The footage and the faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,1-7

Unlike other news papers that write anything they hear or told for money, without finding out the truth, Leadership Vision has decided to stand for the truth, by bringing another comprehensive report on the saboteurs, blasphemers, lairs that infiltrated the Synagogue Church of All Nation’s. To watch their confections that contradicts their claims to support this please click here, to watch all the footage.

The footage and the faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,1

The footage and the faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,2

The footage and the faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,3

The footage and the faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,4

The footage and the faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,5

The footage and the faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,6

The footage and the faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,7



Do not allow yourself to be fooled by these blasphemers, whose tongues are field with deceit

Saving The Child-Witches Of Nigeria

Innocent lives tragically snuffed out, families recklessly torn apart, beautiful hopes dashed on the rocks of blind allegations… Such is the case of many children in Nigeria and accross Africa falsely branded witches by crisis-ridden people desperately searching for scapegoats amid superstitious tendencies. The result is simply disastrous as young children barely able to reason for themselves are stigmatised and seperated from society – and in many cases, killed. But thank God, hope is rekindling for the rejected and dejected children, as Pastor TB Joshua is being used mightily by God to re-unite broken families, by unveiling the truth from God about the said accusations…

Here is one such case…

“She is the one that killed her mother! She caused my father a serious accident – they say she even attacks people in the dream. If she comes to church, they will send her away. The pastor called me and said if I keep her with me, she will destroy my family. She was born with witchcraft power – they said she cannot be delivered, that we should drive her out. If she’s going to die, let her die. It is better she dies before killing us…”

The accusations levelled against the meek 10 year old were both fierce and frequent. Labelled a symbol of satan, a societal scourge, an instigator of destruction and initiator of woe, her dark eyes filled with pain beyond her years. Despite her tender age, Favour Onyenwaku had been communally branded a witch. Before finally throwing her out of the house, Edward Jonathan and Amadi Kelechi, Favour’s uncle and cousin respectively, decided to bring the small girl from Anambra State to the famous Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria on a desperate mission to ascertain the truth from God.

The Child-Witches of Nigeria - isolated, rejected and neglectedThe Child-Witches of Nigeria – isolated, rejected and neglected

Stigmatised from childhood as a witch and menace, Favour was brought up in the house of her auntie, her biological mother dying tragically seven days after birth. As she grew in stature, so did the stigma – and before long, the loathsome rumour had spread its tentacles throughout the neighbourhood, every ensuing mishap attracting her name as the prime suspect. The brazen confirmation of her witchcraft by various pastors and spiritualists further fuelled the revulsion and isolation to the point that Favour was thrown out of school and chased out of church, deserted by friends and denied by family. Uncommonly intelligent, Favour managed to return to school a week before her exams, achieving a remarkable 1st place position with a double promotion. The joy was short-lived as the community soon attributed her outstanding success to satanic sources. There were many attempted deliverances, yet with seemingly futile results, the pastors involved explaining that her case was beyond spiritual intervention since the evil powers were supposedly inborn. It seemed the only availing option was to send the little girl out to the face the perils of life without protection or provision.

TB Joshua with Favour and familyTB Joshua with Favour and family

Favour stood silently before the vast congregation of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations on Friday 28th August, T.B. Joshua looking keenly at her. It was The SCOAN monthly healing service, with over 20 000 watching the drama unfold with rapt attention. “You heard what they are saying? Are you a witch?” he asked softly. Favour looked up, emotionless. “I am not a witch.” The crowd gasped. “I did not kill my mother or cause anybody accident. I am a child of God!” She was bold and convincing, speaking with clarity and maturity far beyond her age. Praying for her momentarily, Joshua then smiled broadly. Turning to the congregation, he spoke authoritatively. “Favour is not a witch.” The crowd erupted, many unable to withhold their tears. The burden of a stigma too heavy for such young shoulders was finally lifted.

The Protesting 'Witches'...The Protesting ‘Witches’…

The following Sunday 30th August, Favour’s family recounted the sordid experience, thanking God for unveiling the truth. Leading the entire congregation in prayer on their knees for forgiveness for the heinous sin of calling one created in the image of God an image of satan, it was a time of sober and sombre reflection. The viewers watching worldwide on Emmanuel TV were touched by Favour’s harrowing experience, many calling throughout the service and pledging to financially sponsor Favour to any educational level she desired. TB Joshua explained the gift of God in Favour is what prompted satan’s attack, saying however that the experience served a purpose. “If gold must be gold, it must pass through the furnace,” he said, stating that Favour was a promised child with great potential. He said he would be ready to join the plethora of callers in sponsoring Favour to study abroad if she so desired, stating that she deserved the best.

A visibly thankful Favour testified in the church, drawing applause from the crowd for her prodigious intelligence. “I know that everything that happened to me serves a purpose. God is the One that brought us here. I thank God for making the whole world to know I am not a witch, and I have forgiven all those who accused me. I advise the whole world – if they call you a witch, just accept it – one day God will meet you and reveal the truth.” Africa News gathered that since then, Favour is being taken care of within The SCOAN premises.

In a similar event, a 10 year old boy named Victor Ivuogbe was abandoned at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations by his father following related allegations of witchcraft. Sleeping under a truck and begging for food for four days before being found, TB Joshua had earlier made a plea for his father to come and reconcile with the boy, emphasising that he was not a wizard as accused. Responding, the father, a pastor in the Assemblies of God church, came to The SCOAN, and publically reunited with his son, acknowledging his mistaken accusation. “If we make mistakes, as we all do – don’t run from God, run to Him,” said TB Joshua, encouraging the sober father. Charitable gifts of N800 000 and multiple bags of rice were also given out to widows and less privileged students in the action packed service.

Wild accusations...Wild accusations…

The trend of children falsely accused of witchcraft and subsequently rejected and neglected is on an alarming increase within Nigeria, and indeed in different parts of Africa, people blindly looking for scapegoats when faced with crises of varying sorts. The issue recently attracted international outrage with the airing of a documentary on United Kingdom’s Channel 4 where a self-professed pastor from Akwa-Ibom State claimed to have killed over a hundred child-witches. Stepping Stones Nigeria, a UK based NGO set up to awaken awareness of the Nigerian child witches dilemma, identified religious profiteering, extreme poverty, disintegration of the extended family structure, ignorance, superstitious beliefs and broken marriages as the major causes of such irrational accusations.

In a nation where many religious leaders are shameless exploiting these superstitious beliefs for personal gain and fame, Pastor T.B. Joshua has carved a niche for himself in the areas of revelation and reconciliation. Families torn apart through such allegations of witchcraft are re-united on almost a weekly basis at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations as the truth from God is revealed regarding the said accusations. Many are financially supported thereafter on the road to rehabilitation and teams dispatched to the areas concerned to correct the wrong impression imposed on the accused.

SOURCE: Africa News, Modern Ghana, Ghana Nation

I Lived With TB Joshua From 1992 to 2003, His a Real Man of God Part 8

I often wonder why some Christians tend to allow their emotions to becloud their sense of judgment. Rather than listen, for salvation sake, to the raw message coming forth from the mouth of God’s anointed, some Christians will stop at nothing to pick holes in the man of God’s dress sense, grammar and so many other considerations that have no bearing to salvation.

I do not see any reason why somebody who is not driven by jealousy or inferiority would want to cast aspersions on the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua by comparing his beginning with his present status. For over a decade now, I have been watching the astounding progress of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministry and the different theories put forward by his critics. My conclusion is that all the virulent attacks are baseless and lack merit. All the are doing now is as a result of Bisola and Agomoh fabricated lies.

One major problem that is affecting Christendom today is the lack of a true or Holy Spirit- inspired reading culture of the Holy Bible. Where the Bible is read, there is the lack of understanding of its true meaning. I am not a pastor or a student of the Bible but anyone who ever reads the book of Acts 4:30, for instance, will understand why Prophet T.B. Joshua stretches his hands while praying over a patient. Those who talk about crude preaching are ignorant of the fact that the book of Mark 1:21-22 talked about how Jesus, who never had any formal education, taught even the teachers of the law as one who has authority. The teachers of the law of that time are contemporarily professors today.

Agomoh Paul Shame On You

ago2Agomoh Paul accused the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua of stage-managing many of the so-called miracles he has been performing; he also accused the Prophet of using him ( Agomoh) to carry out many of his nefarious activities. All these are not true. There  are millions of people that have been set free through the work of the Holy Spirit    the Synagogue Church of All Nation’s

One of the many people, who Agomoh Paul claimed was used for the crocked trickery of T.B. Joshua, was one Maxwell Ijeh, who was said to have been healed of his paralysis at the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Agomoh said “He went to have a drink and on his way up the staircase he missed his steps and fell. He had serious waist pain no doubt but it was not a spinal cord injury”, he narrated, adding that when he was brought to the Synagogue, he went to Maxwell and “observed our normal prayer pattern which is to massage his back and waist. When I was done I asked him to walk and he walked with me”. Once again the claims of Agomoh Paul are not true. Please watch the footage of before, during and after healing.

Agomoh Paul left the Synagogue Church some four years ago and so why is he speaking out now?  Let ask him how much was he paid to tell such lies?

He also said the prophecies of TB Joshua are based on informations He, Agomoh gives to TB Joshua. Agomoh Paul left the Synagogue Church some four years ago, Lets ask him whether he gives the Prophecies given every Sunday service to TB Joshua? Perhaps he told TB Joshua about the election outcome too.

The new Ghanaian president, who is also a professor of law, stunned the world when he gave testimony that Joshua predicted his electoral victory. According to him, Joshua had predicted that his election would be by three successive balloting as no definite winner would emerge in the first and second ballot and the winner will be announced in January 2009.

He explained that Joshua’s prophesy came to pass because when the presidential election was first held on December 7, there was no clear winner between him and Nana Akufo-Addo, presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party, NPP.

A presidential run-off election was subsequently held on December 28, but the problems with polling in the Taine Constituency delayed results as fresh polls had to be held there on January 2, before the Electoral Commissioner declared Atta-Mills the winner.

The new Ghanaian leader was grateful to Joshua for serving as the vessel through which God made his presidential dream a reality. “Now, if there is anybody who does not believe in God, I would say our elections should change that person’s mind. We prayed for peace, stability and unity for our dear native land before, during and after the election. We begged God because He is our creator and He is the great provider. God gave us more than we asked for… Man of God (Joshua) I want to thank the Almighty for using you and many others.”

Atta-Mills said that his bond of friendship with Joshua was further strengthened because despite the mighty works he has been doing through the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he has remained very humble. He described him as his mentor.


“I am an American pastor (in Virginia-USA), of twenty years experience in the service of my Lord, Jesus Christ. In 2005, myself and along with two other pastors visited Brother T.B. Joshua for ten days at his synagogue. I had heard of his ministry since 2001, and seen several poorly produced videos. But we decided to pay a personal visit.

That trip answered all of my questions. I KNOW without any doubts whatsoever that T.B. Joshua IS A TRUE MAN OF GOD.

How do I know this? What proof do I have? What test was conducted to arrive at this conclusion? Here is the biblical test that satisfied our curiosity:

1. T.B. Joshua openly and plainly confesses that Jesus Christ is (a) the Lord God Almighty manifested in a human body (b) was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life (c) His sacrifice on Calvary took away the sin of the whole world and destroyed all the works of the devil (d) Jesus rose from the dead in a physical body (e) the mighty Name of Jesus Christ is highly exalted by God the Father and Jesus Christ RULES over all things in the universe (f) T.B. Joshua teaches that the Holy Spirit comes to dwell inside the believer to guide us, produce a holy lifestyle, and give us power to become effective witnesses. T.B. also believes that believers have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the same mighty works that Jesus did, only reason we don’t see it more is because of – unbelief, doubt and confessed hidden sin.

SUMMARY: As pastors, we know false doctrine when we hear it. Everything stated above are actual beliefs that came from the lips of T.B. Joshua. We CAN NOT FIND FAULT in him. I must also mention that, he gives liberally to the poor and needy but it is not publicized or promoted. It is done very quietly. (I WITNESSED THIS WITH MY OWN EYES).

I met women from some other part of Africa, whom the ministry PAID THEIR COST for them to receive prayer and help. Amazing that these things are never report. The same kind of miracles that happened in the bible, I personally witnessed happened through fervent effective prayer. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS HIS WORK!”


Bisola Johnson

There will be more on this

Eko Meridian Prostitute

Phew!!! She was thought personal hygiene, how to bath and be neat as a woman

I wonder the kind of men that patronized her

By Michael Lathbridge

watch out for part 9

Using TB Joshua’s Name for 419…(Fraud)

The shocking case of a man duped to the tune of N3million by fraudsters using the name of TB Joshua for personal gain and fame…

“May the Lord when He comes find us watching and waiting.” TB Joshua

A gang of con artists that specialize in using the name of Prophet TB Joshua in bilking people out of large sums of their hard-earned money was, penultimate Sunday, exposed at The Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN.

One daring and long-running escapade of the crooks came to a dramatic end when their victim, Felix Doye Yabrifa, finally smelt a rat. The Bayelsa State based businessman was reacting to the constant warning broadcast on SCOAN’s satellite television channel, Emmanuel TV, alerting viewers to the menace of people and churches who bandy the prophet’s name about for dubious purposes. He decided on a fact-finding mission to The Synagogue after repeatedly hearing the warnings.

Four years ago, Yarbifa was in his Bayelsa base when a three-man group led by an old lady arrived, uninvited. They told him they were specifically sent to him by Prophet TB Joshua to perform certain spiritual exercises that would last only three days. On the instruction of the prophet, they said, he (Yabrifa) should take care of them for the period the exercise lasted. “Initially I was reluctant because of the cost implication of taking care of three persons – hotel accommodation, feeding and logistics,” said Yabrifa, “but when the name of Prophet TB Joshua was mentioned, I had no alternative than to accommodate them.”

First, he took them to his home where their initially proposed three-day stay stretched to a whole three weeks. Next, he moved them to a hotel. But a nightmarish four year spell for the hapless businessman was only just beginning. Eventually, well over three million Naira of his cold, hard cash simply went down the drain during the whole ordeal.

Running Low On Cash
It was as if the conmen had put a hex on Yabrifa. Willy-nilly, for eight months, he just continued to do the bidding of these strangers, continuously doling out cash to pay their hotel bills and taking care of their other needs. Then, he began to run low on cash, as his bills ran up.

As a last resort, he settled for a rented four- bedroom apartment into which he
moved his uninvited guests. As at when he addressed the congregation at The Synagogue Church of All Nations that Sunday, they were still in the rented apartment in Bayelsa State. Continued Yabrifa, “Each time they talked to me, it was like they put fear in me. So wherever I was, I will just have to bring out the money. Even when I was closing my account, I didn’t even know.”

Sacrifice To Marine Spirits
The confident tricksters got even more daring and more diabolical. Their leader, the elderly lady, had Yabrifa believe that she was in constant touch with Pastor Joshua: “She confirmed to me that she was constantly in touch with the man of God and that they communicate in spirit on a daily basis,” narrated the businessman, who also told the congregation of worshippers at the church that the con-artists told him they the primary aim of their visit was to pray for the people of Bayelsa State and then put a stop to a refinery project that was having some financial problems.

Even as he continued to take care of them, they made new demands on Yabrifa and even his France-based business partner who had waded into the matter, to bail his business associate out of his financial mess. From his partner, they demanded for N1million to be paid into their account every month, and from Yabrifa himself, that the sum of N20,000 be given them every week. When his partner heard of the new demands, he protested. On his own part, Yabrifa saw that despite all he was doing, there was no progress for the better, whatsoever. “Besides, they were introducing me to something contrary to what was happening in The Synagogue Church by telling me to provide money to buy items for them to go and sacrifice to marine spirits here and there,“ Yabrifa noted.

From then on, the businessman could no longer fold his arms and swallow what he had condoned for four long years. He had also been hearing the announcements on Emmanuel TV and this heightened his suspicion. He quickly emailed The Synagogue Church to find out the truth: “When I heard the publications and broadcasts on Emmanuel TV, I became very suspicious and decided to write this very email thinking that when I come here today, at least I would know the truth,” said he, brandishing a copy of the email he had written to The Synagogue as he narrated his ordeal to the congregation.

To his greatest amazement, when he arrived at The Synagogue Church that Sunday, he ran into the ringleader of the group, an elderly woman who was fingered by the victim and was quickly picked up by security agents. “Funny enough, this afternoon I saw one of them so I said well, let me put this across to the man of God.” She was brought into the church where Yabrifa narrated his ordeal, then later taken to Kaiama with her victim, where the Emmanuel TV crew videoed all the locations where the fraud allegedly took place, to corroborate Yabrifa’s allegations. Finally, Yabrifa and the television crew returned to Lagos with the suspect and the rest of her gang in tow.

Forgiveness and Deliverance
grp-joshua3The following Sunday the suspected conmen were brought to The SCOAN. First, a video recording of the previous week’s encounter was played back for the congregation, to refresh their memory. The Emmanuel TV’s trip to Bayelsa State was also played back for the audience. Then, Yabrifa continued his story from where he stopped. Prophet TB Joshua occasionally interjected, as he spoke, on the recorded video: “The person he is talking about mistakenly entered here today and they grabbed one of them… he (Yabrifa) was already going, during the break. He just moved outside and he saw one. They would not enter the church, they are always hanging around…”

Prophet TB Joshua – Forgiveness is the bridge to our future

Finally, the prophet, describing the entire saga as irritating, asked that the narration be stopped, midway into the evidence of the second suspect, a tall, well-built, well-turned out middle-aged man that looked more like a respected tribal chief, than a con-artist. He proceeded to administer prayers and deliverance on them, while thanking everyone in the audience, especially Yabrifa and the people of Bayelsa Sate, for forgiving the suspected culprits. “Let us put all this behind us,” he pleaded.

“People of Bayelsa, thank you,” continued the prophet, “forgiveness is our key. Thank you for forgiving her and her group, may God strengthen your desire for Him. I know that if you people did not forgive her, today, the issue would have been a different question. And thank you, my people, people of God, for forgiving her.” The leader of the group, the elderly lady who was first apprehended the previous week had her turn to speak. Looking a bit more remorseful than the previous week when she was first apprehended, her statement was quite simple: “My name is Marina Patrick… all the things wey him (Yabrifa) talk about me is true, I carry him go water… all the things wey him talk about me is true…”

Joshua used the occasion to preach the virtues of forgiveness to his congregation. “When you listen to the confessions, there is nothing we are trying to say than go and forgive those who sin against you. That’s all. We are indirectly communicating to you that you too should forgive those who have sinned against you. No matter how big or small, forgive. Leave it for God. God will fight for you. We are only preaching to you the gospel of forgiveness.”

Going down memory lane, Prophet TB Joshua told his congregation that there is nothing he and The SCOAN have not been accused of in the past. He recalled an incident that happened in The Synagogue Church three years ago. A blind man had been healed and his sight restored. As the man began to chant and praise God and give testimony, some people went straight to the man and offered him N1.2million, if he could just deny the miracle he received and declare it was fake. “The man refused the offer of money and had to run away because they wanted to kill him,” said the prophet. “He had to abandon his home because they said they would come at him. There are lots of things like that.”

Meanwhile, during the same Sunday service, a newspaper which reported in its Tuesday May 19, 2009 edition, that a woman and her son disappeared at The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, was displayed side by side the same woman who was reported to have gone missing with her son.

Chiji Okafor




Base on the gravity some of the lies Agomoh Paul in conjunction of with Bisola Johnson fabricated “When I wanted to marry T.B Joshua said over his dead body” I confirm this is not true; T.B Joshua has a wife with children, there are a lot of the disciples that are married too including me with children. When l decided l want to get married l, was give the grace to do so and when l found the woman of my heart l discover she had HIV I & II tested and confirmed by Korle BU Teaching Hospital Accra, l took her to Lagos to be prayed for and today she has been tested negative and we have 2 children

I present to you the interview of Mrs. Evangelist Evelyn Joshua to attest that T.B Joshua is really married.

Mrs. Evangelist Evelyn Joshua Mrs. Evangelist Evelyn Joshua

thumb.aspxProphet T.B Joshua

Your husband made a promise about nine months ago that The Spectator would be the first Nigerian newspaper you would talk to. After waiting for so long, we thought it was never going to happen. But it is happening now. So, let’s start by asking you, how does it feel to be Mrs. Evelyn TB Joshua?

I count myself very lucky among women. My husband is a man every woman will want to have as a husband.

That presupposes a serious contest over him (general laughter…). Seriously speaking, do you fight any battle to keep him?

Not at all. I know that every woman will desire to have him as a husband, but there are not struggles on my part to keep him.

Prophet Joshua is very handsome and a great instrument in the hands of God, sought after, all over the world, by presidents and kings. You mean there are no special battles you fight to gain his attention and also keep him from prying female eyes?

Not at all. But I know that when a man is hardworking and God-fearing, every woman will like to have him. But believe me; I fight no special battles to keep him. He knows who he believes and God whom he believe and serves so well is capable of keeping him, and has, indeed, been keeping him.

So, how do you cope with his tight schedule? This is somebody who spends every minute of his life in the church ministering to people’s needs and all that; and we do know that women need their husbands as much as their husbands need them.

We are into the same cause. So, I don’t have any difficulties handling that aspect at all because we are pursuing the same goal. God has so made it that we complement each other perfectly well in very many ways.

Are you a pastor, too?
No, but I am helping.

So, you never trained as a pastor?
We are many here; we are under training.

Under him?
Yes, and it is a life-long training. It is a continuous, never-ending training like the school of life. Of course, as long as we are living, we will continue to strive in God’s will.

So, how exactly did you meet Prophet TB Joshua? We want to know the year, the circumstances and all that…

(laughs heartily…) It was around 1989

That was 20 years ago?
Twenty years now, yes. I visited a sister somewhere at Ikotun-Egbe, and, then they were talking about a particular man, a prophet to be precise. It was a kind of meeting to be precise. And it’s like everybody in that gathering, or at least half of the people in the room, had actually visited him. So, they were saying a lot of good things about him. I was thrilled. At the end of the whole thing, I called a sister outside and asked whether she could take me to the prophet. I didn’t ask to go there out of curiosity. I actually needed a guide at that point in time.
Not really. I wasn’t at any crossroads, but I desperately needed a guide.

Or were there some challenges you were facing and for which you needed to see this man of God?

Not quite so. But I had seen pastors. I worshipped in a church and I had read about prophets in the Bible, though I had never come across any. But at that particular time, I needed a guide, sort of.

Spiritual guide?
Yes, a spiritual guide. A counselor.

Could you tell us the church were you were worshipping before you suddenly and desperately needed this spiritual guide?

I was in Assemblies of God Church.

How long were you there?
As long as I can remember.

Were you born there?
No, I was not. Can we go back to my story, please? So, the sister and I scheduled a date. We got to his place and he was not around.

Not to the Synagogue, I believe?
No, to his house.

Okay, where was his house then?
Down in Ikotun-Egbe, at Agodo.

It was a mansion was it?
(Laughs loudly…) Yes, by the grace of God, it was.

If we may take you back, what things were people talking about that made you get interested in him?

Many things. This one said he prayed for him and things became okay from there. Another said her life was at a bend but straightened up when she met him. You know, things like that. So, we went there. Unfortunately, we did not meet him at home. But looking back now, I thank God that we didn’t meet him that day.

Because that would have been the end of this story.

Why would it have been the end of the story?

It would have been because what he told me the very first day that I set my eyes on him, if the sister were there, I would have believed that maybe she had gone behind me to tell him all about me. And that would have ruined it.

So, did the man of God tell you the story of his life?

Yes, of course.

Without any pre-knowledge of who you were?
Yes. Okay, I’m coming (laughs…). Some months after, I visited him. That was in 1990. I could remember that day was a public holiday. I remember also how I nearly lost my way because I had never been to the place before, except that day I went with the sister.

That is to say, this time you went alone?
Yes, I did. I went alone. But before I was able to locate the place, it was a bit difficult for me. When I got into the waiting room, I met two men waiting to see him. Before this time, the idea that I had about a prophet was that of an old man with a white, long beard and things like that. So, on that day, I was reading a novel that I came with when I suddenly saw someone come into the room, pick one or two things and went back. But the shadow of whatever I saw was not that of an old man.

Did you greet him?
No, I didn’t even look at his face. But when he left one, one of the two men was telling the other one, ‘that’s him. That’s him.’ I looked up but he had gone. They went into the consulting room before me. Finally, it was my turn, and I went in there. We sat opposite each other. And, he was gazing at me for about a minute and some seconds. I gazed at him, too. Transfixed as I was, I noticed that there was a piece of paper before him. Still looking at me, he wrote the word, ‘Ejide’, on it. (Transliterated, Eji de – twin has come). Lest I forget, I’m a twin.

And before then, you had not told him anything about yourself?

No, we were just looking at each other until he, at a time, wrote my name on the piece of paper. So, we started talking. He told me a lot of things about myself, both things that I knew, and those that I never knew. I was shocked. He told me about my family, about my past, my present and my future. Altogether, we spent about 45 minutes. At the end of the whole thing, he spoke to me in Yoruba and said: Joo ma binu o. Ma ro pe bi mo se nba gbogbo eniyan ti o ba wa s’odo mi soro ni eleyi o. Mi o ni ale, mi o dee fee ni ale. Sugbon, se oo fe mi? (Transliterated, this means: Please, don’t be annoyed. Don’t think this is how I talk to everyone that comes to me. I don’t have a concubine, and I don’t want to have a concubine. But can you marry me?)

Just like that?
Just like that. It was strange, but that gives us an insight into what the Scripture says that the Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. I think that was it. That was how I met him. Some months later, I asked him why he thought it was right seeing a lady for the first time and going on to propose to her. He said he had seen me four days before that very day.

I don’t know

In his dream?
I don’t know.

Or was it a revelation?
Honestly, I don’t know.

Okay, let’s go back to the time you entered his consulting room. You said you sat opposite him and looking at each other intensely, I believe. At that particular moment, what was going on in your mind?

A lot of things. In the first place, I was expecting to see an elderly man.

But instead you saw a dashing, handsome, young man?

(Laughs). Oh yes! That was it.

He too must have been captivated by a ravishing beauty like you…

(Laughs again…) I wouldn’t know. But like I told you, he wrote my name on the piece of paper before him. That was the first thing that really shocked me. And the fact that he proposed to me the first time that we met without waiting to know some things about me.

Wait a minute. Don’t you think that one of your friends could have had contact with him and told him about you?

Unfortunately, I don’t have friends. As I told you, it was a sister that I visited who took me there in the first place. So, there is no way anybody could have gone to tell him about me. And, when I was going there the second time, she wasn’t there. I went alone.

Why did you choose to leave where you were worshipping?

I’ve told you how I got to know about him. I told you too, that I didn’t go there out of curiosity. I needed a guide, whom, I believe, I could get from the prophet. That’s why I went.

In what area of your life did you need a guide before you went to him? Was it on marriage, business etc.? What area?

You know, life is full of challenges. As a young lady, I knew God was there. I have a Creator and I know He can guide me into the right path. So, I wouldn’t say business or marriage drove me to him. I just needed someone to guide me into the right path in life.

What were you doing in the secular world before this time?

Should I say as it was then, so it is now? After my secondary school education, at that time, you could get a job in a factory or whatever, hoping to be staffed one day. So after my secondary school education, life was like: today, you are in business; tomorrow, you are in a printing press, and so on. I think the last place I worked before I met him was in Nigerian Distilleries in Ota.

I was going to ask what you trained in because you are so fluent in expression and other things…


What qualities eventually cemented the relationship between you and Prophet TB Joshua?

As I told you, he is a very honest and humble man. Yes, he is a God fearing man too. I saw a kind-hearted man, a zealous man, a man of one purpose, a man with a sole aim: to please God at all times, with every other thing being secondary. I think those qualities were what cemented our relationship.

Okay, how were you convinced that he was the man that you were going to spend the rest of your life with?

When I woke up that very morning, I never knew. But something in me said: ‘Go to the prophet.’ And when he proposed to me, it was strange, but then, my heart agreed with it instantly.

Did you say ‘Yes’ there and then?
I don’t think I have said yes up till now! (General laughter)

You can say that again. So, from there, one thing led to another and then your marriage or wedding. When did it take place? How many months or years of courtship did you have?

I am not sure that we courted for long. The wedding took place the same year – 1990.

Where did you get married?
In my place (laughs)

Was it a church wedding or traditional wedding?


Let’s have you talk a little about yourself, when you were born and where, about your family and where you come from.

I was born about 40 years ago into a family of seven.

You don’t look it at all…

What’s your position in the family?
Fifth, my twin brother and I.

Twin brother? Where is he?
He is late.

What a pity.
There’s no problem. I was born to the late Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Akabude in the quiet town of Okala Okpuno in Oshimili North local government of Delta State. I started my primary education at St. Emecheta Primary School, Ezi Town, also in Delta State. Years later, I came to Lagos that was in 1977, and completed my primary education here at Orile Primary School, Oshidi, and my secondary education also in Oshodi. That’s all about my education. But a few years later, my husband sent me to Ghana and I was able to take some management courses there.

So, in what practical ways has your ministry complemented your husband’s?I know you are a minister in The Synagogue. What’s your own ministry? Tell us about your ministry.

It’s the ministry of reconciliation.

In marriage?
In all aspects – parents-children relationships, marriage and things like that. I think they go hand-in-hand with one another. You can’t actually separate them.

How does this ministry complement your husband’s ministry, bearing in mind that he is into a prophetic and healing ministry?

When we talk about reconciliation, you need a lot of time to listen to people, to hear them; they want to bare their minds and a prophet hasn’t got that time, especially after talking for hours. But I do that.

What are the peculiar challenges that face you as Mrs TB Joshua?


Yes, are there challenges that you face?
Life is all about challenges. All those problems and trials, I see them as challenges.

Maybe you are getting used to not seeing him regularly as you would have loved to…

No, no, no. What’s he doing? Whatever it is, he has my support.

Seeing a lot of people and having to minister to them…

That’s good.

You mean it doesn’t affect the home in anyway?

Not at all.

Okay, how come you have kept to yourself for so long, because if this is not your first interview with the press, you’ve granted very negligible few? Or is it that you dislike the press?

Not really. You said very few, not that I have not granted any.

You mean you have not come across any?
I’ve not. I hope this will go very far so that someone else does not come to ask me, you’ve not granted any interview… (General laughter) Actually, like the Bible says, there is a time for everything, and God’s time is the best. Maybe, the time is just ripe for what we are doing now.

That is to say, there is a time to keep to yourself and…

And of course, a time to talk. (general laughter)

So, how do you combine your roles as a minister of God, as a mother, as a wife? And, as a mother too, to the teeming crowd that comes to The SCOAN…

Where God guides, He provides. And those whom God has called for any service, He makes them fit for it. So, there is not much problem about that at all.

People believe that there are a lot of myths surrounding your husband. I’ve been his friend since 1989. I’ve heard people say a lot about him. I’ve seen people publish a lot of things about him, and they are still publishing. When you read or hear things that are not palatable being said about your husband, which ultimately must affect the family – how do you react? Do you feel any bitterness?

Point of correction – it is not affecting my family, and can never affect my family in any way because I know my husband, I know who he believes, and I know who I believe. I don’t have any doubt in my mind and I know that the good work the Lord has started in him, He will accomplish and complete, in Jesus’ Name.

So, you don’t feel any bitterness when people write negative things about your husband?

Not at all. I don’t because I know him very well, and I know the God he serves.

How does his ministry complement yours?
I’ve said before that they are one. You can’t actually separate them. People come around. They want to see the prophet. They want to spend time with him. But he hasn’t got such time. You know, many of them want to bare their minds. You need to listen to them carefully. You need to be with them. So, I took up that. You’ve got it? They actually came for him but along the line, you find out that they want to spend more time with him. That’s where I come in.

How do you help your husband to overcome the gargantuan temptations that come his way every day, because this is a man exposed to thousands of people every day, especially women? How do you help him?

You see, you don’t have any alternatives in life. I can as well tell you that we don’t have alternatives in life. Anything that is contrary to what we stand for or what God sent us for, is what we are going to fight against. I can say that God has been merciful enough, guiding and protecting us in that angle.

The reason I asked that question is because I’ve seen many men of God fall because of women, money, fame and other extraneous things…

You should know what you believe. Did you get that? As I said, you cannot afford to fail. There is no other way. So, you must guard against that. And that’s what we’ve been doing.

Could you tell us, in practical terms, how you’ve been guarding against that?

The Bible says our heart is the communication point. If the fear of God is registered in your heart at any time, if you are doing evil, you must know. And so, you must guard that heart at all times. Anything that is contrary to the will of God, you shouldn’t take part in it.

Kenneth Hagin wrote in his book about how he fights the temptation of women. He said his office and his wife’s office are next to each other, and he said he deliberately made it so. And that at every given time, the two doors are open so that the wife sees the person he is counselling and he also sees the person the wife is counselling, just to make sure he fights and defeats the tendencies of the flesh.

Well, it is God that guides. It is God that protects. How long do you keep on watching over a man? I mean, as I’ve just told you, I can say that I know him (Prophet TB Joshua) very well, and I can tell what he is capable of doing. So, that’s no problem at all. All right?

I was expecting you to tell us what measures you’ve put in place to ensure that your husband doesn’t fall into the temptation of immorality while counselling woman…

I don’t take any other measure than to pray for him.

So, what counsel would you give to ministers’ wives as to how they can help the ministry of their husbands, as to how they can protect and preserve their homes while serving God and humanity?

The counsel is, be the woman that God has made you to be. Don’t measure yourself by yourself and don’t live by other people’s standards. Rest in the place God has for you. Be a good mother to your children and a good wife to your husband, and a woman of faith to humanity. Whatever situation you face in life, God is saying something through it and about it.

If your husband were to be in the secular world, he would be a superstar – because here is somebody who sits here, and presidents, top government officials and important people come from across the globe to see him. Do you have that feeling in you of having been married to a superstar?

All we do here is just absolute grace of God. Everything that happens here is by the grace of God, and the joy of the Lord is our strength. So, we don’t feel anything special because important people are coming. Rather, we appreciate the grace of God upon our lives, upon the church, and we give Him all the glory. So, there is no superstar feeling. If there is any superstar, that superstar is Jesus through whom we can do all things. So, I don’t feel any different from who God says I am. My husband doesn’t feel any different from who God says he is.

If this man were not Prophet TB Joshua, would you have married him?

As I told you, apart from being a prophet, I actually saw what I needed in a man. So, it is not a question of being a prophet. It is about his character, his inner being.

What kind of man did you pray to marry before you met him?

Every woman desires to have a good husband, although appearance is deceptive. But God looks at the heart. I wanted a God-fearing man, an honest man and a kind-hearted man. And those are the qualities that I saw in him.

Over the years, you’ve been to many places. What memories do you have of the places you’ve been to, whether in Nigeria or outside?

Good memories. I’ve been to many places, you are right. After this, I still have something good to talk about them, about the people and what they receive from the Lord. We don’t just to because we want to go. We actually visit places because God wants us to be there. And, when we leave there, there are good things to talk about.

What’s your greatest fear in life?

I don’t fear anything because I know God is there, and He can handle every situation.

What about embarrassing moments? Every human being does encounter embarrassing moments, things that will just happen and they embarrass you…

Embarrassing moments? Have I ever had any?

So, it has all been smooth?
There have been many challenges. I have said that.

What are these challenges? You’ve not told us.
Good and hard times (laughs)

You mean the wife of Prophet TB Joshua can have hard times too?

Because we are human

A man sought after by presidents, kinds and ministers, by everybody?

Sure, we are human.

Thank you very much.
I thank you, too.

Watch out for of their fabricated lies in part 8


STUNNING! How TB Joshua Saw Super-Eagles Stalemate

As the Nigerian ‘Super Eagles’ grounded to a disappointing draw in their crucial World Cup qualifying match with Tunisia, little did they know that Pastor TB Joshua had symbolically revealed the result several hours before kick-off…

Disclosing the prophetic revelation he received the night before, the famous Nigerian cleric spoke to a packed auditorium at The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 6th September 2009 in a service watched by multitudes worldwide on Emmanuel TV. It was approximately 8am. “Yesterday, I kept hearing, football, football, football,” he said, much to the delight of the avid football fans in the crowd. “I said, ‘God, what is this football all about?’ And the Lord showed me everything from the beginning to the end. It came to a stage that the host of Heaven were the ones playing football – because the whole thing was tough. So,PROPHET T.B JOSHUA both sides – nobody played ball again. But who are these people playing football? I could not see any players again because it was tough to decide. So, both sides that were playing football – it got to a stage – the whole thing was just – here is balanced, here is balanced. But decision – what is decision? It’s like, both sides left the field. They could not take a decision – who is the most powerful among the two. So, it got to a stage, okay, go and sit down, go and sit down. I will not say more than that.”

As the people pondered on the prophetic and parabolic words from TB Joshua, Nigeria and Tunisia walked onto the pitch at the National Stadium, Abuja several hours later at 5pm, egged on by 60,000 fervent fans. In a closely fought contest which saw Nigeria take the lead on two occasions through Osaze Odemwinge and Michael Eneramo, Tunisia grabbed a vital equaliser in the dying minutes of the second half to seal a 2-2 draw, drastically denting Nigeria’s World Cup aspirations in the process. The stalemate saw Tunisia maintain pole position in their qualifying group with only two games remaining, Nigeria left to bank on the Tunisians stumbling against either Kenya or Mozambique to ignite any hope of going to South Africa in 2010. As the prophet had said, the match was both a tough and balanced affair, neither team proving powerful enough to secure the decisive victory.

Not the first revelation relating to the field of football, it is on record that TB Joshua had also accurately spoken of the 2008 African Cup of Nations quarterfinal encounter between Nigeria and Ghana. “I’m just seeing 5 minutes,” said the prophet in the service of Sunday 3rd February 2008, indicating that something significant would happen within such timeframe. He also made the sign of the number ‘1’ in the air, symbolically conveying the margin by which victory would be achieved. “You should not allow anything to affect your joy today,” Joshua told the stunned Nigerian supporters, calling on them to ‘take heart’. True to the prophet’s words, it was in the last five minutes of the first and second half that Ghana equalised then scored the winning goal in the game that was played later that day, Ghana triumphing 2-1 to send Nigeria out of the cup.

Prophet Joshua’s teacher in Primary School, Mrs Margaret Tolani Adejumo, testified that this prophetic insight started right from childhood, the young Joshua often predicting the outcome of local football matches with remarkable accuracy and consistency, earning him the nickname ‘small pastor’.

TB Joshua’s prophetic ministry continues to garner growing patronage, his recent proclamations concerning the deaths of legal luminary Gani Fawehinmi and iconic pop legend Michael Jackson both making headlines across various print and online media. In his Sunday services broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, he prophesies not only of forthcoming events, but also to individuals present, oftentimes disclosing details they have never relayed to anyone else.


TB Joshua Rehabilitates Condemned Robber

The stunning of story of an armed robber condemned to die in the dungeons of Tunisia, and his incredible road to restitution and rehabilitation…

A Nigerian robber, who has been operating in Tunisia, where he resided, narrowly escaped being hanged by the country.

The Nigerian, who gave his name as Chuks Olisemeka from Isieluku Local Government Area in Delta State, narrated how he escaped the hangman’s noose after he was arrested for robbery in the country where he travelled to in search of greener pasture in 2000.

The 27-year old, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, said he was condemned to death in 2007 after he was found guilty of robbing and killing citizens of the country in various operations. Olisemeka, with scars all over his face, told P.M.News that when he finished his secondary education in Delta State, he decided to come to Lagos where he met a man called Chima. According to him, “after months of living with my friend, we travelled to Tunisia, but when we got to the country, we were stuck. So we stayed back to get some money before moving on.”

In Tunisia, he said, they came across another Nigerian, who accommodated them and introduced them into drug business through which he (Olisemeka) earned $300 per day. Not satisfied with the pay and with the dwindling nature of the business, Olisemeka said he spoke with one of his customers named Jack who promised him a job, “but I didn’t know he was a big robber.” “My friend, Chima said we should leave Tunisia to Spain, but because Jack had promised me a job, I refused and he left alone.

TB Joshua With OlisemekaTB Joshua With Olisemeka

“When I was introduced into robbery, Jack encouraged me. We were six, with another Nigerian boy and an Algerian girl. “Jack taught me how to use the gun by taking me to a desert every morning to train me on targeting,” he explained, adding that “I coped easily since I needed the money desperately. At the end of every operation, I will get $5,000 from Jack, who is an Italian. “There was a day we robbed a big company of $800,000 and Jack gave me $20,000 and this really motivated me,” he said.

However, luck ran out on him and his gang when they were ambushed in 2004. Narrating the incident, Olisemeka said the manager of a hotel informed them about a business woman from Holland who lodged in the hotel. Hear him: “Jack asked us to go there that day, because the woman would leave the country the next day. That morning, at 10 a.m. we moved, but only God knows how it happened. Two of us stayed downstairs, two others went upstairs. Me and a fellow Somali member of the gang went in to meet the woman. We had successfully robbed her of her possessions and were coming downstairs when we heard gun shots and the two members downstairs were killed on the spot. We started shooting sporadically and before we knew it, the other two, including the girl, were shot dead. We had to escape using a victim as cover. That was how we escaped.”

However, they were not free, as he said, immediately they zoomed off, they were chased by the police in five sport utility vehicles. “There was traffic regulation light before us, but due to the pressure from behind, we tried to beat the traffic and were knocked down by an oncoming truck. The police arrested and took us to the hospital, but my colleague died, while I was sentenced to death by hanging on 13 August, 2007,” he claimed.

Fortunately for him, on the day he was to die with four other condemned prisoners, his file was discovered missing. He remained in prison till 2008 when he was deported back to Nigeria through the Nigerian embassy in Tunisia. He said he thereafter spent a year and some months in the Ikoyi prison before he was released two months ago. Olisemeka said on his release, he told a prison official of his dream in which he was directed to join a particular church.

He said the officer assisted him with N500 after directing him to the Synagogue Church in Ikotun. Nicknamed Bomber, due to his effectiveness, Olisemeka, said while he was still active, he never felt any remorse after stealing or killing people. He also said he spent his money on women, gambling and clubbing. “Now I know that you cannot thrive while living on other people’s sweat. The youths should be patient and wait for God’s time. If I was patient, I would have become useful today,” he said. The Synagogue Church of All Nations has, however, offered him N150,000 to begin life as the church has also promised to see him through whatever he wanted to do.

By Eromosele Ebhomele


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What have you been hearing from others without confirmation? Do not sit somewhere, hear this or that and come to a hasty conclusion. Watch out for fabricated lies. We live in a world where lies and falsehood reign. As you watch, find out the truth and let the truth set you free!

Since February of 2008, leading newspapers throughout Nigeria have reported on the ‘alleged’ , moral failures and supposed criminal activities to include rape, sodomy and murder, all purported to have been committed by one T.B. Joshua, the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria.

Two individuals in particular, a Theresa Bisola Johnson a former church aid and Mr. Paul Agomoh a former associate minister under T.B. Joshua produced a video entitled, “Deception of the Age” (i.e. “Rise of a Nigerian Anti-christ”.

This video is being sold for $40.00 in some of the largest churches in the region. They assert that their goal is strictly to expose T.B. Joshua as a false prophet, a charlatan and perpetrator of atrocious crimes.

Specific Accusations

In the video Bisola Johnson described how she and others endured horrific psychological abuse and cult-like brainwashing. She claims to have been victim of sodomy and her video co-star Mr. Paul Agomoh claims to have personally witnessed sexual orgies, molestation of under age children, staged or fake miracles, and other sins, deceptive practices and criminal conduct.

The video entitled, ‘Deception of the Ages’ was take to well known Pastor Ladi Peters Thompson of Living Waters Unlimited Church, Lagos. He is the the individual who first contacted mainstream media and broke the story.

Can You Explain ‘Due Process’?

Let’s assume that Pastor Ladi Peters Thompson was pure in his motives when he contacted major newspapers with the allegations. Keep in mind that any ‘reasonable adult of sound moral conscience’ who views the content of that video would have no reason to doubt the integrity of the victims.

If those allegations are in fact true, a pastor and all mature Christians have a sacred responsibility. Scripture outlines a process that must be followed to effectively deal with matters of this sort.

  1. II Corinthians 13:1, the church is commanded not to receive an accusation against a man of God unless it is confirmed by two or more eye-witnesses of sound moral character.
  2. Matthew 18:15-17,Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. 16) But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. 17) And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.”

By adhering to instructions presented in the Word of God all persons, whether guilty, not guilty and innocent victims can have their privacy and human dignity protected. Moreover, if we follow these steps we can determine whether or not the allegations made are true or fabricated.

As Christians we must never forget that our sacred responsibility and life calling is to help all men, even the most wicked of criminals discover the reality of deliverance from sinful habits, forgiveness and peace with Jesus Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit. If we approach conflicts and strife in the house of God with this mindset God is free to work through us in order to effect confession of sin, repentance and restoration. If we abandon this process – souls will remain lost in sin, condemnation and shame.

We can never allow personal opinion, rumor or superstition distract us from our sacred calling which is to save the lost. All that we have just explained should not be ‘new information’ to experienced Pastors and members of clergy. However, if we explore how this case was handled we discover some very disturbing facts:

  • At no time has Pastor Peters Thompson make contact or even attempt to make contact with T.B. Joshua to inquire as to the truthfulness of the video content. (A direct violation of scripture)
  • As of this date (August 13, 2009), Peter Thompson insists that he will not dialogue with T.B. Joshua. Not by telephone, face-to-face or byb any other medium. (Wilful disobedience against the Word of God).
  • Pastor Peters Thompson states adamently that he will not review evidence that could clear T.B. Joshua of the allegations, and has determined that if any such evidence exists it must be fabricated evidence.

The main point of this article is about something called – due process. The process in which Church leaders are to handle this kind of issue has not been followed.


The integrity of the two so-called ‘witnesses’ against T.B. Joshua is questionable to say the least. There is sufficient evidence to prove conclusively that they have lied on T.B. Joshua. Let’s explore the evidence.

  • In ‘Deception of the Ages – Part 4‘, Mr. Paul Agomoh boldly asserted that he purchased wheelchairs, even a specific wheelchair that according to Agomoah, was used to fake the healing of one Maxwell Ijeh. (Forward to frame 5:20 sec.) Agomoh describes how Maxwell was manipulated and made to sit in and pose as a crippled man.

Fact: Mr. Maxwell Ijeh and his wife have come forward to testify on record that Agomoh’s story is fabricated and untrue. Maxwell Ijeh says the wheelchair was his own personal property. Maxwell Ijeh further states that he was genuinely healed nine years ago after receiving prayer at T.B. Joshua’s church. He also states that Jesus Christ alone is his healer, not a man. Maxwell Ijeh states that his wheelchair was not purchased by Paul Agomoh as alleged in the video.

  • Pastor Paul Agomoh alleged that Westerners were duped and manipulated into believing that T.B. Joshua had a ‘healing anointing’ on his life, when according to Agomoh the healings were fake and staged.

Fact: Jaco van der Westhuzen, a superstar rugby player from South Africa sought out prayer from T.B. Joshua due to a career threatening leg injury. Immediately after prayer, Jaco was filmed removing his leg brace and proceeded to leap and run without any pain or limitations. He returned to his rugby team and to this day, continues his sports career. Upon returning to South Africa, Jaco van der Westhuzen completed a medical evaluation. This video footage shows Jaco’s doctor who standing by his side celebrating that something amazing did occur in the healing of this professional athlete. (Forward to frame 3.35 sec).

Fact: A delegation of clergy from the USA and Canada visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations to not only observe first-hand T.B. Joshua preach and pray for the sick. Among these delegation were Bishop Joseph Garlington of Philadelphia-USA, Pastor John Arnott of Toronto, Canada, Missionaries Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries.

They conducted interviews with individuals whom T.B. Joshua prayed for and thereafter claimed were healed. Here is the video footage of their findings. The evidence is clear. People were in fact healed after prayer. According to their testimony, it was not T.B. Joshua who healed them, but the power of the Holy Spirit through faith in the name of Jesus Christ.

These new facts underscore the importance of why we must obey scripture and hear both sides of the story. This sacred responsibility can not be ignored or forsaken. The female in the video, one Theresa Bisola Johnson who claimed that T.B. Joshua sexually abused her is untrustworth to say the least. Listen and watch the following video:

  • In this video footage we hear Bisola Johnson confession from her own mouth that she is an ‘emere’ (witch) on assignment to destroy the ministry of T.B. Joshua.

No Brother’s Keeper

Failure to obey the Word of God is simply rebellion and disobedience. To bear false witness against a innocent brother or sister in Christ is to avail oneself to become an agent of demonic forces. In my next report I will cover the allegations made by one; Pastor Chris Okotie of Household of God Church in Oregun-Lagos.

  • He alleges that T.B. Joshua has the spiritual ability to vacate his physical body at night and manifest himself in the home of his church parishioners or his enemies.
  • According to Pastor Chris Okotie, T.B. Joshua did in fact can appear as a ‘familiar spirit’ in his home using such spiritual powers. (Source: Christian Online Magazine)
  • Pastor Chris Okotie alleges that he has reason to believe that T.B. Joshua is a practitioner of ‘docetic gnosticism’. He says that this is the source of T.B. Joshua’s demonic spiritual powers.

Fact: Docetic Gnosticism is a belief held by ancient Greeks of 70A.D. to 100 A.D. It taught that Jesus Christ was not physically raised from the dead, but was an illusion. (Source; Wikipedia Encyclopedia) Docetism died out in approximately 1,000 A.D. It has nothing to do with occultism, spiritual or mystical arts.

Pastor Chris Okotie is obviously a poor student of Gnosticism and bible history. Should we even waste time entertaining his allegations that T.B. Joshua has the power to leave his body at night and appear in a physical form as a Familiar Spirit? I don’t buy that fabricated story for one moment.

Late this year Pastor Okotie, a divorced pastor has remarried a widow. He has accused Pastor Christ Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy

There is no evidence whatsoever to prove that allegation. It is based on superstition, myth and folklore. I am compelled to believe that Chris Okotie has other motives for coming against T.B. Joshua. This investigation will certainly be continued. By the way, I paid a visit to Mr. Okotie’s church website – He sure looks very sharp in that wonderful suit, but the name of Jesus Christ is not even featured on his website. There is not a one sentence on the saving grace and love of Christ anywhere to be found. Can a reader please encourage this man to get his priorities and message in order?

Ministries to have received his powers to heal the sick from T.B. Joshua. Yet, we all know that Pastor Oyakhilome has been praying for the sick long before T.B. Joshua’s rise to fame.

The umbrella body of Pentecostals has banned miracle crusades from being telecast on Nigerian T.V. Not only is the move in direct opposition to the work of the Holy Spirit, it is a statement to the whole world. It is an announcement to the world that ‘Pentecostals’, do not have the Spirit and power of Pentecost as our name suggests. The Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, delivered the oppressed from demonic powers and healed the sick – is not present.

My advise to all Nigeria Pentecostals is to pray for your church leaders, pray for a mighty revival of God’s power to invade your beloved country and then, STAND UP for truth, fairness, and Godly integrity.



We, as an independent organization devoted to the study of the doctrine, mode of worship, preaching, teaching and practice of religious bodies 11bill1sand Church organizations in Nigeria have focused our attention to the recent unwarranted attack and allegations against Pastor T. B. Joshua of The Synagogue Church of

all Nations and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Love World Assembly a.k.a Christ Embassy as published recently in various magazines and newspapers among which are Encomium magazine, Treasure magazine, This day Newspaper and City People magazine and lately, your magazine Charisma and Christian life.

In addition to the role and objective of our organization as stipulated above, we also monitor the lifestyle of the head of the various Church organisations, General Overseers and men of God.

The sustained unrelentless attack on Pastor T. B. Joshua and lately on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome by Pastor Chris Okotie because of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s association with Pastor T. B. Joshua has led to a thorough investigation by our organisation of Pastor T. B. Joshua, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the accuser, Pastor Chris Okotie.

The result of our investigations, findings and assessments is herewith attached.

In addition to our investigation, our organization made a request to Lagos State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria to investigate the allegations made against Pastor T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations by Rev. Chris Okatie and the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria.

At our request, both the Lagos State and Federal Government of Nigeria carried out thorough and extensive investigation of all the allegations through the use of State investigative network. Result of the Government investigation revealed that there was no substance in the Pastor Chris Okotie’s and the Pentecostal fellowship allegations against Pastor T. B. Joshua as a result of which the Government pronounced verdict of innocence.

Thereafter, the Lagos State Government and Federal Government authorities invited Pastor T. B. Joshua and his accuser Chris Okotie (see enclosed letters) to a meeting. Where the government issued warnings to Pastor Okotie and his Pentecostal Fellowship Group to desist from their falsehood, unfounded, mischievous and malicious attack laden with blatant lies against Pastor T. B. Joshua and Oyakhilome.

Religious monitor has been monitoring the Synagogue Church of All Nations since 1993 when the organization came to Nigeria prominence up-to-date, the monitoring is still progressing and so far, we have found nothing unusual or unbiblical in the practice, doctrine, teaching and mode of worship of the Synagogue Church of All Nations. The life of the general overseer and founder of the Church (Pastor T. B. Joshua) is worthy of emulation. Our conclusion and verdict is that Pastor T. B. Joshua received his anointing through absolute righteousness and holliness, which many of Nigeria’s Pentecostal Church Pastors lack.

Majority of today’s Pentecostal Church Pastors in Nigeria are Pastors of fortune seekers, morally bankrupt people, adulterers, mischievous, deceitful people as a result of which the Churches are personal estates and properties of the founder, general overseer and his immediate family. For example, Pastor Chris Okotie has been deserted by his wife who has alleged wide spread adultery with members of the congregation by Pastor Okotie. The wife is now filing for divorce. Similarly, Pastor Oritsajefor has divorced his first wife and now married to the wife of a member of the congregation. Such is the unholy practice of these Pastors. This situation has made it impossible for most of the new generation Nigerian Pentecostal Churches to receive true anointing. A few among them, such as; Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Living Faith (a.k.a Winners Chapel), Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Deeper Life Ministries, Love world Assemblies (a.k.a Christ embassy) and few others can be said to meet the standard expected in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor T. B. Joshua has been found to be very upright and righteous and has received the true anointing of the Holy Spirit. The arrival of the true Holy Spirit anointed Pastor into the Nigerian Christian Ministries has been kicking Satan left and right, and the kingdom of Satan has been badly damaged.

The people fighting and accusing Pastor T. B. Joshua are in this category. They are the false and fortune seeker Pastors. Such as Chris Okotie and some of his fellow Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria members. They are not actually fighting Pastor T. B. Joshua, they are fighting the happenings of holy spiritual hearings at the Synagogue. They are fighting the miracles of God happening at the Synagogue. The hearings and miracles taken place at the Synagogue can only be by the anointing of the Holy Spirit of God. This has challenged the kingdom of Satan in Nigeria and has threatened their survival and existence. The fellow Pastors threatened are the one fighting to protect their interest and survival. Unfortunately, it is too late for them.

The influx of foreign missionaries, President of Nations and dignitaries from all over the world to the Synagogue is as a result of this true anointing. The hearings and miracles according to Pastor T. B. Joshua is not the work of his own hand but his father THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. The miracles and hearings are received free and all the thousands of various missionaries from all over the world on pilgrimage to Synagogue are accommodated free with feeding as no one pays for anything at the Synagogue. No endowment fund, no development fund, no special contribution and no extortion is allowed at the Synagogue as practised by other Pentecostal Churches through which the founders and general overseers enrich themselves.

Finally, we recommend that your magazine arrange a visit to the Synagogue on an investigative mission and an interview with Pastor T. B. Joshua. We at religious monitor believe that Pastor T. B. Joshua is the gift of God to Nigeria, mankind and the whole world. Despite the tribulation similar to what our Lord Jesus suffered, the Pastor and the Church are waxing stronger and stronger.

We thank you in anticipation of a prominent and elaborate publication of this rejoinder: IN DEFENCE OF THE TRUTH.

Yours in the service of the Lord,

Bishop (Dr,) Benjamin Okoye Alh. (Dr.) Usman Abdulkadir

Invitation From Security/Criminal Intelligent Bureau

Invitation From Assistant Inspector General of Nigerian Police Force

Pastor T. B. Joshua Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pastor Chris Okotie
Personality & Life style Simple & humble Moderate & humble Lousy, reckless & flamboyant
Doctrine Pentecostal Pentecostal Pentecostal
Teaching & Preaching Gospel, Salvation of soul, divine spiritual healing of the afflicted by the annointing power of the Holy Spirit. Gospel, Salvation of soul, divine spiritual healing of the afflicted by the annointing power of the Holy Spirit. Hatred, Criticism and Condemnation
Morality Upright Upright Moraly bankrupt & Adulterer
Background Poor family & Teacher Average family & Clergy home Funky Musician
Organisational Practice Charity Charity Materialism
Uprightness Disciplined Disciplined Arrogant & worldly
Family Blissful marriage & good family Blissful marriage & good family Broken home, desertion by wife because of Adulterous life
Divine & Spiritual annointing Deepest annointing by the Holy Spirit Deeper annointing by the Holy Spirit Questionable and unknown
Individual Future Plans More annointing More annointing to become politician & State Governor


The Devils Against T.B Joshua Because of $ & £

Bisola Johnson, a former studio worker who was a close disciple of T.B Joshua lied about the duration of her stay at the synagogue Church, she professed 14 years, the truth however is that I joined 1992 and left 2003 and Bisola joined 2 years after and left soon after me so where does the 14 years come in. Paul Agomoh, claimed he was the first indigenously ordained prophet in the church, that’s not true either. The first to be anointed was Taiwo whom was deceived with money to leave the Synagogue for a church name withheld. Bisola haven’t sold her woman hood at Eko Meridian hotel for years and knowing big money decided with Agomoh Paul to fabricated documentary best described as a highly-damaging piece. It is no exaggeration that the documentary has in no small measure dented the reputation of the preacher, popularly known as the man in the synagogue against T.B Joshua.

Interestingly, those who stand the test of time and reach the pinnacle of success will almost certainly attract both negative and positive attention, which, depending on the authenticity and how it is managed, would determine whether the person involved survives or not.

I, Michael Lathbridge wish to tell the whole world that this is not the first time people are fabricating lies against the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua. The truth however is that most of these things are being sponsored by some bigwigs in Christian circles. Leaders of the Pentecostal Fellowship ofprophet-tb-joshua-2 Nigeria have always attacked him of not having spiritual mentors. They forget that Prophets like Elijah and Jeremiah did not have any mentor. Even Prophet Jeremiah did not have roots. In the Bible, God said, “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee and ordained thee a prophet to the nations.

If you look closely, most of these cassettes or video clips are being sold in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) or The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM). In fact, some even make it compulsory for members to buy the cassette. They also use it for Sunday school teachings. If you say you are called of God, why don’t you do yours and let T. B. Joshua do his own too. Why do you have to judge him? Why don’t you leave him to God? Those claiming his miracles are Fake should come out and perform their own original miracles. May l remind the PFN what the Late Bishop Benson Andrew Idahosa said during crusade in Lagos ‘’ who is TB Joshua? How can he claim his doing miracle when l have been in this business for over 4o years, his not even up to my driver. By this time next year he will die ‘’ this simply means that God’s for him has become business and who died a year after his prediction?

All the content of their claims’ are not true.

By Michael Lathbridge

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How Many People Are Praying For You – T.B Joshua

An article in the popular Daily Champion detailing the stunning events of Sunday 13th September, including an array of inspirational words of wisdom…

General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Joshua has said persecution brought him tremendous blessing. He said as he was being hounded by a few individuals in the society, thousands, especially the less privileged across the world, were praying for his wellbeing. Joshua said during a special Sunday Service at the Ikotun Lagos Headquarters of the church that many lives had been touched around the world through his ministry, who are also praying for increase of God’s blessings on him.

The service also witnessed the reconciliation of some ostracized children from Abiakelibi Village in Akwa-Ibom State with their family members. The children, who were accused of killing their mother through witchcraft, were also given a cash donation by Prophet Joshua during the service.

He told the worshippers that God’s blessings have increased in his life as a result of persecution he received while fulfilling his assignment on earth. “The more they persecute me, the more the favour of God upon my life. The more they persecute me, the more God will increase my blessing. Many people are praying that God should bless TB Joshua. There are thousands all over the world who are praying for Joshua, how many people are praying for you,” he said.

He said the open display of his donations to the less privileged people in the society was to encourage his members to do likewise to the needy in their midst saying that his intention was not to show off or attract praise. He urged the congregation to make giving part of their lives, noting that givers would always receive breakthrough from God.

“What we are doing is not to show off, but to teach the people to do what we are doing by helping the poor in the society. Giving is part of my life. The only problem is that people don’t give out what they cherish. It is when you don’t have that you can give what your life depends on.”

“You need prayers from orphans, widows, widowers, the fatherless and poor in the society. If widows and orphans pray for you, you will receive your breakthrough immediately. Life is all about giving and someone somewhere is in need of what you have. It could be your strength or your love – but in any direction you look, you will see those who are in need of your love,” he said.

Prophet TB Joshua Talks to Asuquo Etim Okon and his two siblings falsely accused of witchcraft

Joshua, who gave N1.6 million for the rehabilitation of the children and the burial of their mother, also promised scholarships to them. Some members of the Abiakelibi community including Etim Okon Edem, the children’s father who attended the service could not hide their excitement as they received their cash gift.

Narrating their ordeal to newsmen, 23 year old Asuquo Etim Okon, whose siblings were accused of witchcraft said the villagers abandoned their mother’s corpse for six months before the intervention of The Synagogue Church. He said he decided to take his siblings aged 11 and 12 years respectively to the church to seek God’s intervention and confirm if they

Prophet TB Joshua Talks to Asuquo Etim Okon and his two siblings falsely accused of witchcraft
Prophet TB Joshua Talks to Asuquo Etim Okon and his two siblings falsely accused of witchcraft

were witch and wizard as alleged by the members of the community. He said not only did Joshua assure that the children were innocent, but that his visit to the church has opened a new chapter in the life of the family.

Innocent Okonkwo




I introduced myself in part 1 as Michael Lathbridge (alias emergency), if youT.B JOSHUA are wondering why emergency, from the old site where I joined TB Joshua, l always stayed at the entrance to welcome people, through that l gather those who have ailments that can’t sit down for long or sit in the midst of people, and call the man of God to pray for them. The cases of people are classed as EMERGENCY eg, Cancer, swollen belly, big open wounds etc , so that’s how till tomorrow those who know me calls me emergency. I was also a co-ordinators for the security department as well as the visitor’s co-ordinators of which Bisola was also a member. She started collecting contact details from visitors hence we, the rest of the co-ordinators asked her to leavethe department. She became so aggressive, insulted everyone including the man of God and walk out. In part 2, I promised to tell the world how she swindled one of the visitors Mr. Stephen Aponsa of $2000 and 2 suites worth $1000 each. During that time a Mr. Stephen Apomsa a Ghanaian based in the US came for his healing, at The Synagogue Church, Bisola as a co-ordinator then collected his contact details and contacted him after she had left the Synagogue to request for money saying is the Prophet who sent her to ask for the money which will be used towards the building of the Church. The truth is that Prophet T.B Joshua does not know anything about it. In fact there are many more she has used the same trick for to collect money up to £3000 from British visitors and $10.000 from US visitors. Mr. Stephen Apomsa sent $2000 and 2 suits worth $1000 each as a gift to be given to Prophet T.B Joshua without knowing she has left the Synagogue. Mr. Stephen Apomsa came to the Church with the problem of mental disorder and now set free. Let’s ask Bisola where are the suits? I will bring you the truth in Segment for you know the whole truth. PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR PART 4


How did your relationship with Prophet T.B Joshua begin? Rev Chris Okotie said then that T.B. Joshua recruited or ordained you into his cult way back 1986.
pastorchris5I remember in 2001 a lot of ministers including Pastor Chris Okotie, Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Pastor Tunde Bakare did say things along that line. The truth is that they were all wrong. They were getting information from the wrong sources, and it is unfortunate that they believed their wrong sources; incidentally none of them asked me intelligent questions. I hope to write a book on the episode someday. I have so much to say about all that transpired, maybe for the future. It was an interesting period, but the truth is that what they said was not true. I was surprised when the fact that I related with Prophet T.B Joshua, sparked off controversies. I was very surprised. You wonder why? Because I related with a lot of folks and nobody said anything, so I wondered why they got so mad about this one.

This was no ordinary person. This was Prophet T.B. Joshua; a man whom most ministers believe is involved in occultic practices.
I was surprised that they all said that. Remember that Jesus visited non-followers, non believers and he was criticized by the religious folks of his day. They said this man eateth and drinketh with sinners. They said Jesus could not be a prophet of God because he ate and drank with sinners. I thought if I related with anybody, it shouldn’t be a problem, even if he was a sinner. There was no reason for that. After all everybody needs the gospel. So from that stand point I was surprised at their response. It was the wrong response anyway. I remember that I made a tape then, called ‘Truth on Trial’ and there I said, “Just because you hate somebody does not mean I have to hate with you”. When Jesus related with sinners, they did not change him. So, no matter what they thought T.B. Joshua was, my relating with him shouldn’t have been expected to change me. So, it was very wrong for anyone to have interfered.

They said he was of the devil…
Well, that is between them and God.

How exactly did you meet T.B. Joshua?
It was in 2001 that I met him or spoke with him for the first time, contrary to the assertions of the PFN leaders. He pastor-tb-joshua-5called me on the phone. He had been watching our programme on television with some of his visitors, and there was this episode of a little girl who was born blind, who received her sight at our crusade. He said he was moved by the miracle and decided to call me. That was our first contact. After that, we spoke several other times on telephone. At that time, I had only seen maybe two or three of his programmes on TV. I did not know much about him at all, and so when he spoke with me on the phone, we exchanged pleasantries, and made references to what we were doing.
In the process of time, on a particular Wednesday, several weeks after we had been talking on the phone, he called me on the phone and requested that I joined him in ministering to a particular man that was coming from Holland,
during a special service that night. I said we’ll be having a service and he said his service was going to be all night long. I was going to finish mine about 9 pm and his was going to be all night, so I said ‘alright, how long is it going to take me to get to where you are?’ He said it’s about 30 minutes, half an hour. I said ok, ‘if I get out of here around 9 o’ clock, I’ll be there by 9.30. I’ll try to make it’. I went there with several people.
We met for the first time, face to face then, and went into the congregation and he introduced me to them and I greeted the people. Of course a lot of them had been seeing me on television and so they were excited to see me come to their church. Shortly after I greeted them, I went with him to the healing section. We got to the healing section; he started out ministering to them while I was waiting because I was only going to join him in ministering to the foreigners based on his earlier request. When we got to the section where the foreigners were, most of whom were from Holland, we both ministered to the man who was sick of multiple sclerosis. I believe his name was Jan Westerhof; that was about it.
Now you must realize that before I met with T.B. Joshua, I’d been holding crusades and healing services for years. This was 2001 and by then I had held many crusades with thousands of people and we already had our programme, Atmosphere For Miracles, where we showed testimonies of people who were getting healed in our meetings. So healings and miracles were not new to me. When I met with him, of course I was excited, glad to see someone who was interested in the kind of things that I was doing.
When these controversies came up, when these pastors, Pastor Chris Okotie, Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Pastor Tunde Bakare got on television and began to say a lot of things, I actually had to maintain an association of sympathy with the man. There are so many things I have to say like I told you, but these are all leaders in the church and I wouldn’t want to say things that would make them unhappy with themselves or even make members of their congregation unhappy with them. I do not think that is my responsibility. So I would not want to go into certain details.

Did you at any moment think that your detractors were right and you wrong? After all you were the only man on your side of the divide.
I knew they were wrong all the time. Maybe I should define something, because the issue was not T.B. Joshua. They tried to make him the issue. He was not the issue. And I can prove that. The reason I said they tried to make him the issue is this; the president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, became the Vice President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, of which the Synagogue Church headed by T.B. Joshua is a part, Cherubim and Seraphim is a part, Celestial Church of Christ is a part and many other groups. In fact, he became the de facto Vice President of the Synagogue! And nobody said anything about it. There could be no better endorsement of T.B. Joshua from the PFN than that. If you could fraternize with all these groups as their Vice President, doesn’t that say something, if indeed any of them was really of the Devil? Imagine Paul the Apostle as the Vice President of an occultic group? The point is T.B. Joshua was not the problem. They used him as the reason for their actions which were based on their wrong spiritual perceptions.



Undoubtedly, certain persons on earth are bestowed with special gifts from God. These gifts come in different ways and often times these people use their gifts to the benefit of mankind in the society. Those whose calling is in religion are included among those who possess such gifts from God.

Some of these men of God posses the gift of healing people with various kinds of sickness, the power of prophecy, power to win souls for God through articulate and eloquent preaching and other such gifts. These gifts come with a burden because at times some religious leaders tend to be profoundly envious of the gift of their fellow men of God.

No doubt, the religious leader who had tried to smear and malign the person of the pastor of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, T.B Joshua has failed woefully to bring the man of God to disrepute. Their dastardly acts never came as a surprise to virtually all the members of the church who had known the rumor peddlers who were once members of the church, Bisola Johnson. Agomoh Paul, Solomon, David and Bayo Ajede.

The only reason why Bisola and her accomplices has decided to put on the garment of Satan is because she was asked to allow others to run the voice over too in the studio after her public confection followed by her deliverance in the Church. She stated to remove records of prominent peoples who have received healing form the studio for money.










It behoves some of us who are direct beneficiaries of the blessings of Jesus Christ through the man of God to correct the erroneous impression fed to the public by these contemptible characters who are bent on pulling the person of T.B Joshua down by spreading fabricated stories about. Of course, without mincing words, envy and greed are the propelling force to this charade. Envy, no doubt, by the current leader of the rumour mongers is the drive behind these malicious campaigns. The religious leader who obviously is behind this character assassination against Prophet Joshua is annoyed that he is losing a large number of worshippers at his own church to the Synagogue Church of All Nations owned by T. B Joshua. A lot of people, both the poor, the wealthy and influential ones in the society, have continued to seek salvation, healing for their sick ones or themselves, prophecy and the like from God through T.B Joshua’s Church.


By Michael Lathbridge


The faces of the children of perdition, saboteurs,Blasphemers, compulsive liars namelyAgomoh Paul, Bisola Johnson, Solomon David & Bayo Ajede

Please take note of the following confection and make sure you find out the truth. I Michael Lathbridge (alias emergency) leaved with T.B Joshua from December, 1992 to August, 2003; I was still leaving with him before the above named saboteurs came with their problems. I assure you they are the Judas of our time. Would you bite the finger that has fed you? Hmm

I have continued to study Prophet T.B Joshua for years and my interest in his activities, are growing by the day. He demonstrates Christian virtues like no other pastor I have come across, does. Well, if all this is what Jesus Christ is all about, then I should review my opinion of Him. Like I have said here before, his miracle’s are simply mind-blowing, which has led many to accuse him of witchcraft and sorcery. I believe people who are saying this need some enlightenment for, like Prophet Joshua himself often says, “What people don’t understand, they criticise

Plaese check out my blog Is created to propagate the work of God in The Synagogue Church of All Nations and Emmanuel TV through Prophet T.B Joshua. It’s owned by Michael Lathbridge and supported by a group of UK based fans of Prophet T.B Joshua who have been beneficiaries of the deliverance, healing and blessings of God through T.B Joshua to counter the fabricated lies of the saboteurs namely Bayo Ajede, Bisola Johnson, Agomoh Paul, and Solomon David which have led many to blaspheme against the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of T.B Joshua.

For those who have contributed negatively the Bible tells us clearly to be careful of what we look at, what we listen to, what we read and what others tell us. If not you may be a Christian yet controlled by satanic devices.

A Christian is one whose life comes from Christ himself and Christ preached the good news, in His teaching you’ll never hear condemnation. Many of you heard rumours that T.B Joshua does not call the name of Jesus or read the bible and without finding out the truth, you judged him. Please watch the footage on this page.Today T.B Joshua has become contentious and probably the most persecuted man of God in the whole world. Little do his persecutors know that their actions have done. As TB Joshua says, persecution is a tonic to the annointing!

Watch Out For Part II

By Michael Lathbridge


The news of legendary lawyer Gani Fawehinmi’s Death shocked Nigeria, but a Nigerian Pastor with a remarkable prophetic pedigree, had seen it almost a month earlier…

On Sunday 9th August, 2009, Prophet T.B. Joshua relayed a unique vision to the congregation of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations. “This morning I woke up and the Lord was telling me I should pray for this person in a graduation gown, with a cap,” he said. “He must be a well known, he must be a very, very popular person. The fact that God can bring this issue to me – he must be well known. What has happened? When the person died, they took the picture of graduation gown to show on the screen. Who is the person? Somebody at the centre of his own world.” In a subsequent service, he expanded further details of the vision, this time specifying the day Saturday. “On Saturday, pray for protection for this hero. He is struggling with some certain things known to him and God. But I am seeing death.”

On Saturday the 5th September 2009, Gani Fawehinmi the legendary Nigerian human rights lawyer and activist died following a two year struggle with lung cancer. As news of his passing swept throughout Nigeria and beyond, local television outlets broadcast various pictures of Fawehinmi dressed in his official gown and cap, gani-fawehinmi-2 evidently the clothing TB Joshua alluded to in his vision. Thousands trooped to his official residence to pay their last respects to the late legal luminary, writing condolences in a journal underneath a large framed portrait of the lawyer clad in gown and cap, the attire he donned to fearlessly and tirelessly pursue the cause of justice, liberty and equality for all.

Described as ‘The People’s President’ and ‘The Conscience of Nigeria’, Gani spent his life campaigning for the restoration of rights for the Nigerian public, daring to defy anyone who stood in his path. Gani was a constant thorn in the flesh for corrupt government officials, arrested and imprisoned on numerous occasions for his uncompromising, tenacious and outspoken stance against crooked practices within government circles. His supporters called him “the scourge of irresponsible governments, a sphygmomanometer with which the blood pressure of dictators is gauged, the veritable conscience of the nation and the champion of the interests and causes of the masses”, Gani is clearly a man whose life and legacy are worthy of the heroic status referred to in the prophet’s utterances.

With his seemingly boundless energy, Gani boldly pursued and crusaded his beliefs, principles and ideals for the untrammelled rule of law and undiluted democracy, spearheading the call for protection of fundamental human rights and respect for the hopes and aspirations of the masses, often victims of the mismanagement of the Nigerian government. Gani did not deem neutrality as even optional. “I am not a middle-of-the road man,” he said. “What I believe in, I pursue intensely.” He wholeheartedly believed that if you have not found a cause worthy of dying for, you have not really lived.

Since his death, tributes have poured in from far and wide, presidential aspirant Pat Utomi saying: “Gani Fawehinmi belonged in a class of his own. Selfless, visionary and dogged, even in the face of enormous personal risk, so long as the cause advanced the common good, he was not a man to shy from truth or fear inconvenience.” Even former Nigerian president Ibrahim Babangida, who arrested Gani several times during his military regime, said of the activist: “Chief Gani Fawehinmi needs to be celebrated not just by members of his human rights community but by all Nigerians who have benefited from his struggles and battles to make life meaningful for mankind.”

Prophet TB Joshua’s prophetic ministry continues to draw a growing number of viewers to Emmanuel TV, baffled by the uncanny consistency of his words and works. In a generation without faith and hope, people are desperately seeking evidence of Christ’s reality and power, tired of mere words within religious circles. The ministry of TB Joshua certainly provides such.

Source: All Voices | News source