Credit to TB Joshua

It is good to know that something positive can come out of Nigeria beyond 419, drug trafficking and prostitution. Joshua is helping to polish our image abroad. Let’s give him our support.

Matthew Okonkwo,

Pastor T.B. Joshua is a genuine man of God. First it was Fredrick Chiluba of Zambia, then came Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini and now, President John Attah Mills of Ghana. I believe that there is something about Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua which we can’t see with the naked eyes.

Balogun Ojo,

It is becoming increasingly difficult for anybody to doubt the prophetic powers of Pastor T.B Joshua. The man has powers but that’s all we know about him. It is now left for the man upstairs to judge if the powers are celestial or terrestrial.

Ademola Adebola,

It is unimaginable to see big-time politicians prostrate and tremble before a discredited man of God like Pastor T.B. Joshua. I am sure that this man has found the right formula to browbeat these guys to submission. Well, who am I to judge? Na God go judge.

Halidu Balogun,

I believe that T.B Joshua is a genuine man of God. I also know that he has healed so many sick and frustrated people. Joshua is real and all those who are against him must learn to look before they criticize, else they incur the wrath of God. For we walk by faith and not by sight…

Josiah Ajibode,
Apapa, Lagos

Whether T.B Joshua is real or not is irrelevant. What is important is that the man has done well to earn good foreign exchange for Nigeria. A visit to the Synagogue will reveal a horde of white folks and foreign religious tourists. It’s a matter of dollars, pounds sterling and euro!

Mohammed Bala,

Prophet T.B. Joshua has shown his divine competence by predicting the emergence of President John Atta Mills of Ghana. It shows that the man is really God-sent.

Tope Oguntuase,
Lekki, Lagos.

I think it is high time Nigerians stopped criticizing this prophet of God named Joshua. If we fail to believe in his gospel, only foreigners will continue to enjoy the grace of his prophecy.

Femi Adeale,

I have great admiration for Prophet Temitope Joshua, especially his large-heartedness. I wish all other men of God were like him. I will not join those who continue to speculate about the source of his powers and the genuineness of his miracles. I believe he is real and this is the reason why people flock to him from all parts of the world. Well done Joshua.

Istifanus Joshua,


I have never being to Synagogue before nor do I plan to attend in nearest future but I believe that it is better to do good things (miracles) than evil.

But doing miracles regardless on how anyone slice or dice it is far better than those pastors who use name of God and his message to amass wealth and deceive people just give more money. They (fake ones) build Universities that ordinary folks children in their churches cannot go because of huge tuition, they ride in mega millions jets when their congregation were parked in moles, they build mega structures in the name of God only to be pass on them on to their children and wives when they die. They advertise themselves and family on the billboards instead of HIS messages.

Emma Eregare

T B Joshua is doing good things which are commendable, he is healing the sick and feeding the poor, but these deeds does not make a Christian. is he born again. That you call in the name of Jesus for miracles does not make a Christian, miracles can happen to unbelievers too, at least the sun on the good and bad alike. One latest fear have now is his romance with world leaders who may not necessarily have the fear of God. It is only to prove that he is succumbing now to the powers after supposedly falling prey to the domain of principalities. a Christian’s basic work is to believe in the finished work of Christ, miracles are only additives it does not make any one man of God since the devil can still heal and do signs and wonders, remember sign are for unbelievers the bible say. i want ask which church did the prophet attend, how did he get born again, apart from him long spell at fasting to get his powers when and where did he get his nurturing as a young Christian?

Etienne Tawong

Even Jesus Christ who was without sin was still criticized. So, the criticisms are normal for unbelievers. Some people want to see but Jesus speaking before they believe but they don’t know that HE speaks through HIS servants. Some will want to know how these miracles happen before they believe but the through is that God will never reveal how it happens, and even the scientists cannot be able to determine that.


TB Joshua’s practical Christianity is a source of inspiration and motivation for me. When I watch his broadcasts, I am always left encouraged, edified and challenged to do more in my Christian life and service.

The most touching aspect is his charitable works. He has reset the standard of biblical Christianity, proving that it is very possible to live a biblical lifestyle in the midst of the flamboyancy and fallacies of this world. It is about time other pastors started to learn from him, instead of blindly criticizing.