convincingly to the knock-out stages.

Speaking to the enthralled congregants, Joshua clearly defined the role of a prophet in such scenario, demystifying the rumour that he was attempting to ascribe glory to himself. “I cannot help anyone to win any match – I am just a servant,” he carefully explained. “A prophet is to tell God’s opinion. It’s a blasphemy, sin against Holy Spirit if you say a prophet is the one who helped someone win a match. I am a gentle donkey. I am just a donkey Jesus is riding on. If somebody drops beautiful clothes, attires on the floor for the donkey to march on, it is not the donkey they dropped the attire on the floor for, but the One on top.”

He further explained how the opinion of God can guide the team concerned, but the prophet who delivers such message has no say whatsoever in the matter. “There is nothing I can do – I am just a servant. I cannot touch it, I cannot alter it. It is God that can alter anything. A prophet doesn’t make a team win – a prophet only tells you the mind of God. When we know God’s opinion, it will help us to guard against mistake and error…”

The storm that erupted in Ghana over the Satellites Saga seems not to have deterred or discouraged the Nigerian pastor, who is widely known as one of the most persecuted pastors in Africa. Using his own life experience, he encouraged the viewers and those present that they must pass through both schools of persecution and praise as part of the necessary preparation for the journey ahead. “I feel strong in challenges, believing that personal improvement and fulfilment come through the continual process of learning from both negative and positive experiences,” he explained.

Recalling the words of his late mother that have been a source of inspiration for him, Joshua lyrically expounded, “When times are stable, and the sea is calm and secure, no one is really tested.” “People will challenge you, question you, try to get you off track,” he bluntly told the audience. “Don’t listen to the temptation to act out of character.”

On the presumption that such precise prophetic revelations can be dished out according to his own will, Joshua made it clear that the God of all nations who reveals such mysteries shows no partiality, attending equally to all who come to Him in humility and sincerity. “A prophet is a prophet to all nations irrespective of where he is from, and God is the Father of all – and He treats His children equally. For those who come to Him in humility, He opens His heart – and if you receive a prophet because he is a prophet, you receive a prophet’s reward…”

On the reason for the seemingly sudden burst of prophetic revelations about football, the pastor explained it is simply part of God’s mission to save souls, especially those of young people. “God wants to win the souls of young people – and young people today are into games such as football,” he clarified. “If they now see God’s hand in their midst, they will begin to believe God. It’s a game that unites other religions and Christians, even pagans – everyone unites when it is time of the game.”

Speaking on the qualities of true ministers of God, Joshua pointed to the importance of contentment, saying it is the lack of contentment that often causes people to engage in petty and unnecessary criticism of others. “When you are content – you will not compare yourself to others, you will not stand and begin to accuse your fellow brother or pray to rebuke and destroy them… The principle of a contented man is ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ ” Instead of criticising from afar, men of God should do what is good to change the bad they see, Joshua admonished.

The same service also witnessed the testimony of an armed robber who had come to the church last week armed with a gun, and the presentation of a brand new Mercedez car to a physically challenged man who had been begging for food with his three children for many months, his electrical shop having burned down a week after his wife tragically died. The reformed robber was supported with N200,000 while the physically challenged man had earlier been given N330,300, all part of Joshua’s extensive charitable activities.

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Source: All Voices | News source

The Power Of Prophecy!

The Power Of Prophecy!

Another moving story from Nigerian newspaper ‘The National Life’, detailing an incident in Akwa-Ibom state, and the way in which God used T.B. Joshua to intervene in the issue…

The joy of Ubong Enah Willie, a native of Ndoneyo in Onna Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, having completed his house suffered a fatal blow as tragedy struck his family and the team of prayer band invited to dedicate the house.

In the course of dedicating the house, two of Ubong’s children mysteriously dropped dead, while a pastor lapsed into coma, which ultimately took his life. Other members of the prayer band sustained serious injuries. Ubong, a spare part dealer explained that he had managed to make some savings from his meager income with which he purchased the land on which he built the house.

Ubong - Saved from the stigma of murder allegations

He revealed that he bought the land against prior warning by some men of God that he consulted about the dangers inherent in procuring the land and building on it. Tired of being hounded by landlords, Ubong said he over a period of time succeeded in erecting a 3-bedroom apartment on the said land.

Amidst savouring the joy of having become a landlord, Ubong explained that as a devout Christian, he invited a team of prayer warriors to cleanse the house of demonic and satanic powers and presence. Convinced of their divine anointing to uproot satanic powers, he said the pastors swung into action, binding and casting out demonic forces with him and his family members in attendance.

However, midway into the prayer session, Ubong said the whole exercise changed, and tragedy struck. According to him, he said that just as the prayers were going on, evil spirits invaded the building, shutting the doors and invincibly hitting everybody present with what was like a hammer, killing two of his four children instantly an leaving his wife and others seriously injured.

The pastor who led the prayers, he said died few days after while another member of the prayer

The late pastors wife

team till date has lost sensation in his right hand. In his own words, the embattled Ubong said: “I bought the land with my hard earned money although I was warned against buying it. After the purchase, I went ahead to start building on it. At the end of the day, I was able to put up a 3-bedroom apartment. As a Christian who believes in committing everything into the hands of God, I invited some pastors to come and pray over the house before we move in.

“On the day that they came, my family and I were around. Surprisingly, as the prayer was going on, I just experienced a strange feeling all over me and I felt like I had rashes all over my body. As I was wondering over what was happening, others were also having their own very unpalatable experience. There was no way out for any of us because everywhere was locked. At the end of it all, my two children died immediately. One of the pastors died about three days after”

TB Joshua - The ministry of reconciliation


Bassey Monday Udoh, another member of the prayer band explained that their mission to pray over Ubong’s new house was not the first time he would go out for such. Stunned by the bizarre experience, he recounted:” I have always gone out to pray for people in their houses and shops. Ubong’s case wasn’t the first time I went for such but it turned out to be a very terrible experience. While we were saying our prayers, some evil spirits just entered the house hitting me all over the body with something that felt like a hammer. I fell and it continued to hit me. After the medical attention that I received, I have lost feeling in my right hand. I have not been able to do anything with it since then and it still gives me serious pains. Apart from my hand, I have not been able to also reason very well as I used to do before now as a result of that demonic torture.”

Gift given to the family of the late pastor by Prophet T.B. Joshua



Pointing to a particular part of his body, he said, “Look at this side of my head, (he shows it), hair has not grown there since the incident” As if the cruel blows he received were not enough, Ubong, who was still dazed by the incidence that still defies comprehension and still mourning the demise of his children and his beloved pastor, was in for another shock when the community accused him of killing his children and the pastor for money rituals.

Aside the pain of having lost his beloved ones, the community’s allegation festered the sore in Ubong’s heart as he faced threats of various forms, including banished from his fatherland. With his whole world apparently crashing, the saying that failure is an orphan dawned on him.

Despite losing his children and his pastor in a prayer session, Ubong’s faith in his creator remained firm. Without any one to lean on, he solidly believed that his God was capable of setting him free.

With this conviction, he left his home town for the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos. At SCOAN, he recounted that while Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying, he mentioned that there was a man present at the service who was alleged of murder and asked such person to come out.

Stunned by the correctness of the prophecy, Ubong said: “I just came here to pray for God to deliver me from my problems and show to my people that I was innocent of the allegation leveled against me. To my surprise, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in the course of his prophecy, narrated everything that happened. He said the person concerned was innocent and asked that such person should come out for prayers. I did and he prayed for me.”

While away in Lagos seeking spiritual help, Ubong’s community back in Onna had gone to consult witch doctors to ascertain his culpability in the ugly incident. Without prior knowledge of Ubong’s visit to the SCOAN, the community head, he said put the oracles’ revelations aside and said he would have to hear from Prophet Joshua before he could accept that Ubong was not responsible for his children and pastor’s death.

Thus, he arranged that a delegate from the community, the pastor’s family members and Ubong visit SCOAN. Prior to that, the late pastor’s son who was said to be violent had threatened to avenge his father’s death by killing Ubong in return. After some appeals from the community, he was said to have rescinded his decision but demanded that Ubong should pay the sum of N4million for his father’s burial.

A bloody clash which would have ensued as a result of the crises was averted when the whole party involved in the crises visited Prophet Joshua. Meeting with the late pastor’s family and the community head’s delegate, Prophet Joshua informed that Ubong was innocent of the murder allegation leveled against him. To save the insolvent Ubong from being further hounded because of the huge sum the late pastor’s son demanded for his father’s burial, Prophet Joshua gave the family a sum of N500,000 and went ahead to assure the widow, Comfort Kiddy of his support for the upkeep of the family.

The widow had also requested that Ubong should be responsible for her mother’s burial which she said the late pastor was supposed to do before his untimely death while praying at Ubong’s new house. Propitiated by the Prophet’s intervention and benevolence, the late pastor’s son, Victor said that they were convinced that Ubong was not responsible for his father’s death and assured that peace would reign hence forth.

SOURCE: The National Life – Vol. 2 No. 68