47 thoughts on “Share Your Testimonies

  1. Oh how I wish Prophet TB Joshua could come into my dream and pray for me as well – how I suffer with halitosis – its unreal – I’ve done everything under the sun but nothing helps.

    Its like a curse to me – I feel so depressed because of people’s reaction when I talk – I wish I could be freed from this bondage.

    I’m so glad to hear that somebody has been cured from this awful dreaded condition called halitosis.

    Pray for me that I too may be healed one day!!!


    • My husband had that, it was because he hadn’t brushed his teeth for days. It could be an underlying problem, maybe diabetes or something, get it checked out by the doctor


  2. Aithough, I attended the Synagogue Church of All nations while in Lagos, Nigeria 10 years ago, I have not been able to locate a branch of the church here in the United States. My testimony concerning the power of God in the church are many but I will just cite the latest one. I have been suffering from halitosis (bad breath) in the last 5 years and have gone to Dentists, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeons and other physicians on how to resolve this problem. They all told me I do not have any problem after several tests. I visit my dentist every six months for check up and routine dental cleaning. I brush my teeth after each meal and neither smoke nor drink alcohol. I always carry mouthwash and breath mints on me anywhere I go and whenever I talk, people either step back a little or stylishly cover their nostrils to avoid my bad breath. This problem persisted until one night I saw Pastor TB Joshua in my dream and I told him about this incurable illness that is punishing me and limiting my social interaction because of bad breath. He prayed for me by strecthing his hand towards me and bad breath became a thing of the past when I woke up the next day. From then onwards, I talk without people stepping back and without people covering their nostrils.
    I thank God for this miracle in my life and for using my father in the Lord, Pastor TB Joshua to bless and heal me. I am a living witness to the miracle performed by God on me through Pastor TB Joshua.
    Pastor TB Joshua should never be discouraged by people who critisize him. They are just persecuting him because the Lord God is using him to perform wonders and it is human for all these self righteous Pentecostal Pastors to be envious or jealous of the Man of God. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.


  3. Emanuel.Emanuel my name joyline urassa from Tanzania im 36yrs. have the reason to thank god for the man of god prophet T.B Joshua i watch emmmanuel tv so much one day i watch when he prayed for an unusual habit when he prayed for the girls who eat uncooked rice and other one eat mattress. I was eating finger nail since i was child i don’t know when when i start. From that day i was watching i believe i free and i have never eat feel to eat my finger nail again thank Jesus.


  4. My name is Phil Khail
    Just want to say Prophet T.B Joshua is a blessing to us, he is heaven sent. I visited The Synagogue Church Of All Nations and my life has never been the same. The man of of God is so anointed even the premises itself provides healing and deliverance. He is an example of apostles in the Bible, and he lives the Scriptures, he talks the Scriptures.

    We thank you Jesus for him, for in Prophet T.B JOSHUA WE SEE YOU JESUS..Thank you Jesus for him, strengthen him and anoint him more. We Love you man of God Prophet T.B Joshua


  5. EMMUNUEL! EMMANUEL! I really do not have enough words to express my gratitudes towards EMMANUEL T.V. I watch this channel everyday and I leave it on every night. Since i started doing this, my life has changed.There are no night mares. I give glory to God for sending us his servant by the name T. B Joshua. He is a real man of God. Early this year there was a time I had pains all over my body.During the time I was watching this channel the man of God said everyone who needs healing must touch the screen of his or her t.v. Immediately he started praying all the pains were gone untill today. Thanx be to God. May God abaundantly increase the innointment on T.B Joshua, increase the blessings on his family and everyone who is working with him on his ministry.


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