Ten year old Christopher Philip came to The SCOAN with the problem of a swollen body due to kidney disease which he had been suffering Capturefrom for the past three years. At The SCOAN prayer line the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, in Jesus’ name. Only one week following the prayer, he has come to show the world at large that he has been completely and miraculously healed. His body is no longer swollen and it is evident for all to see that his problem is a thing of the past. When Jesus Christ heals, He heals completely; He heals effectually. The little boy and his father give thanks to God Almighty for the healing in the life of Christopher Philip. Thank You, Jesus Christ!



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  1. I praise the creator for the resurrection power of his Son to heal the little boy who was suffering from the swollen body by using his servant Prophet T B Joshua in the arena of liberty. May his name be glorified fore ever. Emmanuel – GOD with us.

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  2. I am happy for the ten years old boy, thanks God almighty his mercy upon him God is good all the time and using his servant P.TB Joshua, those people are lucky to get chance to go to Nigeria to see man of God Amen God bless P.TB Joshua and all Emmanuel Tv team.God Bless you too amen

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