TB Joshua – where does spiritual husbands & wifes come from?

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Below is a list of questions we received today and we feel is worth publishing. It read…..

I wonder where this so called spiritual husbands come from, they are worse than any deadly disease you can ever think of       (besides they are the cause) I pray that the Lord would deliver his children from demons who are:
1. Child abuser’s – they claim you while in your mother’s womb by the time you are born you are already taken by them.

2. Abnormal wedding day – the next thing you find yourself being wedded by without your permission and being in a position of not having control of the situation, worst part you get married in the dream and never in the physical.

3. Rapist’s – they sleep with you by force whenever they feel like it and you have no say or control over.

4. Un-wanted pregnancies – now you see yourself pregnant in the dream by force and giving birth for a demon that rapes you every night! for some physically they don’t even have children.

5. Lying thieves- their mission in your life is they only came to kill, steal and destroy every good thing the Lord has for you.

6. All they want is to destroy marriage’s and block those who are still single not to marry. they know that women were created to be helpers and if homes were peaceful, the world would be a better place and children would be brighter and smarter without having to grow up in a home where parents are enemies. Today children worry more about problems in the house than the parents involved. Homes have become battle fields, the so called spiritual husband are the foundation of the marriage they make all the decisions in the house instead of the almighty God the founder of the Marriage Institution.

I pray for God’s mercy that people may find it easy to run for deliverance. I pray also for my country because those demons have not yet been exposed fully, people don’t even believe in marriage anymore, those who are married infidelity is a daily bread. The man no longer suffer lustful thoughts but rather they are suffering from lustful actions it has become so bad that they can’t control themselves physically! And this has led so many young women to be obsessed with business and their career’s and always putting marriage as the very last option.

The world needs your prayers men of God to restore God’s will in the lives of the people, they need people who will stand up and testify that God is still a match maker and one can still have a divine marriage even in my country and other places in the world suffering from high rates of divorce and single men and women engaging with multiple partners with the excuse of saying “I don’t know which one is my life partner or is from God” what is if i say no to my soul mate?
And all this is the tricks of the enemy because many young people cannot differentiate between a spiritual husband and a husband from God in their dreams besides in our churches we were never taught “the 50 signs he is your husband from God ” like the internet would put it!

Prophet T.B Joshua and the wise men we humbly bring forth this prayer request so that the Lord may lead to prayers to set the people free as for me its been some time now the Lord has lead me to so many homes in my vision to experience the physical pain of divorce and of one partner leaving the wife for another woman without keeping it a secret to the wife or children. Another case was a man leaving the wife for another man! In the vision I could feel the


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37 thoughts on “TB Joshua – where does spiritual husbands & wifes come from?

  1. I join you and the all the members of SCOAN in this very important prayer point. I work in theatre in hospital) where these afflicted people come for sex change. male organs are removed and the skin is re fashioned to look like a womans private parts. women come to have their breasts removed so that they are flat chested like men. the women go on to take drugs that help them grow beard and develop muscles. Son of David please have mercy on your children! destroy all these weapons fashioned against your children and secure their lives in your precious blood Lord Jesus. Let all these so called same sex partners wake up to the smell of coffee and see the Light that is in your glory dear LORD. I pray for all couples dear LORD for it is not your plan for a man or woman to be on their own. let peace, love and harmony prevail in marriages and set all the devils captives free. your word says whatever we ask in your name we shall be given. We thank you Lord for it is by Grace that you gave us a platform the SCOAN to draw us close to you Lord. continue to strenghen us in SCOAN so that we change lives, change marriages, and set all captives free be it in marriages relatioships or prisons. In the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I pray AMEN . Thank you lord!

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  2. I am also in the that problem for a long time. Now im 40yrs i never enjoy my life its all Disappointment.Nightmare.I enjoy sex in my dreams. If i had a man in my life he come and go he dont talk to me bt after 4to 6mths he come back for 1day and go thats my life.i suffered so much bt what i know 1day i wl get my delieverence in Jesus’name.Amen

    -original message- Subject: [New post] TB Joshua – where this so called spiritual husbands come from?

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  3. Amen …I meant to write ,,getting help from You Prophet T.B Joshua and Wiseman of God ….distance is not a barrier ..I have Faith in your ministry .if Prophet of God commands ,,demons will bow down and leave me forever .Amen

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  4. amen man of God …I need deliverance from Wiseman from these demons …help me …male aged 32 years from Zimbabwe .

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  5. my god of my prophet tb joshua rescue my marrige, my kids en my family i cover my self en my family wth wat ever that have to do with me i cover every thing in the blood of jesus

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