News of The Anointing Water that God is using to work miracles of healing, deliverance and blessing has spread far and wide — even to South Africa. With the news that Prophet T.B. Joshua had sent Anointing Water for healing, deliverance, blessing and salvation to The Synagogue, church of all nations’ branch in Cape Town, thousands gathered eager to partake of the blessing of God. As The Anointing Water was sprayed on the people, amazing deliverances and healing took place. The power of Jesus Christ working through the Anointing water had convinced many beyond reasonable doubt that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. His power has not stopped.
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192 thoughts on “ANOINTING WATER IN SOUTH AFRICA FROM TB JOSHUA anointing water testimonies

    • Thank you Jesus for give me alive. God give me more faith, Man of God please I’m asking a anointing water I’m watching Ammanual Tv I saw miracles the power of God in that water please I’m 39years old I live in South Africa Northern Cape Kuruman my addrees is P O Box 5574 Batlharos 8476. House no 7519 Mothibistad 8474 I thank God.


      • Greetings in Christ name. The easiest and quickest way to get yourself the anointing water is by finding someone in your area who is travelling to the SCOAN and ask them to bring for you the anointing water and sticker. Otherwise you can arrange to go to Lagos and get both the blessing of being prayed for and receiving the anointing water.


    • Dear Pastor

      I stay in Pretoria. I am always sick with operations. May i please have anointing water bottle and i will send the postage money. I am very desperate Pastor.


      • I’m a Member of SCOAN HQ, Lagos – Nigeria. I can help send the Anointing Water to you, I’ll give you details of how, and send it to you witnin 4 days. Please, notify me if you’re still interested. I’ll Thank you.


        • God’s time is the BEST. Only the creator knows why u have to go all this ways. Every body is unique from God. We have to lean Gods way not our way. Yes we all need Anointing water? But how do we believe and respond to God’s laws? God says! If you keep my command and do what I tell u. He will remove all the sickness that was given to the israils. Have faith in God, he will deliver you withouth anointing water. God has many ways to heal his people. He will use one of his way today if you believe. Praise him first for what is going to do for you, just like Jesus.


      • plz dont ever give money to any one to bring for u bec they re 419 inposter claiming to be member of scorn,i also need d NEW ANOINTING WATER i pray for GOD mercies and to also find out if theirs any where here in johhernnesburg where i can get it bec i live in KEMPTON PARK and cape town hours away from here


    • Im a woman of God residing in South Africa,Eastern Cape
      I would like to come and visit your church for my Break Through,for my career,marital status,and the better job offer


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