Sunday Rebroadcast

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua is the mighty of God, whom God has raised in the last days for the blessing of the Nations.

Since we have discovered EMMANUEL TV, TV Channel of TB Joshua, we discovered present day Apostolic Ministry in 21st Century, where Gospel touches the homeless, prostitutes, witch doctors, politicians, athletes, and all kind of people.

Though we are NOT official branch of SCOAN but we have connected ourselves spiritually to that ministry. After our pastor visited SCOAN, our church took a positive turn into seeking the power of God move in our region and nation.

One of our own leaders is staying at SCOAN in Nigeria right now.

We upload the YOUTUBE clips and PODCAST audio SERMONS, to spread awareness of what Holy Spirit is doing today. Our purpose is not just to make TB Joshua known but to make WORKS of the HOLY SPIRIT KNOWN, which are clearly displayed in the life and ministry of Prophet TB Joshua, for the building up of the faith of the saints.

Contact Info

OFFICIAL website of Prophet TB Joshua is
OFFICIAL email of SCOAN is

UNOFFICIAL YouTube Featuring Clips from SCOAN is
UNOFFICIAL Podcast Featuring Audio Sermons from SCOAN is “TB Joshua”

Be wise, don’t fall for lies of people who use the name of Prophet TB Joshua to rip people off!!!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Rebroadcast

  1. Thank you Lord Almighty for the life of Senior Prophet T.B Joshua and the SCOAN Ministry.
    May God continue to bless him in Jesus name. We love you Daddy.


  2. I have been blessed with some clips of healing. I have suffered with diabetes for more than ten years and so many diseases.I have been prayed and still comes back now and then please i need support i am sure i will be healed.


  3. What a marvelous thing to know that these rebroadcast services are made available to those who could not be connected to the live service on Sundays due to their schedule or local Church services. May God continue to use His servant, Prophet TB Joshua to reach more dying people across the globe. We have given our lives to Jesus completely fighting hard to die to sin more and more as the teachings of the mighty Prophet TB Joshua are re-echoed in our ears and hearts.


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