American Doctor Heals Lung Cancer With TB Joshua Anointing Water!

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“Doctors treat; God heals.” What a wonderful conclusion by a practicing medical doctor! Dr Karen Reid-Renner, a physician from Indiana in the USA, came to The SCOAN to share what God Almighty has been doing in her career through the medium of the Anointing Water. In her practice as a physician, she oftentimes prays and ministers the Anointing Water for her patients. This has rewarded her with miraculous healings at her clinic.

She said one of her patients had been suffering from the problem of lung cancer. After ministering the Anointing Water to him, he is 100 percent cancer free!


Dr Karen Reid-Renner

Another patient was a waitress who had lost her job, was unable to pay her bills and was depressed. After ministering the Anointing Water, she called one of her prospective employers, a restaurant owner, who told her they had lost her application letter. Nevertheless, they wanted to offer her the job, without an interview! She ended that day as a happy employee, amazed at what God Almighty had done for her through the medium of the Anointing Water.

In yet another case, one of her patients, a chronic alcoholic for most of his life, complained to her that the first thing he had the urge to do in the morning was drink beer. He could not go a day without it. However, after the ministration of the Anointing Water, the urge left him completely! His life, health and future has been transformed!

Another one of Dr Karen Reid Renner’s patients suffered from schizophrenia, a mental disorder characterized by problems with thought processes and poor emotional responses. The depressed woman would often cut herself. After ministering the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name, the woman stopped cutting herself and is no longer depressed.

“People know me as the doctor who prays for her patients. I am no longer an ordinary doctor but one with a difference,” she said.


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10 thoughts on “American Doctor Heals Lung Cancer With TB Joshua Anointing Water!

  1. This is another amazing testimony of what the anointing water is doing in the lives of people, healing, delivering and blessing individuals. Watch the highlight of the happenings in troxy theater in the UK. Watch the amazing deliverance and healing with the anointing water. You have the nerves to call the anointing water nonsense. Of couse, satan your master will always turn your face from reality. You tbjwatch were once in the ministry. You witnessed the deliverance and healing. It was genuine. But since you were asked to leave because of your dubious activities, the deliverance and healing is fake. These tbj watch culprits are never matured in their minds and thoughts. That is why they are easy prey for satan. That is why satan has made them his sons and daughters. I pity your lives. Thank you Jesus for using profet tb joshua for the mighty healing, deliverance, blessings and breakthroughs through the anointing water, sticker etc

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  2. What a great testimony.Now among tbjoshuawatch sect who can say,he/she is more intelligent than this physician/Dr lady who believes that anointing water can be a medium God may use to heal and deliver his people? Tbjoshuawatch sect, how much money TB Joshua can keep on giving to the wise/rich/Doctors/politicians/celebrities just to give false testimonies if that is how you think?Just admit the truth that Scoan healing and deliverance are real and stop denying what is obvious for the whole world to see.
    Shame on you tbjoshuawatch sect!

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  3. …………Needlless to emphasis that more than 75 % of ailments are caused by the demons,the anointing water comes from the stable of the most high……..what does it do: it simply severes the corresponding spirit of ill heath,contrary spirit, etc and the individual is divinely purged for restoration to commence, the catalyst for the total accomplishment remains faith. Dr karen Renner has created a difference in her profession,she takes off the cause of that particular health challenge from her patient and the result is perfect health

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