What have you been hearing from others without confirmation? Do not sit somewhere, hear this or that and come to a hasty conclusion. Watch out for fabricated lies. We live in a world where lies and falsehood reign. As you watch, find out the truth and let the truth set you free!

Since February of 2008, leading newspapers throughout Nigeria have reported on the ‘alleged’ , moral failures and supposed criminal activities to include rape, sodomy and murder, all purported to have been committed by one T.B. Joshua, the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria.

Two individuals in particular, a Theresa Bisola Johnson a former church aid and Mr. Paul Agomoh a former associate minister under T.B. Joshua produced a video entitled, “Deception of the Age” (i.e. “Rise of a Nigerian Anti-christ”.

This video is being sold for $40.00 in some of the largest churches in the region. They assert that their goal is strictly to expose T.B. Joshua as a false prophet, a charlatan and perpetrator of atrocious crimes.

Specific Accusations

In the video Bisola Johnson described how she and others endured horrific psychological abuse and cult-like brainwashing. She claims to have been victim of sodomy and her video co-star Mr. Paul Agomoh claims to have personally witnessed sexual orgies, molestation of under age children, staged or fake miracles, and other sins, deceptive practices and criminal conduct.

The video entitled, ‘Deception of the Ages’ was take to well known Pastor Ladi Peters Thompson of Living Waters Unlimited Church, Lagos. He is the the individual who first contacted mainstream media and broke the story.

Can You Explain ‘Due Process’?

Let’s assume that Pastor Ladi Peters Thompson was pure in his motives when he contacted major newspapers with the allegations. Keep in mind that any ‘reasonable adult of sound moral conscience’ who views the content of that video would have no reason to doubt the integrity of the victims.

If those allegations are in fact true, a pastor and all mature Christians have a sacred responsibility. Scripture outlines a process that must be followed to effectively deal with matters of this sort.

  1. II Corinthians 13:1, the church is commanded not to receive an accusation against a man of God unless it is confirmed by two or more eye-witnesses of sound moral character.
  2. Matthew 18:15-17,Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. 16) But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. 17) And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.”

By adhering to instructions presented in the Word of God all persons, whether guilty, not guilty and innocent victims can have their privacy and human dignity protected. Moreover, if we follow these steps we can determine whether or not the allegations made are true or fabricated.

As Christians we must never forget that our sacred responsibility and life calling is to help all men, even the most wicked of criminals discover the reality of deliverance from sinful habits, forgiveness and peace with Jesus Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit. If we approach conflicts and strife in the house of God with this mindset God is free to work through us in order to effect confession of sin, repentance and restoration. If we abandon this process – souls will remain lost in sin, condemnation and shame.

We can never allow personal opinion, rumor or superstition distract us from our sacred calling which is to save the lost. All that we have just explained should not be ‘new information’ to experienced Pastors and members of clergy. However, if we explore how this case was handled we discover some very disturbing facts:

  • At no time has Pastor Peters Thompson make contact or even attempt to make contact with T.B. Joshua to inquire as to the truthfulness of the video content. (A direct violation of scripture)
  • As of this date (August 13, 2009), Peter Thompson insists that he will not dialogue with T.B. Joshua. Not by telephone, face-to-face or byb any other medium. (Wilful disobedience against the Word of God).
  • Pastor Peters Thompson states adamently that he will not review evidence that could clear T.B. Joshua of the allegations, and has determined that if any such evidence exists it must be fabricated evidence.

The main point of this article is about something called – due process. The process in which Church leaders are to handle this kind of issue has not been followed.


The integrity of the two so-called ‘witnesses’ against T.B. Joshua is questionable to say the least. There is sufficient evidence to prove conclusively that they have lied on T.B. Joshua. Let’s explore the evidence.

  • In ‘Deception of the Ages – Part 4‘, Mr. Paul Agomoh boldly asserted that he purchased wheelchairs, even a specific wheelchair that according to Agomoah, was used to fake the healing of one Maxwell Ijeh. (Forward to frame 5:20 sec.) Agomoh describes how Maxwell was manipulated and made to sit in and pose as a crippled man.

Fact: Mr. Maxwell Ijeh and his wife have come forward to testify on record that Agomoh’s story is fabricated and untrue. Maxwell Ijeh says the wheelchair was his own personal property. Maxwell Ijeh further states that he was genuinely healed nine years ago after receiving prayer at T.B. Joshua’s church. He also states that Jesus Christ alone is his healer, not a man. Maxwell Ijeh states that his wheelchair was not purchased by Paul Agomoh as alleged in the video.

  • Pastor Paul Agomoh alleged that Westerners were duped and manipulated into believing that T.B. Joshua had a ‘healing anointing’ on his life, when according to Agomoh the healings were fake and staged.

Fact: Jaco van der Westhuzen, a superstar rugby player from South Africa sought out prayer from T.B. Joshua due to a career threatening leg injury. Immediately after prayer, Jaco was filmed removing his leg brace and proceeded to leap and run without any pain or limitations. He returned to his rugby team and to this day, continues his sports career. Upon returning to South Africa, Jaco van der Westhuzen completed a medical evaluation. This video footage shows Jaco’s doctor who standing by his side celebrating that something amazing did occur in the healing of this professional athlete. (Forward to frame 3.35 sec).

Fact: A delegation of clergy from the USA and Canada visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations to not only observe first-hand T.B. Joshua preach and pray for the sick. Among these delegation were Bishop Joseph Garlington of Philadelphia-USA, Pastor John Arnott of Toronto, Canada, Missionaries Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries.

They conducted interviews with individuals whom T.B. Joshua prayed for and thereafter claimed were healed. Here is the video footage of their findings. The evidence is clear. People were in fact healed after prayer. According to their testimony, it was not T.B. Joshua who healed them, but the power of the Holy Spirit through faith in the name of Jesus Christ.

These new facts underscore the importance of why we must obey scripture and hear both sides of the story. This sacred responsibility can not be ignored or forsaken. The female in the video, one Theresa Bisola Johnson who claimed that T.B. Joshua sexually abused her is untrustworth to say the least. Listen and watch the following video:

  • In this video footage we hear Bisola Johnson confession from her own mouth that she is an ‘emere’ (witch) on assignment to destroy the ministry of T.B. Joshua.

No Brother’s Keeper

Failure to obey the Word of God is simply rebellion and disobedience. To bear false witness against a innocent brother or sister in Christ is to avail oneself to become an agent of demonic forces. In my next report I will cover the allegations made by one; Pastor Chris Okotie of Household of God Church in Oregun-Lagos.

  • He alleges that T.B. Joshua has the spiritual ability to vacate his physical body at night and manifest himself in the home of his church parishioners or his enemies.
  • According to Pastor Chris Okotie, T.B. Joshua did in fact can appear as a ‘familiar spirit’ in his home using such spiritual powers. (Source: Christian Online Magazine)
  • Pastor Chris Okotie alleges that he has reason to believe that T.B. Joshua is a practitioner of ‘docetic gnosticism’. He says that this is the source of T.B. Joshua’s demonic spiritual powers.

Fact: Docetic Gnosticism is a belief held by ancient Greeks of 70A.D. to 100 A.D. It taught that Jesus Christ was not physically raised from the dead, but was an illusion. (Source; Wikipedia Encyclopedia) Docetism died out in approximately 1,000 A.D. It has nothing to do with occultism, spiritual or mystical arts.

Pastor Chris Okotie is obviously a poor student of Gnosticism and bible history. Should we even waste time entertaining his allegations that T.B. Joshua has the power to leave his body at night and appear in a physical form as a Familiar Spirit? I don’t buy that fabricated story for one moment.

Late this year Pastor Okotie, a divorced pastor has remarried a widow. He has accused Pastor Christ Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy

There is no evidence whatsoever to prove that allegation. It is based on superstition, myth and folklore. I am compelled to believe that Chris Okotie has other motives for coming against T.B. Joshua. This investigation will certainly be continued. By the way, I paid a visit to Mr. Okotie’s church website – http://www.householdofgodchurch.com/childrenschurch/. He sure looks very sharp in that wonderful suit, but the name of Jesus Christ is not even featured on his website. There is not a one sentence on the saving grace and love of Christ anywhere to be found. Can a reader please encourage this man to get his priorities and message in order?

Ministries to have received his powers to heal the sick from T.B. Joshua. Yet, we all know that Pastor Oyakhilome has been praying for the sick long before T.B. Joshua’s rise to fame.

The umbrella body of Pentecostals has banned miracle crusades from being telecast on Nigerian T.V. Not only is the move in direct opposition to the work of the Holy Spirit, it is a statement to the whole world. It is an announcement to the world that ‘Pentecostals’, do not have the Spirit and power of Pentecost as our name suggests. The Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, delivered the oppressed from demonic powers and healed the sick – is not present.

My advise to all Nigeria Pentecostals is to pray for your church leaders, pray for a mighty revival of God’s power to invade your beloved country and then, STAND UP for truth, fairness, and Godly integrity.



We, as an independent organization devoted to the study of the doctrine, mode of worship, preaching, teaching and practice of religious bodies 11bill1sand Church organizations in Nigeria have focused our attention to the recent unwarranted attack and allegations against Pastor T. B. Joshua of The Synagogue Church of

all Nations and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Love World Assembly a.k.a Christ Embassy as published recently in various magazines and newspapers among which are Encomium magazine, Treasure magazine, This day Newspaper and City People magazine and lately, your magazine Charisma and Christian life.

In addition to the role and objective of our organization as stipulated above, we also monitor the lifestyle of the head of the various Church organisations, General Overseers and men of God.

The sustained unrelentless attack on Pastor T. B. Joshua and lately on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome by Pastor Chris Okotie because of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s association with Pastor T. B. Joshua has led to a thorough investigation by our organisation of Pastor T. B. Joshua, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the accuser, Pastor Chris Okotie.

The result of our investigations, findings and assessments is herewith attached.

In addition to our investigation, our organization made a request to Lagos State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria to investigate the allegations made against Pastor T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations by Rev. Chris Okatie and the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria.

At our request, both the Lagos State and Federal Government of Nigeria carried out thorough and extensive investigation of all the allegations through the use of State investigative network. Result of the Government investigation revealed that there was no substance in the Pastor Chris Okotie’s and the Pentecostal fellowship allegations against Pastor T. B. Joshua as a result of which the Government pronounced verdict of innocence.

Thereafter, the Lagos State Government and Federal Government authorities invited Pastor T. B. Joshua and his accuser Chris Okotie (see enclosed letters) to a meeting. Where the government issued warnings to Pastor Okotie and his Pentecostal Fellowship Group to desist from their falsehood, unfounded, mischievous and malicious attack laden with blatant lies against Pastor T. B. Joshua and Oyakhilome.

Religious monitor has been monitoring the Synagogue Church of All Nations since 1993 when the organization came to Nigeria prominence up-to-date, the monitoring is still progressing and so far, we have found nothing unusual or unbiblical in the practice, doctrine, teaching and mode of worship of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. The life of the general overseer and founder of the Church (Pastor T. B. Joshua) is worthy of emulation. Our conclusion and verdict is that Pastor T. B. Joshua received his anointing through absolute righteousness and holliness, which many of Nigeria’s Pentecostal Church Pastors lack.

Majority of today’s Pentecostal Church Pastors in Nigeria are Pastors of fortune seekers, morally bankrupt people, adulterers, mischievous, deceitful people as a result of which the Churches are personal estates and properties of the founder, general overseer and his immediate family. For example, Pastor Chris Okotie has been deserted by his wife who has alleged wide spread adultery with members of the congregation by Pastor Okotie. The wife is now filing for divorce. Similarly, Pastor Oritsajefor has divorced his first wife and now married to the wife of a member of the congregation. Such is the unholy practice of these Pastors. This situation has made it impossible for most of the new generation Nigerian Pentecostal Churches to receive true anointing. A few among them, such as; Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Living Faith (a.k.a Winners Chapel), Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Deeper Life Ministries, Love world Assemblies (a.k.a Christ embassy) and few others can be said to meet the standard expected in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor T. B. Joshua has been found to be very upright and righteous and has received the true anointing of the Holy Spirit. The arrival of the true Holy Spirit anointed Pastor into the Nigerian Christian Ministries has been kicking Satan left and right, and the kingdom of Satan has been badly damaged.

The people fighting and accusing Pastor T. B. Joshua are in this category. They are the false and fortune seeker Pastors. Such as Chris Okotie and some of his fellow Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria members. They are not actually fighting Pastor T. B. Joshua, they are fighting the happenings of holy spiritual hearings at the Synagogue. They are fighting the miracles of God happening at the Synagogue. The hearings and miracles taken place at the Synagogue can only be by the anointing of the Holy Spirit of God. This has challenged the kingdom of Satan in Nigeria and has threatened their survival and existence. The fellow Pastors threatened are the one fighting to protect their interest and survival. Unfortunately, it is too late for them.

The influx of foreign missionaries, President of Nations and dignitaries from all over the world to the Synagogue is as a result of this true anointing. The hearings and miracles according to Pastor T. B. Joshua is not the work of his own hand but his father THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. The miracles and hearings are received free and all the thousands of various missionaries from all over the world on pilgrimage to Synagogue are accommodated free with feeding as no one pays for anything at the Synagogue. No endowment fund, no development fund, no special contribution and no extortion is allowed at the Synagogue as practised by other Pentecostal Churches through which the founders and general overseers enrich themselves.

Finally, we recommend that your magazine arrange a visit to the Synagogue on an investigative mission and an interview with Pastor T. B. Joshua. We at religious monitor believe that Pastor T. B. Joshua is the gift of God to Nigeria, mankind and the whole world. Despite the tribulation similar to what our Lord Jesus suffered, the Pastor and the Church are waxing stronger and stronger.

We thank you in anticipation of a prominent and elaborate publication of this rejoinder: IN DEFENCE OF THE TRUTH.

Yours in the service of the Lord,

Bishop (Dr,) Benjamin Okoye Alh. (Dr.) Usman Abdulkadir

Invitation From Security/Criminal Intelligent Bureau

Invitation From Assistant Inspector General of Nigerian Police Force

Pastor T. B. Joshua Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pastor Chris Okotie
Personality & Life style Simple & humble Moderate & humble Lousy, reckless & flamboyant
Doctrine Pentecostal Pentecostal Pentecostal
Teaching & Preaching Gospel, Salvation of soul, divine spiritual healing of the afflicted by the annointing power of the Holy Spirit. Gospel, Salvation of soul, divine spiritual healing of the afflicted by the annointing power of the Holy Spirit. Hatred, Criticism and Condemnation
Morality Upright Upright Moraly bankrupt & Adulterer
Background Poor family & Teacher Average family & Clergy home Funky Musician
Organisational Practice Charity Charity Materialism
Uprightness Disciplined Disciplined Arrogant & worldly
Family Blissful marriage & good family Blissful marriage & good family Broken home, desertion by wife because of Adulterous life
Divine & Spiritual annointing Deepest annointing by the Holy Spirit Deeper annointing by the Holy Spirit Questionable and unknown
Individual Future Plans More annointing More annointing to become politician & State Governor
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About TB Joshua Fans UK Blog

WARNING Beware of any imposters claiming to be Prophet T.B. Joshua or claiming to represent The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, demanding for money in the name of either of the above in the promise of providing Anointing Water or other materials from the ministry. The Anointing Water is not for sale! Healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings are free gifts of God. Jesus Christ paid for our perfect and complete healing when He died on the cross. Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation (Matt 26:40).


  1. Solomon

    Surely, if TB was using evil spirit, he must have been down by now. Being Prophet means speaking with God, claiming it falsely is Hypocricy. God strips u naked!!



    Praise Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Emmanuel! What i want to say about people who are accusing the man of God is that “May the Lord of Mercy forgive them indeed” as he said in his word ” that he will never fight with the man because the man also is the flesh”so these people who claim to be Christians while opposing the woks of the holy spirit doing in TB Joshua they lacks the good foundation of the word of God, they walk in flesh as we know the work of the flesh is sin and there is no one day the man whose life is ruled by sin will believe that God does great things through people who believe indeed in him,he will always see Satan is the one who is able, thats why such people they are criticizing what JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH Is doing through TB Joshua and say that he is using magic,lies,and what,The question is, if TB Joshua is using the name of JESUS and the word of God he has believed to cast out demons and to set God’s people free, and for them as Christians in they are church what do they use to cast out demons? If they are using the same name of Jesus and nothing is happening there is something wrong with them and not God,either they walk in flesh,they live in sin,they lack faith,they are religious people and not Christians,they don’t believe in the word of God,they criticize the works of the holy spirit,they are proud,they walk by sight not by faith,they are people pleaser and not to please God,there is something wrong that why they sit down and fight the man of Most high God TB Joshua,and for their information the bible did not say that the wonders will be performed by those who went to Bible colleges,the bible says Mark 16.17-18 that” who ever believes” even if is the pastor,priest,evangelist, it does not matter the problem is in believing,that why today we have pastor,evangelist, who have been in bible colleges and still they live in sin,so when they use the name of Jesus nothing will happen and they will end up abusing the works of Jesus in other ministries like of TB JOSHUA ministry,simply because they have failed to believe in JESUS and to fail to be faithfully to their call,that why we have a lot of Christ who are used to lies than truth of God,they want people who will tell them what they want to hear only BUT TRULY AS GOD LIVES ‘IF THEY WILL NOT HEAR AND OBEY WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS SPEAKING THROUGH TB JOSHUA AND AMEND THEIR WAYS EVEN IF THE ANGEL COMES FROM HEAVEN WILL TELL THEM THE SAME THING, SO THE BETTER OBEY EARLIER THAN LATER, IT MAY BE TOO LATE. KEEP ON MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA THEIR WORDS WILL NEVER STOP THE WORK OF GOD IN THE WORLD.Emmanuel -God with us



  3. makaya gildas

    Goos morning man of God i come through this mail express unto one preocupation about what happen to me.Since years i see you in my dreams where you teaching me about the prophetic ministry and how to move in the anointing of GOD.before doing this dreams about you there still have some dreams that i used to have even now where God he is usig me powefully i want to know how can i do to make it happen?One the accurate dream that i had have you were preaching i was in the hall in the middle of your message something like this you stop the you came to me and you pointed your finger and by saying you come i came and you asked the ushers to bring oil and pour out the oil upon my head and you said preached i did so it was amazing what happen people were touching by Holy-Ghost power.I saw many time dreams like this even on the another man of God most of the time it’s you please if you have some meaning please let me know i need to walk according to the call that God has put over me pleas if you don’t find any drawbacks mentor me i need some to teach me so that i may grow.I ‘m student i am in south Africa for my studies.I do hope you will receive that messsage and my thirsty from God will quench.I am coming from Gabon.Suggested something man of GOD please.I am tired to see dreams and not able expericed them in the physical realm.


  4. Henry Kiryowa

    Grace Life Mission

    P.O. Box 33330 Kampala-Uganda, East Africa.

    Dear servant of God

    Praise God.

    Thank you for standing and serving the King of Kings and Lord of all Lord, Jesus Christ, the King of glory; our everlasting hope and God.

    RE: Uphold our hands (Exodus 17:12)

    I am called Pastor Henry Kiryowa, Born Again, aged 32, married to Sarah and blessed with two boys, namely: Benny Hinn Richson – 6yrs and Berack Richson – 4yrs, and also guardian of three Orphans: Lillian mbabazi -17yrs, Lydia Mbabazi 15yrs and Linda Mbabazi 12yrs; currently residing at Kalerwe, Author and founder of Grace Life Mission. Etc.

    About the Church: Grace Life Mission is a Pentecostal, Revival and Christian Church and Our main objectives is to preach the word of God, Bring revival and transformation, Minister healing and deliverance to the captives, Plant Churches in places where there is need for the Life Changing Gospel of Jesus Christ etc.

    This Church is fully registered by the government of Uganda as a Non Government Organization (NGO) and also registered by: The National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches –Uganda.

    Our Church is located at Kyebando Katale Zone, Opposite Delta Petrol Station, in Kawempe Division, Kampala District and this place is a slam area and most of its residents are gangerstars, drunkards, thieves, fornicators, drug addicts, witches, idlers and disorderly people, also there are many orphans, street children, sick and jobless people, who don’t know the next step to take in life etc.

    Sincerely speaking, this place is hungry and thirsty for God and the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ through a humanitarian, voluntary and holistic ministry.

    Though we have started a church in this place, but we have not done much to impact the lives of these people; since we don’t have the things which can help us to reach them faster or to entice them to stay in Church.

    We preach door to door and some get saved, but when they come to Church, we teach them the word of God and pray for the sick or demon possessed; however after getting healed, they go back in the Disco theatres for entertainments, because in the church we don’t have good public address systems (Amplifier, mixer, guitar, piano, brass band and speakers, plus a projector which can show them some Christian films)

    As a servant of God, you know how it pains to find that new convert in such a wrong place after attending a Church service and to make the matter worse, when these people go back in these places; they meet their former friends who discourage them.

    When you try to ask them, why they have decided to go back to that wicked place, they simply say, am still a Christian, but I need some entertainment, but in your Church you don’t have it (that is a real blow or challenge, though it cannot stop us from serving God and doing His will)

    After mentioning that, as a leader you try to use scriptural truth to show him that, God is more important than those entertainments, but since they are not yet transformed, you cannot force them to come back to Church or leave their environments.

    Therefore we are continuing to preach and at the same time lose some of those new converts: that is why, I have decided to ask you, to stand with us to see that, we don’t work in vain. The best way is to buy these equipments; it shall help to strengthen the work of God.

    Very urgent need: we rent the Church premises at a monthly fee of UGX: 200,000/= or US$ 100 or GB₤ 65, But we are supposed to pay three months in advance. The amount we paid elapses on November 15th, therefore we need your upper hand to see that, we pay this rent of 200,000 x3= 600,000/= or US$ 300 or GB₤ 195 (for the months of November, December and January 2011)

    Secondly, we also need some help to make a big crusade, seminar and Bibles to give to these new converts. (Praise report: on 26/09/2010, a servant of God called Minister Kalyango Jimmy of “World Bible Teaching Ministries”, visited our Church and donated 14 Bibles, it was so wonderful and the new convert where very much encouraged)

    Therefore, I call upon you in the name of Jesus Christ, to stretch out your hand towards this ministry, you shall be blessed and you shall get accountability on every penny given to us. For example, check “ministry updates” on my website: http://www.kiryowa.webs.com, you shall see the money we received in August and how we utilized it, the same thing shall go on.

    I strongly believe that, God has led me to write to the right person, who love God and admires to advance His Kingdom; you can give the best or the little you have, but God shall widely open the windows of heaven for you and by doing so; lack, sickness, debts, poverty, failure and misfortune shall be taken off your tent, job and family.

    (I Chronicles 28:10, 20; Proverbs 3:9-10; Isaiah 58:7-14; Malachi 3:10-12)

    Finally, if you want to visit us or to minister or preach in our small Church, you are highly welcome; but you should contact us in advance so that, we make proper arrangements for you to deliver the word of God.

    God shall bless you as you convey this message to your Church, flock, family and organization or any God fearing person.

    We are waiting for your kind consideration in Jesus name.

    May God bless you.

    Henry Kiryowa.


  5. circus acts

    Great section,thanks into putting that contemplation! “This really is openly one awesome situation. Thanks for your important information plus insights you have so provided here. Keep it down!”



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