Prophecies Highlights

The book of Amos 3:7 tells us that God does nothing without first revealing it to His servants.prophet-tb-joshua-3Therefore, a true prophet of God is a communicator between the visible and invisible world. Just as The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations is a ministry of all nations,church-view-0010 so too, God continues to use Prophet T.B. Joshua as a mouthpiece to the nations. Numerous prophetic words of both national and global concern have been given by T.B. Joshua and confirmed by the events that followed. In this section are some of the recent prophetic messages revealed during the live Sunday services at The SCOAN that have come to fulfillment.


51 thoughts on “Prophecies Highlights

  1. May Our Good God keep you with 5 wise Men and other entry members of church worker of Synagogue church of all nation. we know that its God give you his power and we know that doing the will of God in people life.The blessing your children will more any body of this earth because your are doing i can not find anybody doing.

    i and my entry family love you so much.


  2. I have also heard that the rumour has shifted dates to 6 March and now the weather has turned out to be so bad….floods are threatening…help by showing something live on Emmanuel TV to calm some panicking Zimbabweans who have believed in this lie.

    Thank you


  3. Good day

    I am a Zimbabwean who has been told recently about a prophecy about Zimbabwe believed to be given by prophet T.B.Joshua”n the sixth of Febuary, that is this coming Saturday, there is going to be a catastrophe in Zimbabwe that will live the whole world feeling pity for Zimbabwe.”

    i would like to enquire more about it.


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