Words of wisdom by Prophet TB Joshua

tbj-21“Knowing facts about God does not change your relationship with Him. Therefore, take the time to read your Bible with devotion because there you meet Him face to face. The Bible is given to us in the first place, simply to invite us to make ourselves at home in the world of God and become familiar with the way He speaks and the way in which we answer Him with our lives” TBJ

“Those who are rich in every sense of the word understand that life is a learning

Experience” – TBJ

“What causes sadness and anguish to the man without vision is a source of joy to the man of vision.” TBJ

“There is something far more important than your present situation – your dream and your goal.” – TB Joshua

“Today, be encouraged to stay focused on God. As Christians, our focus should be only on what God has to say, not on what our natural circumstances have to say” TBJ

“You can be bold as a Christian through knowing that you are a faith man, a faith woman! Be bold to speak God’s language. “The Father loves me as much as He does any of His children. I am just as dear to the Father as any evangelist, pastor, missionary or teacher” TBJ

“Jesus is all the world to me my life, my joy, my all. He is my strength from day to day Without Him, I would fall.” – TB Joshua

“As a Christian, whatever situation you are passing through now is for a purpose. It may be to stop you awhile in order to preserve you for redemption, in order to keep you for a new level in life, to prepare you for the challenges ahead, to reform you for a better position in God. So take heart, in every situation, God has something to say. Even when He seems to be quiet, He is still saying something!” TBJ

“Looking the other way when your brother is in trouble is equal to rejecting Christ Himself.” TB Joshua

Life is too short to waste our time on things that have no lasting significance or value. It is not how long you live that counts, but how well. Your death is coming some day and you have never been told when that day will be. Have you been told? See every minute as important. Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. – TB Joshua

As Jesus taught us in the book of Matthew 6:33, we should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all those things shall be added to us. This means, that success, blessing, breakthrough comes when your aim, focus and desire is to build God’s kingdom. But you should always remember that faith is not a magic button that you press and receive all these things immediately. When you pray, your prayer must be followed by an attitude of absolute faith that God is working out the answer. So, whatever your present situation – don’t concentrate on it. learn to focus on serving God wholeheartedly, doing your best and leaving the rest to Him. So, when it is God’s appointed time for that breakthrough – nothing can stop it!